These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A Peter Raos, 1987 art glass scent bottle ' Lilies', four arum lilies in white with green and red encased highlights to the clear glass body, engraved marks and date, the original ball finial stopper with long dipper. Height 13.5 cm

A Peter Raos paperweight, decorated with flowers, signed and dated 1994

A New Zealand Peter Raos blue glass vase, of tapering circular section decorated with a 'Monet' millefiori design, signed c.2001. Height 16.5 cm

Peter Raos, New Zealand Art Glass vase Arum lilies encased on cranberry, etched signature & dated 1994, 12 cm height

Two N.Z. art picture glass paperweights, includes: one 'Hot Glass' Peter Raos Arum Lily weight, the other with various millefiori canes and a coloured base as an underwater seascape.

Peter Raos, amber lily bottle with stopper, etched signature & dated 2005, 17 cm height

A Peter Raos 'Koru Series' paperweight, in green glass, signed and dated. Diameter 9.5 cm.

A Peter Raos lily vase, cala lilies and leaves on a blue ground. Signed and dated 2002 to base. Height 14 cm

A Peter Raos floral vase, conical form with wide rim, decorated in florals in the Monart manner, signed and dated to base. 14 cm x 15 cm

Peter Raos, mottled blue on mauve fruit bowl

Peter Raos, millefiore paper weight

Peter Raos, leaf vase, red glass with internal green leaf design, height 18.5 cm. Provenance: The Statements Gallery Collection

Peter Raos, tall blue glass vase, with cobalt inner-facing, signed, height 28 cm. Provenance: The Statements Gallery Collection

Peter Raos, Monet Collection, blown glass vase, finely detailed with floral design, height 18 cm. Provenance: The Statements Gallery Collection

A Peter Raos New Zealand Art Glass vase of flared form, finely detailed with a floral garden setting on green and blue mottled ground, blue, red and other florals with yellow and gilt highlights, engraved signature. Height 12.3 cm

Raos, Peter (1999 winner of New Zealander of the year) Devonport, signed art glass paper weight. 10 cm Diameter