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Among the more celebrated versions of primitive stick chairs in Australia is the charmingly titled 'Jimmy Possum' chair, named after similar chairs made by a tradesman supposedly of that name, near Deloraine in northern Tasmania, at the turn of this century. Today several craftsmen are still making chairs and other furniture from naturally shaped sticks, their work forming the greatest possible contrast to the mass-produced goods turned out by the furniture factories. The way the arms and legs were constructed is the most significant feature of the Jimmy Possum chair. They were made from solid pieces of timber shaped with an adze, axe or spokes shave, and did not use nails. The seat was a roughly trimmed split slab of wood, and is one of the common features. The four legs protrude through the slab seat to support the armrests and are held together with a wooden pegs or wedges.
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A Jimmy Possum chair, Tasmania, circa 1895, of typical construction from Australian Eucalypt, with a spindle back and slab seat, the legs jointed through to form the arm rests, 62 cm wide, x 45 cm deep x, 112 cm high. Provenance: Private Collection Melbour