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A collection of wind-up tin toy animals, including a Mouse by Yone, a peacock by Alps, a Penguin by Inakita, and a Penguin by Wells-Brimtoy (4)

A collection of Hornby, including four tin station Platforms, a flat truck, and curved half rails, and a station platform by Wells Brimtoy (7)

Philip Niedermeier Nocturno Express, worked well when tested; and Wells Brimtoy clockwork tipper truck, unboxed (VG-E box F-G) (2)

Brimtoy 9/517 mechanical bus, red tinplate with colourful detail, black plastic tyres, key, functional clockwork mechanism and bell that rings at intervals, cellotape to both ends of box (VG box P-F)

Two tinplate Wells Brimtoy large mechanical pull along models, including 704 world transport; and 705 horse box (VG boxes G) (2)

Seven Brimtoy models, including 9/511 mechanical long wheel base covered van; 546 milk lorry; 9/520 mechanical 6 wheel covered lorry; 9/541 Gyro Overhead Repair lorry; 508 Removal van Gyro; 536 Snack bar Gyro; and 9/514 Breakdown lorry (VG-E boxes P-E) (7)

Toy Train Set: Well used British mixed set including; O gauge wind-up locomotive(Brimtoy?) with track, Mettoy signal box and station, destination box with Australian stations, 'Liverpool Cables' carriage, Meccano crane, and other well loved and worn pieces

Wells-Brimtoy 9/526 Pocketoy lorry and glider, clockwork plastic lorry with tinplate fittings and tinplate Glider, without key (VG-E box F)

Five Brimtoy models, including 3 x 9/541 Gyro Overhead Repair lorry; 538 Royal Mail van Gyro; and 9/536 Mobile Snack bar (G-E Boes F-VG) (5)

Two Brimtoy 9/520 Mechanical 6 wheel covered lorry, one with light blue plastic cab and key; and one with dark blue plastic cab, without key (G boxes P-VG) (2)

Three Brimtoy models, including 9/527 Mechanical Refuse Collecting van with key; 9/512 Mechanical flat bed truck without key; and 9/510 Mechanical long wheel base truck without key or mechanism (VG-E boxes F-G) (3)

Collection of Hornby and Brimtoy Platforms and one track Segment, all unboxed, Brimtoy platform with Bulbs intact (P-G) (5)

Six Wells Brimtoy Pocketoy Lorries including Greengrocer van; 'Esso' petrol Tanker; horse box; open-back truck; Breakdown service wagon; and Tipping truck, all unboxed (G-E) (6)

Three Brimtoy clockwork tinplate Pocketoys including 9/537 Mechanical Ambulance, cream and beige, red 'Ambulance' lettering to sides; Mechanical petrol lorry 'Regent', red and blue; and coach, yellow and green, all in illustrated white boxes (3)

Wells Brimtoy No. 9/43 clockwork Lincoln Zephyr silver plastic body, smooth black metal hubs, tinplate bumpers, key present, some crazing, in box with lid 14 cm long

Brimtoy train set No. 360 c.1950, consists of blue streamlined loco, LNER No. 4491, tender and two coaches and a second 0-4-0 red loco. Plus, Joytown station, signal cabin and track. Also, Mettoy goods train, loco and tender #490, GW open wagon and LMS goo

Range of O gauge tinplate clockwork trains by various makers. Silver Streak loco #2509 plus 'Thanet Belle' four wheel Pullman coach - probably Wells - Brimtoy c.1950; 0-4-0 Br loco #67000 plus tender possibly Mettoy or Wells; a beautiful Wells LNER tank lo

Brimtoy 'Mechanical train set' No. 862 c.1950's comprising British rail 0-4-0 loco #67040 plus tender, 1st class passenger coach and open wagon with track all in excellent condition in very good box. Plus Brimtoy 'Cock of the north' train set comprising of

Wells - Brimtoy trolley buses (2) c.1950's, one with faulty clockwork mechanism; plus a 6 wheel Brimtoy Pocketoy bus, also clockwork. All tin printing in nice condition. (3 items)

A Wells clockwork tinplate Golden Streak floor toy train, blue and yellow with futuristic design, circa 1950s; a Wells Brimtoy 0 Gauge clockwork 0-4-0 LNER No. 4492 loco and tender, dark blue with permanent key; and a Wells Brimtoy 0 Gauge clockwork 0-4-0