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More correctly known as longcase clocks, these are clocks with a hooded pendulum, housed in a tall enclosed case, about seven feet high.

Introduced during the latter part of the 17th century, the longcase clock has remained popular to the present day.

As a general rule, the designs of the clock cases followed the stylistic developments of the past three centuries. Late 17th and early 18th century clocks inspired the cabinetmaker to extraordinary heights in the art of marquetry inlay, very often in the complex and intricate 'seaweed' patterns.

Other clocks were lacquered and decorated with gilded chinoiseries. Chippendale's designs followed the prevailing flowing lines of the Rococo, with quantities of scroll work, frets, pagodas, urns and rams' heads. Those of the Neoclassical period showed a return to simpler, straighter lines, often enhanced with panels of well-figured inlay, lines of stringing, swan-neck pediments and brass finials.

The finest clocks were often veneered in walnut or mahogany, but many country clocks made from honest oak have survived. more...
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Chinoiserie long case grandfather clock, with German Tempus Fugit weight driven striking movement, 205 cm high

Art Deco German grandfather clock, (W├╝rttemberg) with weight driven chiming movement and limed dome top case, 194 cm high

Art Deco German Junghans grandfather clock, 199 cm high

A Howard Miller & Co German golden oak grandfather clock, with key and winder 44 x 32 x 196 cm

Art deco German grandfather clock with 3 train movement striking Westminster Quarters, 186 cm high

Art deco German long case clock, with 3 train movement, 186 cm high

A charming chiming German three train grandfather clock. Height 190 cm x. Width 46 cm, depth 24 cm

Art Deco German long case 'Grandfather' clock with weight driven chiming movement, 'Saunders Ltd, Sydney', marked on dial, 58.5 cm wide, 198 cm high

A German Tempus Fugit grandfather clock 43 x 23 x 200

A fine German Art Deco grandfather clock by Mauthe the walnut veneer exterior with stepped sides and base enclosing silver chrome dial and three weights, excellent time keeper with Westminster chimes, width 61 cm, depth 9 cm, H 191

German 'Hac' grandfather clock, pendulum and weights available. Appears to be operating. Height 195 cm

An Art Deco oak long-case clock, circa 1930. 202 x 51 x 26 cm, with fine quality German brass movement striking on gongs

A good late 19th century German floor standing walnut centre seconds regulator, Lenzkirch, the case with architectural pediment surmounted by a carved final over a long glazed door with applied scrolls on a short base, the two-part 9 inch enamel Roman dial