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Marc Newson 'Orgone' coffee table for Cappellini, polished white lacquer, Italy, designed 1998, 35 cm high, 160 cm wide, 70 cm deep,

Percival Lafer coffee table, sculptured wool with glass top, Brazil, c 1960s, 37 cm high, 119 cm wide, 62 cm deep

Romeo Rega coffee table, polished stainless steel, brass, original smoked glass, Italy, c 1970s

Hetborg Mobler coffee table, solid teak, Denmark, c 1960s, 53 cm high, 160 cm wide, 53 cm deep

Lane' coffee table, oak (stamped), America, c 1960s, 36 cm high, 142 cm wide, 48 cm deep

Large coffee table, oak and brass, Denmark, c 1960s, 55 cm high, 185 cm wide, 68 cm deep

Peter Hvidt circular coffee table, teak (stamped), Denmark, c 1960s, 46 cm high, 95 cm deep

Torbjorn Afdal pair of leather hunter chairs & coffee table, Taupe leather & canvas, Norway, c 1970

Australian coffee table, glass top, Australia, c 1960s, 50 cm high, 77 cm wide, 155 cm deep

Rosando extension coffee table, Blondewood, laminate insert, Australia, c 1950s, 52 cm high, 92 cm wide, 46 cm deep

Italian coffee table, gilt frame with glass top, Italy, c 1970s, 37 cm high, 101 cm wide, 101 cm deep

Kai Kristiansen (Danish), Elevator table, c. 1960, teak, converts from a coffee table to a dining table, retains manufacturer's stamp, height 52 cm (71 cm up) 140 width depth 106.5 cm

Cartier, coffee table, c. 1990, bronze with inset cream leather top, signed 'Cartier, height 45 cm width 100 cm depth 51 cm

Paolo Piva (Italian, b. 1950), Alanda Pyramid coffee table, designed c. 1980, manufactured by B&B Italia, inset square glass top on white enamelled metal frame, frame with medium surface rust throughout, height 26 cm width 120 cm depth 120 cm

Schulim Krimper (Australian, 1893-1971), coffee table, c. 1950, with rectangular plate-glass top resting on a timber base, height 47 cm width 107 cm depth 48 cm

Italian Perspex coffee table, glass top and chrome, Italy, c. 1980s, 42 cm high, 130 cm wide, 72 cm deep

Rosando coffee table, wooden frame with glass top, Australia, c 1950s, 50 cm high, 137 cm wide, 61 cm deep

Tile top coffee table attributed to Clement Meadmore & Michael Hirst, brown tile on metal frame, Australia, c. 1950s, 42 cm high, 120 cm wide, 60 cm deep

Bernard Hesling (1905-1987), coffee table, enamel fired on metal plate, laid on table, signed: Hesling, 35.5 x 58.5 x 43.5 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, Canberra

George Nelson coffee table for Herman Miller, Laminex top, polished aluminium base, America, c. 2000s, 40 cm high, 72 cm deep

Nathan sectional coffee table, circular with three separate sectional side tables, England, c. 1960s, 51 cm high, 82 cm deep

A 1950s low line coffee table in the style of Marcel Breuer, 27 cm high, 90 cm wide, 50 cm deep

Johannes Andersen for C.F Christensen, silkeborg, Denmark, large rosewood coffee table, model No. 4, early 1960s – a fine example of Danish craftsmanship, width 1,80 cm

Chiswell retro 2 tier round coffee table, 80 cm diameter, 46 cm high

Hub sectional coffee table, black painted timber with metal base, Australia, c 2015, 34 cm high, 140 cm wide, 64 cm deep

Gae Aulenti Tavolo Con Ruote coffee table for Fontana Arte, Industrial casters with painted metal brackets, Italy, designed 1980, 25 cm high, 100 cm wide, 100 cm deep

Mid century Brazilian rosewood coffee table, Denmark, c 1960s, 45 cm high, 130 cm deep

Eero Arnio coffee table, glass and chrome, Finland, c 1970s, 43 cm high, 135 cm wide, 78 cm deep

Rudowski coffee table, solid teak, glass top, Australia, c 1960s, 38 cm high, 138 cm wide, 59 cm deep

Dario Zoureff coffee table, Blondewood inlay, Australia, c 1960s, 49 cm high, 84 cm wide, 84 cm deep

A mid century coffee table, two tier, Australia, c 1960s, 53 cm high, 117 cm wide, 46 cm deep

Ramler coffee table, Slotted glass top on chrome base, Australia, c 1970

Antonio Citterio Charles coffee table for B&B Italia, grey finish on polished aluminium legs, Italy, c 2000s

Herman Miller Eliptical coffee table, plywood top covered in black mica, metal base, America, designed 1951, 25 cm high, 226 cm wide, 72 cm deep

G plan triangular coffee table with glass feature, England, c 1960s, 44 cm high, 76 cm deep

Flexform circular coffee table, stainless steel base, Italy, c 2000s, 37 cm high, 120 cm wide

A fine quality gilt bronze and black glass two tier square coffee table by Bagues French Circa 1950, 45 cm high, 69.5 cm square

Paul Kafka (Austrian/Australian, 1907-1972), Coffee Table, c. 1950, burr wood veneer, the rectangular table with inset glass top, height 44 cm width 153 cm depth 64 cm