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A Tramp Art picture frame, Daylesford (Victoria), late 19th century, 29 cm diameter

Antique carved timber Kookaburra photo frame, dated verso 1903, 37.5 cm x 38.5 cm approx

Art nouveau carved timber picture frame, W38 cm x H53 cm

A pair of floral prints in oak frames, circa 1910, 60 x 30 cm each

A mahogany frame, Continental painted portrait plate late 19th century diameter 28 cm

George Frederick Gregory (1821-1887), The City of Hobart, watercolour, birdseye maple frame, 29 x 46 cm,

George Frederick Gregory (1821-1887), The Tasmania, watercolour, birdseye maple frame, 29 x 46 cm,

Nicholas Chevalier, hand coloured lithograph, 'Review and Encampment of Victorian Volunteers at The Werribee 1861', engraved by R.Shepard, maple frame, 44 x 64 cm,

Pair of photo portraits in carved gum leaf & nut pattern frames, Photos signed by van Dyck Launceston

British Colonial school, 19th century, portrait of a girl, watercolour, birdseye maple frame, 22.5 x 18 cm, together with a framed 19th century silhouette depicting a boy in side profile, signed Frith dated possibly 1848, 20 x 16 cm

Antique print in an oak frame of Australian birds, approx 22 cm x 20 cm

George Hillyard Swinstead (after) 'White Comrade' coloured print in an oak frame, 59 cm by 45 cm

A blackwood fiddleback picture frame, early 20th century, the heavy frame assembled from three joined and mitred sections of moulding and having good figuration. Height 50 cm. Width 42 cm.

A 19th century tapestry of a hunter with dog, in birdseye maple frame. 59 x 44 cm

A near pair of blackwood fiddleback picture frames, early 20th century, the heavy matching frames assembled from three joined and mitred sections of moulding having good figuration. Height 50.5 cm. Width 42.5 cm. and smaller

19th century large print of the Duke of Wellington meeting Bl├╝cher at the Battle of Waterloo in birds eye maple frame

An early Victorian mourning picture, circa 1840, designed from hair and seed pearls, in memory of Anne Probert who died in December of that year, and comprising a funerary urn upon a plinth beneath a tree with weeping branches, a small dedication plaque to

A 'Tramp Art' Crown of Thorns mirror frame with a carved Australian crest armorial panel, 148 cm high, 105 cm wide

A matching pair of Edwardian carved timber frames with impressed acorn decoration, 83 cm high, 38 cm wide

An intricately carved fretwork mirror frame with animals, French, circa 1910, 87 x 70 cm

Framed portrait in rosewood frame, 27 cm x 21 cm, Dutch woman

Kauri, mottled kauri and totara frame 76 x 85 cm

Tramp Art reticulated wood frame. Height 85 cm. Width 71 cm. Depth 12 cm

Pair of Art Deco mahogany frames, each approx 29 cm high, 18 cm wide (2)

Black Forest carved grape vine, roses and a bird frame, approx 25 cm high, 18 cm wide

A pair of coloured prints in brass mounted chip carved frames, 19th century, frame 62 x 84 cm

Large antique birds eye maple frame, 89 cm x 119 cm, with antique engraving 'Coming Of Age In The Olden Time'

Antique birds eye maple frame, 56 cm x 46.5 cm, with antique engraving 'The Moment Of Victory',

'Lady Frances Bridges' colour print in mid 19th century rosewood frame. Frame size 62 x 76 cm

A pair of Chinese decorative mirrors with elaborate carved filigree floral patteren frames. Height 89 cm. Width 50 cm

Three etched maritime scene pictures on glass in moulded maple frames

Large fiddleback blackwood picture frame with engraving 'Battle of Waterloo' Art Union of London 1875

An Australian tramp art picture frame with military embroidered surround, centred by a military photograph within a laurel wreath, below the words 'United We Stand', flanked by British and European flags, 47 x 58 cm

G. Edwards, Adelaide, oil on card, signed and titled lower right in a finely carved tramp art frame 29 x 44 cm

A fine ornate carved wood mirror frame, English, late 17th century, 34 x 45 cm

An exceptionally carved mirror frame, French, 19th century, 31 x 22 cm

A group of carved timber frames, some with Australian fauna motifs

Victorian silk picture by Thomas Stevens of Coventry 'The Lady Godiva Procession' in bird's eye maple frame

Victorian silk picture by Thomas Stevens of Coventry 'The Good Old Days' in bird's eye maple frame (A/F)