Learn about Pinchbeck

Pinchbeck, an alloy of copper (about 90%) and zinc (10%), is also known as 'poor man's gold'. This alloy is named after the watchmaker Christopher Pinchbeck who invented it in the 18th century. The invention of pinchbeck allowed ordinary people to buy 'gold effect' jewellery. Those who do not look carefully may be fooled into thinking this is gold. While resembling gold when newly made, pinchbeck darkens with age and does not bear any gold hallmarks.
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Victorian pinchbeck brass and agate brooch, centered with lions head and green stone eyes (crack to agate)

Antique gold pinchbeck and amethyst brooch with floral and foliate decorated setting

An early Victorian pinchbeck and gold locket, circular form. The surrounding carved scroll and floral pinchbeck mount with engine turned 9ct gold back. Carved pinchbeck top ring, circa 1840. Boxed.

Antique pinchbeck double sided cameo brooch with 9ct gold chain

Victorian pinchbeck and agate brooch, together with a Gerry's costume brooch

An antique guard chain, the finely detailed circular links with seed pearl set clasp, in pinchbeck.

A pearl choker, of five strand design, hung with an antique rectangular clasp with raised floral decoration., plated pinchbeck., length 33.5 cm

An early 19th century pinchbeck mesh-Weave wide bracelet with cannetille-style clasp.

Victorian rolled gold/ pinchbeck double portrait locket. Oval, opening front and reverse to show two separate early photographs. Weight 39.9g

A Georgian pinchbeck guard chain, the decorative belcher link chain with hand clasp, in pinchbeck, total length 1240mm

A late 18th century pinchbeck plaited hair and seed pearl set mourning brooch

A 19th century pinchbeck and enamel mourning brooch inset with hair and dated 1822-62

A Georgian pinchbeck and enamelled mourning ring set with plaited hair and seed pearls inscribed for E C Slaughter 1802

A 19th century pinchbeck opening circular mourning locket inset with hair

An 18th century pinchbeck plaited hair mourning brooch with exquisite miniature bead initials

An early 19th century pinchbeck rectangular plaited hair mourning brooch

A superb 18th century pinchbeck and enamel plaited hair oval mourning brooch inscribed Oct 1791

An antique gold curb link bracelet set with six antique pinchbeck fobs and seals 15ct clasp

A Georgian pinchbeck mourning locket pendant inset with hair and seed pearls

A shell cameo brooch; carved cameo featuring an outdoor scene of a lady picking fruit set in a decorative scroll frame, possibly pinchbeck. 65 x 55mm.

Victorian pinchbeck and turquoise mourning brooch

Victorian brooch, central cameo portrait surrounded by pinchbeck foliate design wreaths