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Cloisonne is an enamelling technique in which the pattern is formed by wires soldered to the surface of the object to be decorated, which is usually made from copper, forming cells or cloisons, each of which holds a single colour of enamel paste which is then fired, and ground and polished. The champleve technique also uses an enamelling technique, but the cells are formed by carving into the surface ot the object, or in the casting. The cloisonne technique has been in use since the 12th century BC in the west, but the technique did not reach China until the 13th or 14th century. It became popular in China in the 18th century. Initially bronze or brass bodies were used, and in the 19th century copper, at which time the quality of th eitems produced began to decline. Chinese cloisonné is the best known enamel cloisonné, though the Japanese produced large quantities from the mid-19th century, of very high technical quality. In the west the cloisonne technique was revived in the mid 19th century following imports from China, and its use continued in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.
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Elephant vases, pair of cloisonne, Ming Dynasty, with dragon and foliate decorations, height 46 cm

Large & impressive pair of modern cloisonne vases & stands baluster shape brightly decorated with birds and blossom with diaper borders, 52 cm height

A fine Japanese cloisonne vase decorated with water birds, 21 cm high

A Japanese cloisonne baluster vase signed Tamura, in green decorated with palmettes, 32 cm high. Provenance: The collection of a Patron of the arts, Queensland

A pair of late-Meiji period Japanese floral cloisonne vases c. 1908, in the ginbari technique with applied hallmarked silver scroll handles and weighted bases, Sheffield 1908, height 17 cm (minor faults)

A pair of Chinese cloisonné vases, ovoid shape with trumpet necks, with gilt metal elephant handles issuing from the neck, gilt metal bands encircle the mouth, shoulder and foot. The bodies decorated with stylised lotus flowers and tendrils in polychrome o

A cloisonné vase, shouldered ovoid shape, decorated with birds and flowers in a landscape on a teal ground. Height 18 cm

A cloisonne vase, depicting dragons and phoenix in cartouches, surmounted by flowers. Height 15 cm

A pair of Chinese cloisonne lidded vases, Kangxi shape with four dragon masks design to body and lid, on carved wooden base. Seal to base. Height 46 cm (with stand)

A pair of Chinese cloisonne vases, Tianqiuping, globular shape, with bat and floral design, on carved wooden base. (a/f, slight dent to one side of one lid) height 45 cm (total)

A pair of antique Chinese cloisonne vases, early 20th century, small lobed baluster vases with a deep green wire scrolled ground, decorated with borders of stiff leaves in navy and light blue dotted with coloured flowers, with scale motifs to the neck, col

Two Chinese cloisonne floral vases, on carved timber stands, height 23.5 cm

Pair Japanese wireless cloisonne ovoid vases each decorated with dragons on dark blue ground

Japanese cloisonne ovoid vase decorated with alternate panels of butterflies and blossom

Japanese cloisonne lobed ovoid vase decorated with multiple butterflies on a black ground

Japanese wireless cloisonne ovoid vase decorated with butterfly and blossom on powder blue ground

Large cloisonne wireless vase decorated with bird and flowers with silver rim and base, signed to the base

Japanese cloisonne gourd shaped vase decorated with panels of exotic birds and butterflies

Pair Japanese cloisonne ovoid vases decorated with geese in flight on hardwood stands

A pair of early cloisonne vases with butterfly and floral decoration, 30 cm high

Pair of cloisonne dragon decorated vases with elephant handles and stands (boxed)

Japanese cloisonne vase of elongated form, having fine enamelled detail depicting birds amongst bamboo trees, with various blooming flowers. Height 24.8 cm

A pair of good quality Chinese cloisonne vases, baluster shape with profuse polychrome decoration of birds and flowers. Height 28 cm

Chinese cloisonne vase, with four panel decoration on a mid blue ground, late Qingc1900, 24 cm high approx.

A Chinese cloisonne vase, mid 20th century, the high shouldered baluster vase with a waisted neck and base, decorated with peony flowers in ombre colours upon a diaper wire work blue ground; with Jianding wax mark underside, height 32.5 cm

A Chinese cloisonne dragon decorated bowl and a lidded vase, 20th century, 14 cm high, 24 cm wide & 35 cm high

A large Japanese cloisonne vase on stand, first half of the 20th century, the vase 56 cm high

A pair of Chinese cloisonne black ground dragon and bat lidded vases, 20th century, 23 cm high

Japanese Ando Jubei cloisonne vase. Blossom decoration on green ground. Stamp to base. Height 16 cm

Japanese Meiji period fine cloisonne vase, with raised enamel bird decoration, some cracks and discolouration, 11.7 cm high

A Japanese cloisonne vase, Taisho period (1912-1926), circa 1925, of tall tapering form, silver rims and the pattern of fruit and flowers in gold and silver wire on an akasuke (pigeon or oxblood) enamel ground. Engraved mark of Ando Co., 24.5 cm high

A Chinese cloisonne vase on stand, with calligraphy of Longevity, height 30 cm

A large Champleve bronze vase, the front and reverse with a panel in cloisonne enamel on a gilt ground, 20th century, of red crested cranes, decorated in a continuous scroll pattern in champleve in elaborate stylized lotus scrolls with flower heads and cur

A pair of Chinese cloisonne vases, 20th century, height 32 cm

Magnificent and fine pair of Chinese cloisonne vases, with lobed necks, above a lobed baluster body, beautifully decorated with shou motifs surrounded by Wu-Fu (five Bats), above double Yu (fish), surrounded a ground of lotus scroll in strong tones of red,

An antique Chinese cloisonne bowl, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the brass bowl centred with a roundel of two deity figures including an ascetic, and a broad border of lotus blooms and leaves, the exterior with similar flora, auspicious Buddhist objects and

An antique Japanese wire work cloisonne porcelain vase and a Chinese cloisonne box, Meiji period, 19th century, and after, an ovoid vase with a waisted foot, decorated with flora, butterflies and patterned borders on a brown olive ground, an underglaze blu

A Chinese 'dragon'-handle cloisonne vase, hu, Jingtai four-character incised mark, late Qing to Republic period, 18.3 cm high. Provenance: Western Australia private collection, acquired in Peking in the 1960s-70s, hence by descent (by repute)