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Edwardian 9ct heavy mixed rail link Albert chain with 1881 sovereign pendant &15ct cross pendant attached

An Austrian gold Ducat coin pendant, the ducat depicting Franz Joseph I dated 1915, to a fancy mount in 18ct gold, 50mm diameter.

A gold Sovereign pendant, the Melbourne mint sovereign depicting Queen Victoria dated 1891, within a fancy gold frame in 18ct gold, 38mm square

A 14ct and silver souvenir coin pendant, the 14 carat yellow gold coin inscribed 'Oro'charm Alaska' set in a silver frame. Diameter 2 cm. Weight 4.9g.

Gold pendant, the central 24 carat yellow gold 1988 coin of 15 Australian dollars, set in a 9 carat yellow gold frame. Total weight 4.5g.

A 1908 22ct yellow gold Swiss Franc coin pendant, one 22ct gold swiss franc minted in 1908. The coin obverse features a female head with plaited hair, a garland of flowers, with mountains behind, and the inscription HELVETIA above. The reverse has a swiss

Geo V 1911 Sovereign set pendant. Sovereign set in yellow gold blossom form frame. Wt. 16g

Australian 1980 $200 coin, with pendant mount, 12.7grams approx (the whole has been gold plated)

A 1OZ gold Krugerrand pendant in ivory and gold mount, the central coin 22ct yellow gold, dated 1981, presented as a 1oz South African Krugerrand, tension set within a cushion shaped frame of polished ivory with four 18ct yellow gold bars supporting, furth

1887 gold half sovereign pendant, with attached hook, 4.4gms total weight

Sydney mint 1910 full sovereign pendant, with 9ct gold surround, approx 10.8 grams

9ct Hollow curb link bracelet with gold 1818 20Franc and 1900 sovereign coins attached with pendant mounts

French Charles V (1364-80) gold Franc a Pied the coin depicting crowned King standing facing with sword and hand of Justice beneath a gothic dais, very fine pendant mount

King of Hawaii gold coin pendant, set in a 14ct frame with an 18ct bale with a King of Hawaii coin (copy tests approx. 14ct), wt. 16.5g.

English 1823 £2 gold coin, (22ct) with bail attached for use as a pendant, 16.01 grams

Krugerrand coin pendant, featuring a 1980 1/2 oz Krugerrand bezel set in a 9ct yellow gold frame and bail, stamped 9ct, approx. Weight 22.3 grams

A 1907 22ct yellow gold 20 French Franc coin mounted in an 18ct yellow gold pendant, the obverse depicting the bust of France's national symbol, Marianne, designed by J.C. Chaplain, the reverse a rendition of 'Le coq gaulois', the Gallic rooste

A Georgian gold coin pendant, gold half guinea on a 9ct rose gold bail. Total weight 4.1g.

Antique gold Sovereign pendant, a 1910 full sovereign mounted in 9ct -1960's, vintage textured frame. Weight 10.6 grams

Mounted Victorian half sovereign 1901, in a pendant, approx 5.5g

An 18ct gold coin pendant, Etruscan style frame set with an Roman bronze coin of Emperor Constantine 1, size 34 x 31mm

An ancient Roman coin pendant, the bronze coin set in a heavy 18ct gold frame with diamond detail, to a woven silk cord. Condition: This piece presents in good condition. Stamped 18ct gold,

Georgian gold 1783 Guinea coin 22ct, hole drilled for pendant, weight approx 8.2 grams

An English 1915 half Sovereign coin pendant one half sovereign with an 18ct yellow gold frame

A gold charm bracelet, 14ct yellow gold fine curb link bracelet suspending a selection of eight small gold charms, three being 9ct yellow gold (camel, tower and axe), four 18ct yellow gold (die, fish, 13 and horn and a single 21ct coin pendant, fitted with

A gold Sovereign, diamond and sapphire pendant, the full gold sovereign set below an oval cut sapphire and pave set diamonds, having a diamond set bale, all in gold

Us 1873 double eagle $20 gold coin, attached with a pendant loop. Wt. 33.6g

An ancient Greek bronze coin pendant on chain, the bronze coin is mounted with a wire and petal surrounding frame in unmarked gold. Chain gold plated.

A gold charm bracelet. 14ct yellow gold fine curb link bracelet suspending a selection of eight small gold charms, three being 9ct yellow gold (camel, tower and axe), four 18ct yellow gold (die, fish, 13 and horn and a single 21ct coin pendant, fitted with

An American gold coin pendant featuring an American fifty dollar gold coin, mounted in a 14ct gold frame.

A gold Sovereign pendant; 1889 Sydney mint sovereign in an 18ct gold frame. Wt. 10.8g.

A gold Sovereign coin pendant. The classically designed pendant made in 9ct yellow gold of scrolled and pierced frame design, centrally supporting a 21.6ct yellow gold sovereign dated 1962, correctly claw set, the piece completed with a bail. Total weight:

A gold 50 Pesos coin pendant, centrally mounted with a 22ct yellow gold 50 Pesos coin dated 1821-1947, bezel set in a smooth 9ct yellow gold frame with a fixed oversized bail. Total. Weight: 45.4grams

An American double eagle $20 coin pendant, centrally set with a 21.6ct yellow gold double eagle $20 coin dated 1904, bezel and claw set within a 14ct yellow gold rope twist frame with fixed bail. Total. Weight: 39.9grams

A gold Krugerrand coin pendant, mounted in 14ct yellow gold, rope twist work frames and claw supports the central 22ct yellow gold Krugerrand, dated 1977, the 1 oz coin correctly mounted, fitted with bail. Coin: 31.10grams frame: 8.7grams

A gold Sovereign pendant, 9ct yellow gold framed, cushion shaped with rolled gold work to each corner, centrally claw set with a 21.6ct gold sovereign, dated 1893, depicting Queen Victoria, fitted with bail. Total. Weight: 10.6grams

A gold medallion pendant featuring an 1881 United States $10 coin. Weight: 17.7g