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Alan Peascod was born in England in 1943.

He studied at East Sydney Technical College (ceramics) under

Peter Rushforth; Sturt Workshops, Mittagong, under Les Blakebrough; The College of Applied Art, Cairo, Egypt; and with John Reeves and Ray Finch in England in 1968.

Since that time he has travelled in the Middle East, West Gennany, Spain and England studying, in particular, collections of Islamic art in those countries.

He has also extensively researched Islamic glazes and lustre techniques.

Since 1969, he has held numerous solo exhibitions in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

In 1972 he participated in an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and in 1974 in the Concorso Intemazionale delta Ceramica d'Arte at Faenza, Italy. His works were also included in the Australian exhibitions Recent Ceramics touring Europe 1980-2 and Contemporary Australian Ceramics touring New Zealand, Canada and the United States 1982-4.

A retrospective exhibition of his work organised by the Canberra School of Art Gallery toured metropolitan and regional galleries 1985-6. more...
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Alan Peascod gourd-shaped vase with strap handle to neck in matt purple and green glazes, 30 cm high with catalogue

Alan Peascod, lidded jar, 1972, with mauve and grey glaze. Height 18.5 cm. Width 12.5 cm

Alan Peascod, wine jug, 1970, wheel-thrown stoneware with applied handle and collar of irregularly carved verticals. Height 23.5 cm. Width 14.5 cm