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A Gulbransen Type 515 burgundy Bakelite valve radio case damage to base serial number 40359A, 21 x 33 x 17 cm

A Gulbransen 58 timber case valve radio serial number 2298, 31 x 46 x 24 cm

Gulbransen, USA 1934, model 7DF, 7 valves, incredibly rare console cabinet with chromium Art Deco pillars and a dial scale that differs from the usual 7D series

Gulbransen, USA 1937, model A1, 7 valves, only chassis and speaker for the famous large 'Telephone Dial' push button radio

Gulbransen, USA c.1934, model 7D, 7 valves, rare Art Deco console cabinet, Magnavox speaker (serious borer (treated))

Gulbransen, USA 1935, model 7G, 7 valves, dual-wave console cabinet (some borer (treated), great performers on short wave)

Radio, Gulbransen circa 1950s, red case with white knobs. Height 17 cm x. Width 25 cm x. Depth 17 cm

Radio, Gulbransen, circa 1930s, mottled green Bakelite and metal case with white knobs and concealed handle to top. Height 23 cm. Width 14 cm. Depth 14 cm

Radio, Gulbransen circa 1930s, burgundy Bakelite and metal case with white knobs and concealed handle to top 23 cm high x 14 cm wide x 14 cm deep

Gulbransen swivel base console radio, circa 1934, wooden cased floor standing radio with swivel base. Height 100.5 cm x. Width 31 cm x. Depth 54.5 cm