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An 18ct white gold Tahitian pearl & diamond necklace by Jan Logan, one tear shaped Tahitian pearl, 19.5x15mm with nineteen round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.20ct mounted in a white gold pendant with a white gold trace link necklace, length 45 cm Wt 13.2g

Strand of 32 round South Sea pearls (12-15mm) threaded on knotted silk thread with a 12mm rounf 14ct yellow gold ball clasp

Strand of 24 South Sea baroque pearls (12-21mm) on 12mm sterling silver ball clasp, 56cm long

A South Sea pearl necklace, thirty-one near round golden South Sea pearls of 12.18-13.74mm, on a 14 carat white gold ball clasp set with eighteen round brilliant cut diamonds totalising 0.19 carat. Length 44 cm. Weight 95.4g.

An opera length strand of Baroque South Sea pearls, strung as a single long length strand of small sized Baroque South Sea pearls, ranging in size from 9mm to 12mm, light silver in colour with good lustre, knotted throughout and completed with a simple mat

A South Sea pearl and diamond set necklet, 14ct white gold, modern in design, presented as a curved claw set rail of brilliant cut diamonds, the twenty-two brilliant cut diamonds claw set in bead claws, totalling approximately 1.88ct, connecting to a kite

A rope length strand of South Sea pearls by Autore, comprising one hundred and sixty seven Baroque pears of silver and white hues measuring 8.7mm to 13.3mm, to a signed diamond set clasp in 18ct white gold, total length 1880mm.

A strand of South Sea pearls, comprising twenty nine round pearls of white and pink hues measuring 12.9mm to 16.7mm, to a diamond set clasp, total length 440mm.

Boulderopal and South Sea pearl necklace, all set in 18 carat white gold. Pearl of approx. 11.3mm. Total weight 16.8g.

South sea pearl necklace, composed of twenty-seven cultured pearls graduating from approximately 15.00 to 16.50mm, completed by a white metal ball clasp, circumference approximately 480mm.

Tahitian pearl necklace, composed of thirty-three cultured pearls of grey hue graduating from approximately 13 to 14mm, completed by a two tone silver clasp, circumference approximately 450mm.

South sea pearl and diamond 'Ribbon' pendant necklace, Paspaley, the cultured pearl measuring approximately 16.50 x 15.90mm surmounted by a platinum ribbon motif pave-set with brilliant-cut diamonds is suspended from an 18ct white gold omega chain,

A multi-coloured South Sea pearl rope, the seventy-nine round to off-round pearls measuring 11 - 12mm and graduating in colour from white to golden to black. Two hidden bayonet clasps. Length 92 cm

A South Sea pearl and diamond pendant, Adrian Lewis, Melbourne. The baroque South Sea pearl measuring 14.6mm and suspended from a textured floral and foliate diamond set mount of estimated weight 0.15 carat and hung from a box link chain. 18ct yellow gold.

A strand of golden South Sea pearls, strung as a single slightly graduated strand of off-round South Sea pearls, ranging in size from 12mm to 14.5mm, deep golden yellow in colour with good lustre, completed with pierced ball clasp set with tiny diamonds. L

A Tahitian pearl and stone set pendant, 10 x 11mm fine cultured pearl on a silver surmount set with zirconias, on metal chain.

A South Sea pearl and diamond pendant necklace, 13mm round fine cultured pearl to an 18ct gold surmount (stamped K for 'Kailis') Set with 3 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds on a Neoprene Collar with 18ct Gold Fittings.

Exquisite strand of South Sea pearls with 14ct yellow gold clasp, pearls approx. 12-15mm in size

A South Sea pearl and diamond pendant, featuring a 14mm round fine cultured pearl on a 14ct white gold circle surmount set with round brilliant cut diamonds, yellow gold bale, metal chain.

A South Sea pearl and diamond enhancer, 15.5mm round cultured pearl of fine colour and luster on a 9ct white gold bale set with 5 round brilliant cut diamonds, metal chain.

