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Cloisonne is an enamelling technique in which the pattern is formed by wires soldered to the surface of the object to be decorated, which is usually made from copper, forming cells or cloisons, each of which holds a single colour of enamel paste which is then fired, and ground and polished. The champleve technique also uses an enamelling technique, but the cells are formed by carving into the surface ot the object, or in the casting. The cloisonne technique has been in use since the 12th century BC in the west, but the technique did not reach China until the 13th or 14th century. It became popular in China in the 18th century. Initially bronze or brass bodies were used, and in the 19th century copper, at which time the quality of th eitems produced began to decline. Chinese cloisonné is the best known enamel cloisonné, though the Japanese produced large quantities from the mid-19th century, of very high technical quality. In the west the cloisonne technique was revived in the mid 19th century following imports from China, and its use continued in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.
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Cloisonne fine silver wire butterfly vase on a blue ground, with a copper insert. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 28 cm

Large Oriental cloisonne and porcelain vase, with floral cloisonne base and gilt porcelain decoration, on wooden stand, with scroll of authenticity, height 36 cm approx (without stand) Provenance: Gift to NSW government, c.2012

A Japanese cloisonne vase with a dark background decorated with birds & trees. 15 cm high.

A Japanese cloisonne vase with four sides, front & back decorated with chrysanthemums & grapes. 15.5 cm high

A small Japanese cloisonne vase with a dark blue background decorated with flowers & birds. 20th century. 9.5 cm high

A Japanese cloisonne vase, Meiji period (1868-1912) with elongated neck, gold and silver wired decoration. Adorned with two-tones of Sakura cherry blossom, in bloom with multi-toned foliage. Applied on an opulent jade green ground. 24 cm high

Pair of Japanese fine cloisonne vases with foil (ginbari) elements & butterfly decoration,19 cm high approx.

Pair of Japanese cloisonne vases with foil (ginbari) elements & floral decoration, makers mark to base, 15.5 cm high approx.

Large Japanese white cloisonne vase with floral decoration, 39 cm high approx.

Silver rimmed cloisonne vase decorated with a flowering branch, 16 cm high

A Japanese cloisonne small vase, Meiji period, circa 1900, very finely decorated with silver and gilt silver rims and silver cloisons, 'Ando Jubei' mark to the base. 11.5 cm high. Provenance: An old Melbourne Private Collection

A small Chinese cloisonne and gilt yen yen vase, late Ming Dynasty, 17th century, decorated with a lotus scroll between stylized borders, a pair of gilt key-fret bronze handles on the neck, English ADA. sticker to base. 16 cm high. Provenance: Collection o

A pair of cloisonne baluster shape vases, the black ground decorated with cloud motifs, patterned with brightly coloured blossom branches and birds. Raised on a wooden stand. Height 23 cm

Japanese cloisonne vase with ox blood red background (glued to base)

An Japanese cloisonne enamel vase by Ando, mid 20th century silver wire construction depicting pink and white rose bushes against a dark green ground. Signed with 'Ando' mark to base. Height 24.8 cm

A Japanese cloisonne enamel vase, mid 20th century silver wire construction depicting rose bushes against a light green ground. Height 21.5 cm

A Japanese cloisonne enamel vase, mid 20th century silver wire construction depicting bird and prunus flowers against a yellow ground. Height 18 cm

Japanese cloisonne floral vase on a red fish scale & bamboo type ground. Condition good, minor staining to the silver plated rims. Height 24.5 cm

Pair Japanese cloisonne vases. Bird & blossom decoration on blue & green grounds. Height 27 cm (each)

A Chinese cloisonne vase, probably Republic Era, early to mid 20th century, a baluster shaped waisted vase with two oval reserves depicting birds in foliage settings on a blue ground, with exotic butterflies and flora in colours against a black ground and

A miniature cloisonne vase Qing dynasty of moon flask shape, set on the sides with four gilt lug handles and decorated with lotus sprays on the turquoise ground, either side with a medallion of figures in a garden setting 5.8 cm high

A Japanese cloisonne enamel vase, late Meiji period (1868-1912) depicting cranes and flowering plants against a blue ground. Height 18.3 cm

Japanese Cloisonne vase decorated with two-tone pink roses on yellow ground. Height 25 cm

A pair of Meiping cloisonne vases, each depicting cherry blossom in flower on a black ground, 39 cm high

A pair of Chinese faceted cloisonne vases, each of squared tubular form with an undulating silhouette pattern, 49 cm high

Superb Meiji period red cloisonne lobed vase with bird and bamboo design signed with makers mark and characters measures 15.8 cm high

Hayashi: Japanese Meiji period cloisonne vase, signed, blue ground & finely decorated with spider chrysanthemums in burnt orange, height 33.5 cm. Provenance: The Ivan Ban Collection, lot 230

Japanese cloisonne vase. Meiji period. Height 26 cm

Meiji cloisonne pair of vases decorated with dancing figures. Height 13 cm

Japanese cloisonne covered Koro & a pair of vases of fine gilded floral detailed design. Height 13 cm

Chinese cloisonne pair of vases on a blue ground with feathered & floral motifs & fine scrolled gilded detail. Height 27 cm