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Grace Seccombe (1880-1956). A rare glazed earthenware pen tray with moulded platypus, incised GS AUS, 4.5 cm high, 9.5 cm wide, 13 cm deep. Provenance: Grace Seccombe Estate

Grace Seccombe (1880-1956). A rare glazed earthenware figure of a platypus, incised GS, Aus, 16.5 cm wide

A rare Beswick animal, 'Dinkum Platypus', designed by David Hands 1949-55, 11 cm high

Rosedale pottery a figure of a platypus, 14 cm wide and a koala, 10 cm high (2)

Darbyshire Pottery, Western Australia, a glazed earthenware koala and joey, 10 cm high; a platypus bowl 10 cm wide; and a turtle, 8 cm wide, inscribed and print marks and labels (3)

Rosedale Pottery New South Wales circa 1958 Slip cast ceramic figure of a platypus black factory stamp 14 cm wide.