A Torres pearls necklace, three Baroque cultured South Sea pearls, set in sterling silver. Pearls approx. Diameter 1 cm. Boxed

A South Sea pearl necklace, surmounted by a 18 carat rose gold chain and two diamonds. Pearl size 10.5mm. Total weight 3g

A South Sea pearl collar, the oval link chain hung with a central round pearl measuring 15mm. 18ct white gold. Weight 44.92 grams. Length 44 cm.

A strand of Tahitian pearls, 14ct white gold, strung as a single medium length strand of slightly off-round Tahitian pearls, ranging in size from 12mm to 14mm, each deep silver grey in colour with faint green and copper overtones, good lustre, knotted thro

A South Sea pearl necklace by Tarasin, comprising ten oval South Sea pearls of silver and white hue 13.4mm to 15.8mm knotted to black thread in a graduated formation and finished with a handcrafted gold and mabe pearl clasp, total length 460mm, boxed.

A strand of multi-coloured South Sea pearls, comprising thirty four graduated near round pearls of white, silver, cream and golden hues measuring 10.80mm to 14.5mm, finished with a fluted ball clasp in 14ct white gold, total length 425mm.

A strand of golden South Sea pearls, the forty five graduated pearls of golden hues measuring 8.80mm - 12.10mm interspaced with four diamond set rondels in 18ct gold and finished with a polished ball diamond set clasp in 14ct gold, total length 470mm.

South Sea pearl necklace - 32 graduating size pearls, 14ct white gold ball clasp

A Paspaley classic tilt South Sea pearl pendant, cultured 12mm round circle pearl of fine colour and lustre on an 18ct white gold surmount, metal chain.

Linneys cultured South Sea pearl necklace single strand 27 South Sea pearls 13 - 16.4mm, white colour, good lustre 18ct white gold diamond set clasp 117.50 grams

Strand of cultured South Sea pearls single, graduate and individual knotted golden colour ranging 9.1mm to 12mm oval shape 66.80 grams with valuation

18ct white gold, South Sea pearl and diamond lariat necklace, Stefan Hafner for Paspaley, the adjustable ball chain terminating in a South Sea cultured pearl measuring 13.64mm to a rectangular diamond-set open work clasp, circumference approximately 450mm,

Baroque South Sea pearl necklace, Paspaley, Composed of twenty-four Baroque cultured pearls measuring from 15.00 to 18.00mm completed by an 18ct gold spring-loaded concealed pearl clasp accented with a collet-set brilliant-cut diamond, circumference approx

South Sea pearl necklace, Paspaley, Composed of forty circle cultured pearls measuring between 10.00 to 11.00mm, completed by an 18ct white gold spring-loaded concealed pearl clasp, circumference approximately 440mm, signed Paspaley, maker's mark. Acco

18ct white gold, diamond, South Sea pearl 'Stellar' clasp/necklace, Paspaley, the spring-loaded clasp designed as an open work celestial motif set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 2.13 carats further accented w

Pair of 18ct white gold, South Sea keshi pearl and diamond 'Dolce' pendant earrings, Paspaley, each terminating in three Baroque cultured pearls measuring 6.70 to 9.00mm suspended from a stylised quatrefoil surmount decorated at intervals with bril

18ct gold and South Sea pearl 'Unique Collection' necklace, Paspaley, designed as a cable link chain interspersed at intervals to the front with eight round cultured pearls measuring from 11.50 to 16.00mm, circumference approximately 482mm, signed

18ct gold, South Sea pearl and diamond 'Ribbon Lace' pendant necklace, Paspaley, Terminating in an oval cultured pearl measuring 12.00mm suspended from a claw-set brilliant-cut diamond between an open work twisted ribbon connector decorated with di

18ct South sea pearl & diamond pendant, comprising 11.5mm pearl with 3 diamonds on silver chain

A South Sea pearl set Neoprene necklace, Presented as a modern collier styled piece, designed as a single round Omega necklace of black neoprene supporting a single South Sea button pearl measuring 14.2mm, golden cream to one side, pink cream to reverse, f

A Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant on Omega collier, 18ct white gold, crafted as a small fixed pendant set with a round Tahitian pearl measuring 11.4mm, deep silver grey in colour with fine lustre, capped in a round pave set diamond mount fitted with con