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Under the New Zealand Protected Objects Act 1975, administered by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, the sale, trade, export and ownership of some Maori artefact are regulated Objects over 50 years old that also have Maori cultural significance must be inspected by Ministry for Culture & Heritage, and if significant the object will be allocated a "Y" number, a unique identification number. Artefacts that have a Y number can only be purchased by those that are registered collectors with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. These collectors have a ‘registered number’. Y numbered artefacts cannot leave the country without written permission from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage. Those who are not registered collectors, and usually reside in New Zealand, can apply to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to become one. There are no restrictions on the purchase of Maori items that have no Y number or Pacific Island or other artefacts from around the world. As this site is a price guide, and does not offer items for sale, the Y numbers applicable to any items on this site are not displayed..
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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

A large kauri gum boulder, semi-translucent, one side polished, the other in rough natural state. 6.4kgs.

A pair of early 1900s kauri gum busts, exquisitely moulded depicting a Maori chief with full face moko and a chiefteness with a moko kauae. Heights 19 cm. Some faults. Provenance: From a private museum, the owner having collected gum artefacts for many yea

A large and rare N.Z. colonial kauri gum portrait bust of a Maori wahine, near life-size with finely carved naturalistic detail, black coloured hair, moko to her chin, a woven muka cloak to her shoulders, raised on ebonised socle base. Some age cracking. H

A pair of late 19th century large carved kauri gum busts of a Maori chief and chieftainess, naturalistically represented with black staining to their hair and moko, both represented with a muku cloak wrapped to their shoulders, mounted on flat circular ebo

A small kauri gum boulder, translucent and hand polished. 1.5 kilo.

A small kauri gum boulder, semi-translucent and hand polished. 1.115 kilo.

A large kauri gum boulder, pecked clean but unpolished. 2kg

A Maori bust, painted kauri gum, New Zealand, circa 1880, 34 cm

A polished kauri gum nugget, fairly flat form, includes near-clear segments, some inclusions to the centre. 19 cm x 16 cm

Two clear kauri gum nuggets, one with a polished and rounded top, the other smaller with an old crackle polished finish. 720gms.

An essentially clear nugget of kauri gum, polished finish. Weight 454gms.

A large 19th century kauri gum bust of a Maori chief with ta moko. Height 36 cm

A large kauri gum boulder, natural form, unpolished, showing dark internal colour. 25.5 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm approx. Weight 2.6 kilos.

A massive kauri gum nugget. Collected by the vendor's Scottish grandfather who worked in the kauri logging industry, c.1890s, as a limber (removing top branches to facilitate felling), in this employment he recovered this and two other naturally bled massi

A N.Z. colonial kauri gum bust of a Maori chief with moko and feather cloak, with later shell and cord necklace. Restored. Height 12 cm

Three vintage New Zealand kauri gum balls, polished finish, translucent and semi-translucent sections. Diameter approx. 80 ea

A large New Zealand kauri gum boulder, semi-transparent. Height 20 cm

Two large New Zealand colonial kauri gum busts, a Maori chief with tattooed face and flax cloak, together with a Wahine with moko and flax cloak. Height of each 20 cm, Tiria District, Northland, c.1880-90. Some faults

A carved kauri gum head of a Maori woman, her face detailed with chin moko, she wears a flax cloak across her shoulder. Height 10 cm

A large impressive kauri gum nugget, the semi-clear piece with natural inclusions. 16 x 26 cm

A round kauri gum ball cleaved and joined into halves, on wooden stand.

An old Maori kauri gum carved bust of a Wahine, black stained hair and moko, detailed wearing a cloak. Height 15 cm. Length 14.5 cm

A c. 1900 kauri gum bust of a Maori warrior, traditionally depicted with painted moko, well defined features including cloak, arm to chest holding green painted mere, good old original finish. Height 16 cm. Width 12.5 cm

Late 19th century kauri gum chief's head with tattooed face and feather cloak. Height 10 cm.

A carved rectangular block of kauri gum, the surfaces featuring both Maori and European designs carved in low relief. Width 10.4 cm. Diameter 5.9 cm