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Six items of Royal Doulton Coaching Days comprising 4 side plates and two bowls

Large Royal Doulton coaching Days slop bucket, with sink top. Star crack to body. Height 29 cm

Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days' tea & coffee wares 10 small plates, 7 saucers, 6 various cups, milk jug and sugar, some af

Five various pieces Royal Doulton Series Ware. Two Coaching Days bowls; and three cabinet plates - Gaffers and setters (2). Diameter 13.5 cm (2), 26 cm (3)

Pair of Royal Doulton coaching days series vases (2) 12.5 cm high

A Royal Doulton Coaching Days scene sugar castor and coffee pot. Height 16 cm

A Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days' Series Ware of an oval bowl, bulbous vase, and an oval vase

Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days' double handled vase. Height 20.5 cm

Royal Doulton Coaching Days plate along with a Wedgwood jasper plate (2)

Royal Doulton Coaching Days pattern comprising 13 pieces including large jug, sugar and creamer, four cups and saucers and extra saucers

Nine various Royal Doulton Series Ware pieces etc, including dish 'Zunday Zmocks,' 'Coaching Days' milk jug and oblong pin dish; bowl # D4565; 'Lady Woodmouse' Brambly Hedge figure; 'Drum Major Bunnykins' figure and two dishes 'Old English Inns' and 'Histo

Four pieces of Royal Doulton Series Ware, including Sandwich plate, and bowl 'Pansy' ptn (rim chips), 'Coaching Days' cream jug, and bowl

Four Royal Doulton Series Ware pieces, including 'Coaching Days' plate; bowl 'Jackdaw of Rheims;' plate depiciting young bathers; and plate 'Koala bears.' diameter 26 cm (plates)

A Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days' Series Ware, jug and bowl. Diameter (bowl) 16.5 cm. Height (jug) 11 cm

Royal Doulton 'Coaching Days Series Ware' part set comprising, large plates (9), medium plates (3), large octagonal plate, saucers (17), small plates (15), small octagonal plates (4); Dickens Ware bowl 'The Artful Dodger'. Condition varies; mostly fine (50