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An Edwardian Wedgwood blue Jasperware biscuit barrel, post 1908, an ovoid barrel with silver plated mounts and a swing handle, typically decorated with a continuous slip frieze of classical figures in a landscape; impressed marks of Wedgwood made in Englan

Doreen Blumhardt, biscuit barrel c1970, tenmoku glaze, impressed mark, 22 cm high overall

Moorcroft Tudric square form biscuit barrel Eventide landscape pattern with pewter rim & lid, 14 cm high

Myllie Peppin pottery biscuit jar (17 cm) & 2 mugs (9 cm) Provenance: Rosewood Farm, Bagdad, Tasmania

William Moorcroft, pomegranate biscuit box, C.1916, signed, impressed marks 'Moorcroft Burslem,' with original label., height 17 cm, width 18.5 cm, depth 13 cm, weight 1.14kg

Doulton Burslem Flow blue biscuit barrel. Silver plated swing handle and lid (worn). Height 2 cm

Royal Doulton Persian pattern biscuit barrel with matching butter dish on stand (2)

A green linear glaze biscuit jar with scroll handles, by David and Hermia Boyd, circa 1950, signed "David Hermia Boyd" at base by: David Feilding Gough Boyd (Son of William Merric Boyd and grandson of Arthur Boyd) and Hermia Lloyd-Jones, (potter an

Two Doulton Lambeth biscuit Barrels, by Elizabeth Sayers and mark Marshall, with box and cover by Edith Lupton, each with sgraffito scrolling design with silver plate swing handles and covers, tallest 23.5 cm high (3)

A rare Doulton Lambeth 'Seaweed' biscuit barrel by George Tinworth, of typical form with profuse scrolling seaweed and flower motifs in high relief, the silver plate cover finely engraved with Aesthetic Japonaise design, 20 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth biscuit barrel, 'Five Wild Horses' by Hannah Barlow, of typical form, sgraffito horses within raised borders, with bright cut silver plate mounts, 18 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth biscuit barrel, 'Five Lions' by Hannah Barlow, of typical form with sgraffito lions within beaded borders, silver plate mounts, 15 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth biscuit barrel, 'Six Deer and Two Stags' by Hannah Barlow, of typical form with sgraffito procession, with silver plate mounts and Celtic engraved cover, 19 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth biscuit barrel, 'Birds in Flight and Roosting' by Florence Barlow, with reserves of morning and night birds and floral sprays within raised and beaded borders, 15 cm high

Clarice Cliff 'Fantasque' biscuit barrel, lid repaired,

Good antique Wedgwood biscuit barrel with silver plated decorative handle and bird motif lid

Keith Murray for Wedgwood, green glazed lidded biscuit barrel, marked. Height 13 cm

Victorian Doulton Burslem shallow biscuit barrel with silver plated lid, collar and handle, 13.5 cm high approx

Wedgwood jasperware biscuit barrel with silver plated lid and handle, 23 cm high

Early Carlton Ware biscuit barrel decorated with floral sprays, fitted with silver plated lid and handle, 26 cm high

A Clarice Cliff 'Crocus' patterned English porcelain biscuit barrel, 1930s. 19 cm high

A Wedgwood black Jasperware biscuit barrel, circa 1889, the cylindrical barrel with an integral stand and domed lid with finial, typically decorated with a frieze of classical slipware figures in a landscape setting; with impressed Wedgwood mark and probab

A Moorcroft 'Big Poppy' pattern two handled lidded biscuit barrel, the design on a mottled cobalt ground; impressed marks and brush point initials under the base. Height 18 cm

Antique Carlton Ware biscuit barrel, with silver plated fittings

Goebels pot, Price Bros biscuit barrel and a Burleigh Ware jug, approx 19 cm highand shorter (3)

Wedgwood biscuit barrel with plated mounts, 22 cm high with handle upright.

Australian vintage Guy Boyd pottery biscuit barrel, with hand painted floral spray signed H. Ilich lower right, 15 cm high approx.

A small Wedgwood biscuit barrel and one other, 1903, Wedgwood item, the slightly tapering low truncated barrel with plated mounts, the lid and handle with continuous classical slip designs on a deep blue ground, marked Wedgwood England with date cypher und

Doulton silicon unglazed lidded biscuit barrel with plated mounts

Antique Crown Devon biscuit barrel, with silver plated lid and handle, 23 cm high,

Wedgwood blue jasper lidded biscuit barrel and salad bowl, bowl approx 23 cm diameter (2)