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Four mixed trucks, including Mettoy Soft drinks truck; spot on U.D milk float; Barclay milk and cream truck; and Vilmer milk truck, all unboxed (VG-E) (4)

Collection of Triang; Minic; Spot-On; Tekno; JRD; Europoarc; CIJ catalogues 1959+and others ( a Lot)

Four Spot On models, including 264 tourist caravan; 402 crash service Land-Rover; 271 Express Dairy van; and 259 Ford Consul classic (VG-M boxes P-F) (4)

Three Spot-On models, including 287 Hillman Minx de-Luxe; and 267 M.G.1100; and L208/B small road under construction signs, box unchecked (E-M boxes F-G) (3)

Two Triang 'Spot-On' models, 'Morris minor 1000, 289' and 'Morris 1100, 262', boxed (2)

Two Triang 'Spot-On' models, 'Triumph TR3A 108' and 'Mga sports car 104', boxed (2)

Nine Spot-On, including 'Vauxhall Cresta' (280) and 'