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Taxidermy is the art of mounting or reproducing animals for display or study and in the past the word has been associated with large gloomy Victorian houses filled with stuffed animals. However in recent years, taxidermy has emerged from the shadows as a collecting area in its own right and in the United Kingdom there are now dealers who deal only in taxidermy. In Victorian times, taxidermists performed a valuable service, bringing wildlife into homes and allowing the inhabitants to see real birds and mammals at close quarters. They could also create trophies to provide mementoes of a good day's fishing or hunting. The value of taxidermy specimens is enhanced by the presence of an original label detailing when and where the specimen was obtained and by a trade label of the taxidermist, the most sought after being Rowland Ward of London. In assessing a taxidermied specimen, the potential buyer should carefully study the colours and brightness of the specimen, the eyes, the detail of the groundwork, style and condition of the case and the rarity of the species. Worm or insect eaten specimens, fading, and other damage substantially reduce the value of taxidermied items.
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Leopard skin by Rowland Ward mounted on a felt back. Length 230 cm

A part albino northern brown kiwi by Rowland Ward, standing on mossy base with rockwork to one side, in four glass display. Height 61 cm

A female galah by Rowland Ward, mounted on a low branch stump on mossy mound, in five glass case. Height 40 cm

Two common wombat trophy heads by Rowland Ward, both shoulder shield mounts, one inscribed, 'Kedong Valley 1907', 36 and. Height 45 cm

A Victorian brass firescreen mount of the tail of a male superb lyrebird by William Plowman of Rowland Ward. Height 189 cm

A black rhinoceros trophy head by Rowland Ward, a neck mount of either a near adult male or a female, horns 43 cm and. Height 23 cm. Height 80 cm

A rare adult Javan rhinoceros trophy head by Rowland Ward, a shoulder mount. Height 72 cm

A group of owls by H. Ward, comprising an adult short-eared owl with open wings, and three little owls, all in a woodland setting of foliage and branches. Height 87 cm

An adult black rhinoceros trophy head by Rowland Ward, a neck mount, horns 43 cm and. Length 30 cm. Height 73 cm