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Ivan Englund (England/Australia 1915-2007)., Australian pottery pot. Potters mark to base. Height 27 cm

Ivan Englund, buff stoneware lidded jar. Manganese glaze, with brushed cobalt & iron bands & loops. Impressed potter's seal to foot, height 18 cm

Ivan Englund Studio Pottery vase stonewear with abstract applied detail & pinched edges, with sticker 'Ivan Englund 6GNS. Condition excellent to good, minor wear to the base. Height 15 cm

Large Ivan Englund stoneware platter with scotch thistle pattern, Australian pottery, 54.5 cm diameter approx., makers marks & signature to base

Ivan Englund (1915-2007), large handled jug stoneware with grey matte glaze and wide band of hand-painted abstract decoration. Height 38 cm

Ivan Englund. Stoneware Oriental style brushwasher. Tenmoku and lavender over celadon glaze. Incised 'Ivan Englund,' to base. Height 8.5 cm

Two ceramic vases, comprising one Ivan Englund vase of cylindrical form, decorated with floral motif with stamps to base, together with a John Patrick Kelantamama vase of squat baluster form, decorated with line pattern, painted artist's initial to base 'J

Ivan Englund, three ceramic vases, comprising one Ivan Englund vase with red and white brushed glaze, one John Dermer vase with red and brown glaze and gilt detail, together with a small Steve Sheridan vase with red and white glaze, all with stamps to base

Ivan Englund Studio Pottery vase stamped to base. Height 33.5 cm

Ivan Englund Studio Pottery vase signed to base. Height 51 cm

Englund, Ivan (b.1915). Stoneware bottle vase, with applied handle, pink tinted ash glaze, and brushed rust decoration. Incised to base 'Ivan Englund.'. Height 37.5 cm

Ivan Englund, stoneware vase with Jun glaze c1995, from Ivan Englund's collection

Ivan Englund casserole 1960's, founding member of the Australian potter's society Rep: Nag, Agnsw, Ngv, Qag & Powerhouse

Ivan Englund, large punch bowl, glazed stoneware with applied stylised design, inscribed signature to the base

Ivan Englund, set of 6 dinner plates, with brushwork decoration 37 x 27 cm each

Ivan Englund, large bottle, glazed and decorated stoneware. Height 37 cm