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Detrola 420 Radio American, circa 1940, black Bakelite case with red louvred speaker grille and red knobs 18 cm high x 26 cm wide x 16 cm deep

Radio, Detrola 283, circa 1939, marbleised white, brown and green beetle plastic case with matching knobs. Height 17.5 cm x. Width 22.5 cm x. Depth 16.5 cm

Radio, Detrola 201 'Super Pee Wee', circa late 1930s, red case, dial and knob with marbleised white, brown and green wraparound speaker grille, dial restored. Height 12 cm x. Width 20 cm x. Depth 12 cm

Radio, Detrola split grille, circa 1939, marbleised maroon case with green split grille and green knobs. Height 14 cm x. Width 23.5 cm x. Depth 11 cm

Detrola 201 'Super Pee Wee' radio, circa late 1930s marbleised white and brown beetle plastic case with red dial and knob. Height 11.5 cm x. Width 20 cm x. Depth 13 cm

Detrola 197 Pee Wee radio, green plaskon case with black dial knobs and feet

Detrola split grille Radio, circa 1939, marbleised white and brown case with red split grille and knobs 14. cm high x. Width 23.5 cm x. Depth 11 cm This radio is similar in design to the Ccrosle G1465.