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A cruet also known as a caster, is a small container to hold condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, pepper. Its shape and adornments will depend on the specific condiment for which it is designed. For example a cruet for liquids may have a jug-like shape, while a cruet for a spice may be cylindrical with a lid and perhaps a small spoon for serving.

Cruets were made in silver, silver plate, ceramic and glass, and sometimes a combination of two materials, usually as a glass body with a silver or silver plated top.

The earliest cruets, from the beginning of the 18th century were known as "Warwick cruets" after a cruet set made by Anthony Nelme in 1715 for the Duke of Warwick, and include three elaborately decorated and shaped matching silver casters, usually with one unpierced, which held powdered mustard, and the other two for oil and vinegar, combined in a stand with a handle enabling it to be passed between dinner guests. more...
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Sterling silver three piece pierced condiment set with Bristol blue liners, hallmarked 1950 (a/f to salt liner)

George V sterling Siver cruet set, hallmarked, Birmingham, 1921, E & C, of facetted form, comprising two pepper shakers, mustard pot, two salts and three spoons, in black leather box

George V sterling silver cruet set, hallmarked, Birmingham, 1926, Walker & Hall, comprising salt, mustard pot, pepper pot and two spoons, in original leather box

A Victorian sterling silver cruet set in the original case, 1886, Birmingham, with marks Jth over Jhm, for Hukin & Heath (salts), and 1883, with marks for Ef over Ht for Horace Woodward & Co (spoons), petite cauldrons with crimped rims raised on ba

Victorian punch & Judy three piece sterling silver cruet set comprising, Mr punch, Judy and Mr punch's dog, Sheffield, 1896, makers, John round & Son Ltd, (Joseph Ridge)

Queen Elizabeth II boxed cruet set. In sterling silver marked 1955, Birmingham, Adie Bros approx 100g. *The mustard needs a liner

Queen Elizabeth II boxed cruet set. In sterling silver marked 1960, Birmingham, Adie Bros approx 115g

A Victorian silver condiment set containing two pepperettes and a mustard pot, each of vase form atop a pediment shaped base, engraved with rococo floral scrolls, Josiah Williams & Co. (George Maudsley Jackson & David Landsborough Fullerton, London

English hallmarked sterling silver Elizabeth II five piece cruet set comprising two peppers, two open salts & spoons & a lidded mustard & spoon, with glass liners, set in original, Birmingham, 1975, maker Hardy Brothers, weight 180g

Art Deco boxed sterling silver cruet set, comprising bullet shaped shakers, mustard pot and tray, boxed

A George II sterling silver Warwick cruet frame with original bottles and casters, with a contemporary coat of arms and crests of a rampant lion by Samuel Wood, London 1744, the frame 21 cm high, The arms are those of Rokesborough (sometimes spelt Roxburgh

Italian silver cruet set, with two bottles and stoppers, set within a elegant gadrooned stand with central handle, impressed Settepassi, 800 to base, 24.5 cm x 16.5 cm

Late Victorian boxed sterling silver cruet set, hallmarked Birmingham, 1896, SH and SHS, including mustard pot, four salt cellars, and two pepper shakers, in lined leather box marked Hardy Bros, hunter St, Sydney

A Victorian sterling silver cruet, 1846 London, with maker's marks for Samuel Whitford II or Samuel Wheatley, the five bottle cruet with a shaped carry handle and supported on three curvaceous legs with shell pad feet, with an applied rocaille cartouch

A Georgian sterling silver cruet, 1827 London, with rubbed maker's marks, with neoclassical styling, the four bottle cruet having gadrooned decoration to the shaped base and carry handle, with acanthus leaf supports, shell motifs, acanthus and lion'

Sterling silver three piece condiment set, hallmarked Sheffield 1940, approx. 117.5gr

Sterling silver three piece condiment set, comprising of a salt cellar (with glass liner), mustard pot & pepperette, hallmarked Birmingham circa1921, maker Henry Clifford Davis

Boxed cruet set in sterling silver, with lidded mustards, open salts, liners and pepper pots approx D&F, 1939, Birmingham approx 230g

A George III sterling silver five bottle cruet set, circular form raised on tripod paw feet, the gallery pierced with foliage design and a central shield shaped cartouche. Jabez Daniel & James Mince, London 1777. Weight tray only 287g. Height 20.5 cm.

