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Colonial musk frame with 1855 engraving, exterior dimensions 53 x 77 cm

A Colonial Tasmanian musk picture frame, 19th century, 37.5 x 25.5 cm

A Tasmanian musk picture frame with gilt slip, 19th century, 51 x 62 cm

Farm scene print in Colonial musk frame (glass damaged), 19th century, Frame 54 x62 cm

A fine musk picture frame with glass and gilt slip and carte de visite Tasmanian portrait, mid 19th century, 19 x 16.5

A Colonial Tasmanian musk picture frame, circa 1840, 30 x 35 cm

An unusual shaped musk picture frame, late 19th century, 41 x 32 cm

A Colonial picture frame, musk inlaid with cedar and pine secondaries, circa 1850, 78 x 63 cm

Pair of musk framed carte de visite portrait photographs, late 1860s, 17 x 13.5 cm (frame size)

Australian School, Steamer (Tasmania), water colour, initialled 'W.H' lower right, in a 19th century musk frame, 17.5 x 19.5 cm

Map of van Diemens Land by Thomas Kelly pub 1843 in Tasmanian musk frame

Two moulded musk frames, one with early Police Force photo, Launceston Police 1889, reference National Archives

Muskwood Frame: A Regency Tasmanian musk picture frame with slip, c1825. Original patina. Provenance: George Burrows Collection. 78 x 91 cm

Musk picture frame, 21.5 cm x 16 cm internal dimensions

Colonial musk picture frame with European scene watercolour, unsigned, internal dimensions 42.5 x 53 cm

Colonial musk frame with early dog engraving, internal dimensions 32 x 27 cm

Colonial musk frame with early dog engraving, internal dimensions 32 x 27 cm

A pair of Australian musk frames Tasmania, circa 1840 with gilt slips and veneered on pine, 45 cm wide, 35 cm high

A very large musk frame, well figured out sweeping profile with an external musk band, Internally 84 cm x 71 cm

Unsigned portrait of woman seated in colonial musk frame. Frame probably made by R.L. Hood Picture Framer Hobart Town (frame size 29 cm x 32 cm) (see lot 176 for identical construction)

A matched pair of early colonial musk wood frames Australian, 44 x 35 cm excellent patina