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A Triang boxed R257 double ended electric locomotive with twin Operating Pantographs in green & Orange

A Triang boxed R257 double ended electric locomotive with twin Operating Pantographs in two tone green

A Triang Hornby R5083 Terminus/through station composite Kit

An as new Triang boxed R666 articulated car carrier with detachable Bogie, 16 Minix cars & decals

A Triang Hornby boxed RS17 'The Satellite Set' Battle Space series

A Triang Hornby boxed RS16 Strike Force 10 Battle Space train set

A Triang made for the Australian Market RS4DA electric train set

Boxed Tri-ang passenger train set 4-6-2 Princess locomotive and tender with two coaches and four wagons R153 0-6-0 saddle tank loco, R23 Operating mail set, R115 Caboose, R125 Observation coach and R71 Footbridge

A Tri-Ang Railways R.135 Operating Ore wagon set, 00/H0 gauge, circa 1950s-60s

OO & HO scale model electric Trains and carriages, made in Great Britain & England [13], brands include Hornby, Hornby Dublo and Tri-ang Railways. All 16.5mm gauge. 4 trains, 9 carriages, including booklets related to model trains.

Vintage pedal car Roadster no.10, possibly Tri-Ang brand, in black and maroon over pressed steel with chrome detailing and four mounted glass headlights, c. 1920s/30s. Length 111 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Vintage pedal car Convertible no.8, possibly Tri-Ang brand, in cream and blue over pressed steel with chrome detailing, c. 1920s/30s. Length 103 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Gyro –Cycle, Tri-Ang brand (lines Bros.), British tinplate and plastic wind-up toy in excellent original condition. Figure in blue and cycle in red with all mechanisms intact in good plus original box inc. Instructions and bottle of lubricating oil,

A Triang (Australia) Victorian Railways Observation cab c.1950's/60's, and Hornby post war loco & tender (3)

A superd child's Tri-Ang Express vintage blue toy train United Kingdom

Hornby Dublo electric Trains made and Guaranteed by Meccano Ltd' Showcard 24 x 13 cm (M); twelve assorted 1950s -1960s Hornby Dublo, Triang and Gamages Catalogues, including Gamages 1963 (130 Pages) catalogue; 3 Dublo loco Operating instructions, plus 4 Du

Large collection of Triang, Hornby and Peco rolling stock and accessories, including three power control units; Dublo station and bridges; and others, boxed and unboxed, A/F

Three Hornby model Railway sets, including R.773 'Spirit of Progress', including Instruction leaflet; Tri-Ang OO' gauge electric scale model 'Rix' passenger train with 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth loco no. 46201 in Orginal box with internal packaging and displ

Triang Lion Bros locomotive floor toy, 50 cm long approx.

Eleven various Hornby, Tri-Ang and Dublo models, including four locomotives, boxed as is (11).

Ten various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including freight, tanker and carriage models, boxed (10).

Twelve various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including freight and carriage models, boxed as is (12).

Sixteen various Hornby and Tri-Ang models, including one locomotive and side Tipping car set, boxed as is (16).

Fourteen various Hornby Dublo and Tri-Ang models, including T.P.O mail van set and Di Level Crossing, boxed, as is (14).

Six crane models, including Bachmann, Tri-ang and unmarked, unboxed (6).

Fifteen carriage and freight models, including Trax, Tri-ang, Lima etc, unboxed (15).

Thirteen various passenger carriages, including Hornby, Tri-ang and Lima, unboxed (13).

A group of Tri-Ang and Hornby Cargo and freight carriages, including tankers, unboxed (qty).

A group of Tri-Ang Cargo and freight carriages, unboxed (15).

A small group of models, including Tri-ang, Hornby and Airfix, two locomotives and various freight, unboxed (12).

A small group of Hornby, Tri-Ang and Airfix models, including two locomotives, unboxed (12).

A collection of Tri-Ang models, including crane, brake 2nd coach, blue with seats, and various freight and passenger cars, boxed (13).

A collection of Tri-Ang freight and Cargo models, unboxed (25).

Nine Tri-Ang Hornby models, passenger cars and two freight models, three boxed (9).

Nine Tri-Ang Hornby models, including three passenger cars and six freight models, boxed (9).

Eleven various freight models and a carriage, Hornby, Dapol and Tri-ang, seven boxed (11).