These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Two 18th century Dram glasses and 18th century ale glass. Circa 1760 both with gadrooned bowl and knopped stem, the ale glass circa 1760 with trumpet funnel bowl, engraved with hops and barley, knopped stem, tallest 13 cm high (3)

George III tear drop glass, with a trumpet bowl and tear drop stem on folded foot. Together with a similar, 18th century glass with a tear drop stem

A Georgian etched liquor glass, 18th century with folded foot. 15 cm high

A small Georgian Liquer glass with bell shaped bowl and twin knop stem. Pontil mark. Height 9.2 cm

An 18th century colour twist glass, circa 1770, the bell shaped bowl above colour twist stem on circular foot 17 cm high

A Georgian glass Art twist stem glass, circa 1760, the cylindrical bowl above an air twist stem standing above a circular foot. Height 16 cm

A set of six Georgian dram glasses of ovoid form with single-knop stems and conical feet. Height 10.5 cm

Georgian triple knop double series opaque twist glass, the bell bowl engraved with grapes leaves and a blue jay

A large engraved bell bowl knopped and teardrop stem glass, 18th century. Height 20 cm. This glass was bought from Christie's London as Newcastle, Circa 1710, however more contemporary research may well indicate a Dutch origin. Provenance: Christie's, King