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Two Melbourne Lamont puppets "Wilhelmina" and "Sue, in original boxes, Ht. 34 cm

A pair of embroidered and lacquered puppets, probably Thai, 20th century, 125 cm high

A handmade and painted Pelham puppet, black boy in original cardboard box. Box 37 cm long.

Pair of vintage hand puppets 'Paddy and the Policeman' old moulded soft plastic heads, each approx. 28 cm long

A large timber elephant Marionette (puppet). 85 cm x 50 cm

A ventriloquist puppet head on stand, early 20th century. Head 26 cm

An Indonesian pair of Wayang Golek puppets, 20th century, with finely painted faces, dramatic headdresses, & fine textile skirts, each approx height 70 cm

Vintage 1950s Noddy puppet with original box, 'The Monty puppet'

Six Pelham puppets, including number 575 clown and 582 Gypsey woman, boxed; and four unboxed puppets with a Supply of Replacement string material (VG-E boxes F-G)

A Pelham Puppets 'Pinocchio' automaton, English, early 20th century, together with a fabric lined theatre and extra puppets. 54 cm high x 35 cm wide x 26 cm deep

A Mr Turnip - the children's Favourite television puppet in lead with original box together with a tiddly winks game in original box.

Three vintage Steiff animal hand puppets, Gaty the crocodile, Jocko the chimpanzee and Mopsy the dog, all approx 23 cm height with two metal stands

Pelham Puppet Electronic Theatre, including clown, dog, donkey and foal, made in England and used for shop display, modified U.K plug, untested (VG)

Four Pelham puppets, including boxed Yogi Bear; boxed Big Ears, and unboxed Donald duck and Goofy (VG-E boxes G-VG) (4)

Two Pelham puppets, including skeleton and Golly (E boxes G) (2)

Two Pelham puppets, including collectors series Donald duck and Goofy (E-M boxes F- G) (2)

Eleven colourful Indonesian Marrionette puppets, various cultural characters includes one wooden stand approx. 67 cm

Boxed Pelham puppet 'Witch.' in original box. Height 37 cm

Three Pelham puppets, including Walt Disneys Davy Crockett; Professor Popkiss from the TV series Mike Mercury; and Humpty Dumpty (G-E boxes VG-E) (3)

An original rubbery figure puppet by Peter Nicholson: Joh Bjelke-Peterson, circa 1980s 63 cm high

Two 1960s shadow puppets made from velum with buffalo horn supports (2)

Four puppets, including Lamont (Melbourne, Australia), Freddie; boxed Mctavish in Wilhelmina box; boxed with no lid Chinaman; and boxed Pelham puppet boy (F-E boxes VG-E) (4)

Three Lamont puppets (Melbourne, Australia), including boxed Wilhelmina; boxed Jan; and unboxed Freddie (F-E boxes VG-E) (3)

Three Pelham Thunderbirds puppets, including Brains; lady Penelope; and Parker (E boxes F-E) (3)

Four Ideal 'The Addams Family' hand puppets circa 1964, including 2 x Gomez; Morticia; Uncle fester, one in original packaging (G-M bag E) (4)

Three 'Munsters' Hand puppets 1964 kayro-vue products, unboxed (G) (3)

Three Pelham puppets, including SL7 Pinocchio; SM10 Pirate; and SL20 Wizard, all boxed (E boxes F-G) (3)

Three Pelham puppets Noddy related, including Noddy; Big ears and Policeman, all boxed (VG-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Two Pelham puppets, including SL21 Wolf and SL11 red riding hood (M boxes P-VG) (2)

19th century Marionette puppet of a soldier. Marked Munzbergo Loutky 56 cm high

Pelham puppet large scale Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Marionettes painted features, smiling mouths, white gloves, yellow shoes, Mickey in blue felt shirt with white collar and two white buttons, red cotton shorts; Minnie in pink and white spotted skirt w

Group of three Gerry Anderson related Pelham puppets all English, circa early 1960s, including Professor Popkiss from 'Supercar', Sl type, in illustrated yellow box ; Dr beaker from 'Supercar', circa early 1960s, Sl type, in illustrated yellow box ; and St

Pelham puppets Pluto figure, with original instructions and box. Length 22 cm

An Old English Pelham 'Macboozle' puppet with original box and instructions, box length 33 cm

An Old English Pelham standard clown puppet with original box and instructions, box length 33 cm

An Old English Pelham skeleton puppet with original box and instructions, box length 56 cm