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In England in the 18th and 19th century, "rummer" was the name given to a drinking glass for wine with a wide bowl and short stem joined to a circular domed or square foot. The glasses were not designed for drinking rum, as the name implies. The name "rummer" is a corruption of the German word Romer, as the early glasses were used for white wine from the Rhine region.
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A pair of late Georgian Rummers, circa: 1820s, of elongated bucket and funnel form, with basal slice borders, an annular knop to one and a slightly conical base, and a blade knop to the other with a flat base, polished pontils to both. Height 16 cm

An early Georgian, 'Lennon Squeezer' foot crystal Rummer, minor chips to underside of base, height 14 cm

Five various Georgian cut lead crystal Rummers C. 1830, three with square foot and deep cutting. One heavy with facets and lozenges, another with ground pontil mark

A Georgian engraved Rummer, early 19th century, the heavy rummer with a goblet shaped bowl etched with a ship in full sail and a fern like sprig to the reverse, upon a knopped stem and with a partly polished pontil. Height 13.5 cm

Six Georgian glass Rummers all with chalice form bowl, rough pontil 13.5 x 8 cm (diameter)

A collection of rummers, early 19th century, (31) comprising, twenty nine rummers, early 19th century, of two types, both with ogee faceted bowls, ten of which have a bladed knop to stem, on plain feet, an Irish rummer, the broad pan topped facetted bowl w

A matched pair of Georgian Bristol green wine glasses, together with Georgian Rummer, each with unground pontil mark (3)

A rare set of four late Georgian Bristol green glass Rummers, each with square foot and lemon squeeze base

Two Georgian glasses late 18th century including a pan topped rummer and a goblet with air twist stem, the rummer 13.5 cm high

Georgian wine glasses: group of three including a fine air twist stem wine glass with bell shaped bowl; faceted sherry glass c1830s & an early 19th century soda glass rummer.

A Georgian rummer glass. Cup shaped facet cut bowl knopped stem, circular foot with pontil mark.

A Georgian rummer glass with cup shaped facet cut bowl knopped stem, circular foot. Ground pontil mark. Height 13 cm

A Georgian lead glass cup bowl rummer with collared stem, circular foot and pontil mark. C. 1820. Height 12.5 cm

A Georgian blown glass cup bowl rummer collard stem and circular foot. Pontil mark. Height 12.6 cm

A large Georgian rummer goblet with internal bubbles and ground pontil. Height 17.5 cm

Two Georgian glasses. Faceted rummer; and tall wine glass with engraved grapes and pheasant. Height 17 cm (wine glass)

Six various Georgian rummers, each with bucket bowl on a plain stem with a conical foot and a similar small ale glass. (7) 14 cm & 12.5 cm high.

An early 19th century Georgian Rummer, the lead glass rummer with ground pontil. Height 15 cm

A pair of Georgian glass rummers each on a folded foot together with a antique wine glass with a moulded bowl on a knopped stem. Height 14.5 cm. & 13.5 cm