Georgian cruet set on a sterling silver stand. By William Bateman. With gadroon & shell borders, half fluted chased belly, applied cast paw feet and a floral decorated handle. Marked London, WB, 1823, approx 22 cm long, 14 cm wide, 27 cm high

Condiment set. Boxed twelve piece formal silver gilt set, in the style of Paul Storr, hallmarked London 1909, manufactured by Elkington & Co., retailed by Garrard & Co. Ltd, 112 Regent Street London W1, in velvet lined case

Cruet set. Sterling silver hallmarked Birmingham 1947, five piece box set, comprising pair of salts, pair of pepper shakers, mustard pot & three spoons in case, retailed by Wendt 74 Rundle Street Adelaide

Rare George III sterling silver Warwick cruet with fixed scroll handle, 3 solid sterling silver casters and 2 cut glass bottles with sterling silver tops on scroll legs with shell cast feet, London, 1767-68, maker Samuel Wheat

A cased Victorian sterling silver condiment set, comprising oval lidded mustard pot with blue glass liner and spoon. Two urn shaped muffineers. Hallmarked London 1884, maker Charles Stuart Harris. Spoon Exeter 1859.

Sterling silver cruet set, hallmarked Birmingham, comprising of two salt cellars with spoons, pepperette and mustard pot with spoon, 132 grams approx. silver weight

Victorian sterling silver cruet set, mixed Assay marks and makers, Birmingham 1866 and Sheffield 1866 and registration lozenge

Early Georgian sterling silver Warwick cruet matched stand complete with George ii dredgers bottles etc Marked stand WS, London, 1769, shakers London, MS, 1750-51, approx 739g silver weight

An elegant four piece sterling silver cruet, 1898 London, with maker's marks for George Jackson and Fullerton, comprising two salts, a mustard pot and a small caster, designed as campana style urns, with stepped pedestal bases, flying scroll handles a

A George II sterling silver five piece cruet, 1755 London, with maker's marks for Jw with pellet to all pieces, with two cut bottles, a large and two smaller casters, each of bulbous pillar form with conforming rope twist borders and vegetal pierced lids,

Seven silver cruet items: a mustard pot, four salts, two spoons, late 19th century and after, London, America, Austria, a sterling silver mustard pot by Lambert & Co, Coventry Street; two gilt washed Austrian salts with a stepped ribbed designs, two p

Two boxed sterling silver cruet sets, 1937 and 1946/54 Birmingham with maker's mark for Suckling Ltd, each comprising a salt, mustard pot, a pepper shaker and two spoons, one of compressed style with curvaceous feet, the other with pierced borders; gl

A three piece sterling silver cruet set plus spoon, 1935 Sheffield, with maker's marks for Cooper Bros & Sons, comprising a salt and mustard pot of compressed form and a baluster pepper shaker, all with waisted ringed bases, and decorative Gothic b

A three piece sterling silver cruet set, 1904 London, with maker's mark for George Jackson, D Fullerton, the campana form cruet set with flying scrolled handles, applied decorative rims and pedestal bases, comprising two salts and a mustard pot, with b

A three piece Art Deco sterling silver cruet set and spoon, 1947 Birmingham, with maker's marks for Suckling Ltd, of elegant square section form with canted corners and stepped pedestal bases, comprising a blue glass lined mustard pot and salt, a peppe

A sterling silver boxed cruet set by Hardy Brothers, Birmingham 1958, comprising pair of, salts, mustard pots each with spoon and castors 1016 grams

A George V boxed silver condiment set, maker William Neale & Son Birmingham 1925, London retailers mark, comprising a salt, mustard with blue glass liners and pepperette. 155g.

A mixed sterling silver three piece cruet set, three spoons, early to later 20th century, Birmingham and Chester, various makers, all of similar compressed design and raised on small curvaceous feet, glass lined; hallmarked to all, some marks rubbed’