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In England in the 18th and 19th century, "rummer" was the name given to a drinking glass for wine with a wide bowl and short stem joined to a circular domed or square foot. The glasses were not designed for drinking rum, as the name implies. The name "rummer" is a corruption of the German word Romer, as the early glasses were used for white wine from the Rhine region.
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A Georgian rummer glass. Cup shaped facet cut bowl knopped stem, circular foot with pontil mark.

A Georgian rummer glass with cup shaped facet cut bowl knopped stem, circular foot. Ground pontil mark. Height 13 cm

A Georgian lead glass cup bowl rummer with collared stem, circular foot and pontil mark. C. 1820. Height 12.5 cm

A Georgian blown glass cup bowl rummer collard stem and circular foot. Pontil mark. Height 12.6 cm

A large Georgian rummer goblet with internal bubbles and ground pontil. Height 17.5 cm

Two Georgian glasses. Faceted rummer; and tall wine glass with engraved grapes and pheasant. Height 17 cm (wine glass)

Six various Georgian rummers, each with bucket bowl on a plain stem with a conical foot and a similar small ale glass. (7) 14 cm & 12.5 cm high.

An early 19th century Georgian Rummer, the lead glass rummer with ground pontil. Height 15 cm

A pair of Georgian glass rummers each on a folded foot together with a antique wine glass with a moulded bowl on a knopped stem. Height 14.5 cm. & 13.5 cm