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A large collection of international Die cast models, including Corgi, Yonezawa, Eko and others (VG - M boxes G - E)

A 1960s Yonezawa tin and plastic wind-up robot made in Japan 8 cm high

Yonezawa (Japan) Usaf B29 friction drive bomber, C.1950's (E)

Three Japanese tinplate models, including Daishin 'Polizei' car; Taiyo Kogyo Corporation 'Big Machine' racing car; and Yonezawa Toys Co. Ltd 22 police patrol car (3)

Yonezawa Japanese vintage tin toy UFO 'M-164' 21 cm diameter

Yonezawa Ford Mustang mystery action, stop and Go action, Lighted engine and retractable Hardtop (E-M box G-VG)

Linemar (Japan) friction automatic convertible tinplate in aqua with beautifully lithographed seats; and Yonezawa MG Magnette Mk 111 friction powered, maroon, blue tinted windows, lithographed inner (VG-E box P-E) (2)

Meiko (Japan) future car friction powered tinplate, red and cream outer, green headlights, one headlight broken and detached with bubble roof; and Yonezawa friction powered Cadillac, red outer, clear windows and movable windscreen wipers (G-E boxes G) (2)

Yonezawa tinplate battery operated Ford Mustang, Japan, metallic red with blue, cream and green lithographed interior, retractable hard top, black roof and blue windshield, white plastic steering wheel, stop and go action, siren and light up bonnet, untest

Yonezawa tinplate Submarine Ssn 29 'Seawolf' Japanese, friction powered, colourful body with black plastic tyres, rear tyres and propellers rotate when wound (G box G) 40.5 cm long

Yonezawa battery operated Directional Robot Japanese, circa 1950s, blue tinplate body with yellow and red chest panel, red light to top of head, green plastic eyes, some slight paint loss to battery compartment, slight scuffing, unboxed (VG) 27.5 cm high

Yonezawa batteryOperated moon Explorer M-27 Japanese, circa early 1960s, red and white lithographed tinplate body with 'Nasa' lettering, black and orange feet, wired blue plastic 'Rocket' remote control, includes walking action, opening hatch with appearin

Rare Tkk friction powered jet Racer Japanese, circa 1950s, possibly made by Yonezawa, futuristic pale green, yellow, black and red tinplate racing car with lithographed tinplate cockpit, driver, sparking action, plated parts, base with black printing 'Tkk

Bandai friction powered Rambler Ambulance Japanese, circa 1960s, white tinplate ambulance station wagon with red trim, red crosses to sides and bonnet, roof light and two speakers, plated parts, lithographed interior, in box with red and white lid; and a Y

Yonezawa friction powered Oldsmobile with siren Japanese circa late 1950s, light blue tinplate convertible with plated parts, detailed lithographed interior, in card box with label to lid, 27 cm long

Rare Yonezawa Mr Atomic Robot Japanese, battery operated, bullet shaped blue and red lithographed tinplate robot with swinging blue arms, yellow feet, clear plastic domed 'Head' with sixteen miniature flashing coloured lights, two clear plastic ears, red a

Yonezawa Diapet No. 164 Nissan Gloria Super Deluxe metallic grey with off-white interior, chrome detail and hubs, in red, yellow and white illustrated box

Yonezawa friction powered Chrysler Valiant, Japanese, circa early 1960s, metallic green body, white roof, colourful lithographed interior, plated parts, in box with illustrated lid

Yonezawa friction powered Ford Falcon, Japanese, circa early 1960s, red tinplate, white roof, brightly lithographed interior, plated parts, whitewall tyres, in illustrated box 22.5 cm long

A Gama battery operated pan Am Strato Clipper Airliner, West German, sliver, white and blue tinplate with registration number 'N1023v' to wing, circa 1960s, mechanism not working; and a Yonezawa, Japanese battery operated tinplate and plastic, American Air

An unusual Japanese battery operated tinplate Opel, made by Yonezawa, red body with cream roof, plated metal parts, operating switch to driver's door, electrically illuminated headlights (not working), steerable front wheels, battery compartment door repla

A Yonezawa friction powered tinplate Convair B-36Japanese, grey and red with 'Usaf' lettering and roundels, friction powered wheels driving six propellers, three crewmen to cockpit, circa mid 1950s 49 cm long 66 cm wing span