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Iranian gold coin bracelet, Qajar Dynasty, Nasir Al Din Shah. (1294/1877), 8 x 22ct gold one Toman coins with hinged uniting links, safety chain attached with a 1/5th gold Toman coin. Wt. 30.3g.

An assortment of silver jewellery, coin and belcher link bracelets, coin and rose quartz crystal and garnet pendant necklaces, 4 stone set rings with garnet (Q), amethyst and marcasite(L1/2), rose quarzt and white stone (W), and cz (O), engraved baby bangl

Iranian gold coin bracelet, 9 x 1/5 tomans, length 14.5 cm, wt 9.4g.

A 9ct & 18ct yellow gold charm bracelet, a 9ct yellow gold double strand curb bracelet with eighteen charms including a 22ct gold South African pond coin, 1898, an 18ct gold acorn charm, a 14ct gold birdcage, money bag, a 9ct gold abacus, kewpie doll,

A Peruvian silver coin bracelet, silver, presented as a finely crafted graduated bracelet of articulated, connected Peruvian coins, each coin pierced throughout and curved in profile, each coin dated between 1883 and 1916, completed with concealed clasp

A coin set bracelet, comprising a Hungarian, German, Dutch and Turkish coin, to a double curblink bracelet in 14ct gold, total length 280mm.

A gold mesh bracelet, the 14ct yellow gold bracelet hung with a 9ct yellow gold St. Christopher medallion and a Twenty Dollar US gold coin, dated 1904. Total weight 96.71 grams. Length 20cm. Width 22mm.

A gold bracelet and coin charm, the circular link bracelet hung with an Austrian Franc, dated 1915. 23ct and 14ct yellow gold. Weight 18.40 grams. Length 22 cm.

A sterling silver heart padlock bracelet with a South African 5 Shilling coin, length 19 cm Wt 51grams

A gold bracelet with serpent set coin pendant. The bracelet crafted in 10ct yellow gold as a modern curb link style bracelet of large hollow round belcher shaped links, fitted with oversized round pull clasp, further detailed by feature coin pendant, set w

An Italian gold 'Magnifica' bracelet, Roberto Coin, the wide, flexible bracelet designed as alternating, horizontal and vertical square rope twist panels. Ruby set pushpiece. 18ct yellow gold. Weight 163.89 grams. Length 18 cm. Width 4.5 cm

A gold coin bracelet, the hollow belcher link bracelet of reeded design suspended with five framed antique high carat gold coins, mounted in 18ct gold, total length 210mm.

A gold coin set bracelet. 22.6ct yellow gold, made as a line bracelet of connected but articulated Peruvian coins, each of matched size, 22.6ct yellow gold dated 1910, connected by small links, fitted with clasp to one coin and safety chain. 18 cms weight:

A Roman coin bracelet, 18ct yellow gold. Weight 33.85 grams. Length 21 cm. Stamped 750

A coin bracelet, Bulgari, Italian, inscribed Caria Kavnos, 2nd century BC, 18ct yellow gold, weight 49.67 grams, length 18.5cm.

A gold bracelet designed as alternating plain polished circular, and textured curblinks, and hung with a gold mounted coin with green paste embellishment. 18ct yellow and white gold. Weight 113.90 grams.

An assortment of 9ct gold jewellery; four rings, three chains one with seven pendants, a bracelet, a brooch, two pendants, one set with a 1/20th oz fine gold nugget coin and a gem set 18ct gold ring. Wt. 60g.

Vintage sterling silver coin bracelet with safety chain approx 26.1grams.

A silver bead bracelet with tassel and coin charm; 13.8mm beads. Wt 46.8g

22ct yellow gold (tested) gold coin style bracelet. Weight: 10grams total

22ct yellow gold (tested) coin bracelet, consisting of eight ¾ pond South African coins from 1894, 1895 and 1896. Weight 37grams

Gold 'Coin' bracelet with rose gold coins and yellow gold surrounds. Surround is marked 14ct.

Middle Eastern gold coin. Converted to a bracelet. Total weight 13.2g

14ct yellow gold rope link bracelet, with Italian 1979 50 lira coin charm attached. W6.4g

Gold coin bracelet, the 18ct gold curb link bracelet supporting a collection of nine coins including a 50 peso (Mexican), 10 roubles (Russian), 1 pahlavi (Iran), 1892 1/2 eagle (USA), Isr'li lirot, 1913 10 francs (Suise), 1927 sovereign (UK), 1914 Indian h

Italian gold bracelet the central gold framed coin flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds, on a bracelet of wound gold and oxidised steel flat wire, stamped 18ct gold approx weight 44gms

A gold coin and amethyst set bracelet, comprising Dutch coins in bezel settings, interspersed between articulated panels set with carre cut amethysts in 14ct gold, total length 180mm, total weight 61.6gms.

A gold coin bracelet, the 18ct gold bracelet set with nine 24ct gold, five dollar coins, total weight 28.04gms, total length 17.5 cm

A gold coin bracelet, each of the decorative 18ct gold pierced square panels having a 22ct gold coin mounted to the centre total weight 63.10gms total length 18.5 cm