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A Tekno (Denmark) 'Mercedes-Benz 230SL'

Six Tekno military models, including 950 army covered truck with soldiers, 953 Militaer Kanonbil, 955 Militaer Projektorbil, 954 army truck radar, 952 army red cross car, and 951 army covered truck all in original boxes (VG - M boxes F - G) (6)

Two Tekno models, including 436 Bargnings Bil Break Down truck 'Falck', three end flaps missing; and 415 Taunus Transit, internal end flap detached (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Tekno 829 Lincoln Continental model in white with red interior, hairline crack to one side window (E box E)

Collection of Triang; Minic; Spot-On; Tekno; JRD; Europoarc; CIJ catalogues 1959+and others ( a Lot)

Five Tekno (Denmark) military models, including 871 Honest John; 2 x 814 Willys military Jeep; and 2 x 814 K Kanon (E-M boxes VG-E) (5)

Three Tekno (Denmark) models, including 2 x 954 army truck Radar, one with 'Tekno - 954' to bonnet; and 955 army truck Search-light (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

Two Tekno models, including 914 Ford D 0810; and 915 Ford D-truck 0800 with pamphlet (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Two Tekno models, including 459 Volvo fire engine 'Falck Zonen', missing 2 x end flaps; and 452 Scania-Vabis covered trailer (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Tekno 826 Taunus 17M sage green with cream internal and 'Stop' decal to rear seat head rest rear, 'Taunus' decal to front above fender, hole to roof for Police light (E-M box VG)

Tekno 443 Vespa 'Scooter Med Sidevogn' grey with red passenger seat ( E box E)

Tekno Morris Oxford 719, metallic blue, plastic headlights, cast metal hubs, black plastic tyres, white 'Oxford' decals above front wheels, Repairs to box (E-M box F-G)

Tekno 863 Entreprenor-Vogn hydraulic shovel (VG-E box G))

Tekno 432 Volvo Lastbil Lastvagn truck steel blue tray, red cab (VG - E box VG - E)

Three Tekno Commercial vehicles, including 458 Carlsberg transport; two 913 Mercedes-Benz, one with red and green crates (VG-E boxes P-F) (3)

Two Tekno models, including 720 Opel Rekord two tone powder blue and cream' and 727N Dkw cream with black roof, possibly repainted (E-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Tekno 832 MG 1100, maroon, box missing one end flap (E-M box G)

Tekno 419 wooden fire station with three Bays. Flag Added later, Tekno sticker top base (G)

Tekno 481 Gulf tanker; and 466-467 tractor with break to canopy Sprew (VG-M boxes F) (2)

Three Tekno farming models, including 465 International Harvester; 466-467 Mccormick tractor; and 775 trailer (VG-E boxes G-E) (3)

Two Tekno models, including and 920-437 Ford D 0810 920, yellow with Anwb Alarmcentrale to sides; and Ford D 800, red (VG-E boxes G) (2)

Six unboxed early diecast models, including Tekno (6)

Three unboxed Tekno models, including 432 Volvo Ytong; 434 Pb tanker; and 434 Dansk Andels Kulforretning tanker (E-M) (3)

Two Tekno models, including 815 sprite Musketeer; and 815 Camping Vogn (E boxes G-E) (2)

Four Tekno models, including two Tekno Taunus Transit 415 models, including one red Falck Zonen ambulance; and white ambulance missing roof light and two others unboxed, A/F (F-M boxes P-F)(4)

Three Tekno models, including 809 Ford Thunderbird; 950 Mercedes Benz Bus; and Volvo F89 B425 'Transport-Spedition' (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Tekno models, including 830 Volvo 121, dark red; 926 Jaguar 'E', dark silver; and 805 Volkswagen beetle, bronze (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

Two Tekno models, including 410 Taxa, two tone black upper, dark salmon lower; 419 Ford Taunus 'Bagermestrenes Rugbrod' (E-M boxes P-G) (2)

Two Tekno buses, including 851 and 950 (E-M boxes G-VG) (2)

Two Tekno models, including 445 Scania-Vabis Stigebrandsprojte; and 450 truck (VG-E boxes P-G) (2)

Two Tekno models, including Tekno 861 Scania-Vabis; 451 Scania-Vabis (E-M boxes G-VG) (2)

Two Tekno models, including 823 Taunus 17M two tone, cream upper, steel blue lower; and 822 Volvo Pv 544, dark red (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Two Tekno 415 Taunus Transit models, including one white upper, cream and red lower; one Falck Zonen white upper and black lower ambulance (E-M boxes G-E) (2)

Two Tekno 827 Saab models, one powder blue, one steel blue with possibly replaced hubs, one end flap to box detached (E-M boxes F-E) (2)

2 x Tekno 821 Saab models, both Taupe (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Tekno 457 Volvo Elias B. Muus Odense A/S, 'Danmark Dybfrost' (VG box VG-E)

Tekno 457 Volvo Elias B.Muus Odense A/S 'Muus' (E box G)

Rare Tekno 434 Scania Vabis, box missing end flaps (E-M box P)