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Five Budgie die-cast Volkswagon pick-up models with various decal details, in original window boxes (E - M boxes E) (5)

Four Budgie models, including no. 701 Aveling Barford road roller; no. 256 Esso Aircraft Refuelling tanker- 'Pluto'; Mobile Traffic control Unit 'Jumbo'; Routemaster Bus; and Refrigeration truck (VG - M boxes G - E) (4)

Budgie no. 252 British Railways articulated container transporter (VG - E box VG)

Three Budgie models, including 220 cattle truck; Renault truck; British Railways container transporter (E boxes F-G) (3)

Two Budgie models, including 304 Plateglass transporter - missing 'Glass' panels; and 276 Bedford L.W.B. Tipper (E boxes F-G) (2)

Two Budgie models, including Mobile Traffic control Unit 'Jumbo'; and 256 Aircraft Refueller tanker (E boxes F-G) (2)

Two Budgie models, including 246 Police patrol car; and 224 Railway engine (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Two Budgie models, including 232 low Loader with Drums; and 244 Breakdown truck (G-E boxes VG) (2)

Two Budgie models, including Coca-Cola van; and Royal Navy, Ex Collectoys Lot 223, 17 March 2007 (E boxes P-VG) (2)

Three Budgie diecast models, including 218 Mobile Traffic control Unit 'Jumbo'; yellow and black with 'Aa' decals (VG-E box G); and 2 x 454 R.A.C. Motor Cycle patrol, blue and black bikes with blue plastic rider (E boxes F-G) (3)

Three Budgie diecast models, including Coca-Cola van, orange and red body with 12 x brown plastic crates; 290 Tonibell ice cream van, mid-blue with pink plastic cow to roof; and 298 Alvis Salamander, red (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Budgie gift set no. 5, including Refrigerator truck; Foden Dump truck; Leyland Hippo cattle truck; transporter with Caterpillar tractor (VG-E box G)

Four Budgie models, including 280 Air BP Superfueller, 322 Routeman Pneumajector, 292 Bulk Milk tanker, and 300 Lewin Sweepmaster (VG-E boxes P-G) (4)

Two unboxed Budgie cars; a VW Pickup, blue with Express Deliveries on discoloured canopy (G); and an Austin breakdown truck, blue and yellow (F).

Budgie gift set No. 5; Refrigerator truck; Foden Dump truck; Leyland Hippo cattle truck; Transporter with Caterpillar Tractor (Fatigue to upper body); and Seddon timber Transporter (G-E box G)

Budgie gift set No. 8 in No. 12 box, 8 x vehicles including 18 Foden Dump truck, red and grey; 5 Wolseley Police car, black; and Budgie gift set No. 5 comprising Refrigerator truck, Foden Dump truck, Leyland Hippo cattle truck in correct box (E-G boxes E)

Budgie gift set No. 12 12 models including No. 5 black Police car; No. 11 red Royal Mail; No. 12 light blue Volkswagon micro Bus; No. 13 black Austin Taxi cab; No. 15 orange Austin A95; No. 18 red and yellow Tipper truck; and No. 19 green Rover 105 (G-VG b

Rare Budgie 272 Supercar red and silver, plastic canopy and retractable wings, 'Supercar' decal to base, in illustrated yellow and black box