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Henry King (1855-1923), Sydney St. Tram Car "Woollahra" [186] albumen paper print., Steam Motor No. 34, built by Baldwin's of Philadelphia in 1882, with its double decker trailer on the Woollahra line, Sydney, ca. 1890, 15 x 20cm

Kerry & Jones 5 various early photographs. 'Cedar Team on the Richmond' & Delivering safe door to Commonwealth Bank 1924, hall & Co. Contemporary print, very stained; Metropole Hotel 1901, possibly Goverment Printer, later print; George St. Looking south.

Henry King (1855-1923) Albumen photo, sydney Harbour circa 1890. 13 x 19 cm. Lebovic Gallery label verso

C. 1890 photograph Sydney Harbour. View East over Botanic Gardens. Blind stamp for Henry King. Albumin photograph 15 x 20 cm

Aborigines: c1885 photographs - 'Native Climbing with Vine' by Charles Kerry (1857-1928), 16 x 22 cm; plus 'Australian Aborigine N.S.W.' by Henry King (1855-1923), 16 x 21 cm. Latter in Poor/Fair condition, though image mainly intact. (2 items)

Aboriginals: photograph 'Australian Aborigines N.S.W.' by Henry King (1855-1923), 21 x 15 cm, beautiful toning in fine condition