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A collection of various Railway timetables along with operating manuals. Approx 14 books.

Sydney and Surburan Electric Railways - Circular Quay Station - Proposal drawing. Handcoloured photograph of the drawing. Framed

Book. 'First Stop Central. The Electrified System and Cars of the New South Wales Government Railways' by Keenan & Clark. 1963, with track diagrams, fl eet histories, etc. Hard cover with d/j. Some faults on d/j, but still very good condition

Tickets & Passes: Tasmanian Government Railways folder containing a collection of various unused largerstyle tickets, luggage labels. Collection of VR weekly tickets; VR & Mmtb weekly tickets; 'Employees Weekly Duty Passes'; VR: interesting group, noted va

Victorian Railways: Monthly Tickets (8) 1906-37; aluminium yearly tickets (13), male & female, 1972- 81, from a range of suburban stations; 1914-21 Victorian Railways Institute Passes (3), used by employees attending Vri training classes; plus 'Victorian R

Books: Victorian Railways books including 'Victorian Railways to '62' by Leo Harrington (Melb., Victorian Railways Public Relations and Betterment Board, 1962), 'Steam Locomotives of the Victorian Railways' by Cave, Buckland and Beardsell (Australian Railw

D 'Miniature Speed Diagrams. Bendigo Trains', results of eight Bendigo line speed tests (1906-08) shown with curve and gradient diagrams and dynagraph tests, presented in a large half-leather book (50 x 25 cm); VR Dynometer Tests (3) for various 2-8-0 J cl

Locomotive Operating Manuals: collection from the deceased estate of a former Victorian loco driver, in two large boxes. Inspection recommended. Generally (c80)

Victoria, 'Photographs and Diagrams of Standard Rolling Stock Built at Newport Workshops, Victoria', 1911. Astandard reference work for all those with an interest in railways, particularly modellers. This copy was the personal copy of Mr Commissioner L. Mc

Victoria. 'Diagram of Gradients and Curves'.1) c1900s edition (inc. Outer circle (complete line), Wensleydale, Lancefield Jnc (Clarkefield)-Kilmore); faults. 2) 1927 edition (not the reprint); good condition. Both books contain the names of former owners,

Victoria. Collection of assorted Railway and Tramway Technical Drawings. Includes parts of trains and trams, pantographs, turntables, etc. Sizes of plans varies from about 16 x 54 cm to 76 x 170 cm (most are larger sizes). Some creasing but generally good

Victoria. Original Blueprints of various motive power (loco., electric engine, railmotor). Blueprint of C Class steam tender, exterior and interior dia grams, 1920, 70 x 130 cm. 2) both swing-door and Tait electric rolling stock showing both M (Motors) and

Victoria. Two Huge Safeworking Dia grams. 1) 1968 Dudley Street Safeworking Diagram superimposed in red on standard black on white diagram and showing all signals (numbered) and signal boxes as well as sidings etc, framed and mounted, 81 x 191 cm. 2) 'Melb

Brakes: 'Charts of the Westinghouse No. 6 ET locomotive brake equipment' (USA, 1942) (faults); plus 'The Westinghouse automatic brake, Ordinary and Quick-Acting' (London, 1907), 72pp with fold-out dia grams. Good condition. (2 items)

'Victorian Railways. Rolling Stock Diagrams & Particulars of Locomotives, steam, electric, diesel electric, Etc. Rail Motors, cars, Vans & Trucks.1926-1961' (Colortype Printing, reprinted 1986), the reprints of this sought-after book are just as rare as th

Anatomy Model Mid 20th century Skeletal Model with Layered Internal Diagrams on Tubular Metal Base (made for Victorian Railways)

Victorian Railways Ticket Checkers' Manual, (1961), a remarkable book of all the tickets available on Victorian Railways, each printed in full colour. For the Railway collector, this is an absolute must. Please view

Flinders Street Station: VR file on the 1909 opening, contains: Victorian Government White Paper, 'Victorian Railways Contract (No.13,531) For the Erection of Station Buildings', 22pp plus 66 x 33 cm fold-out Drawing of Elevation of Station and a 1908 phot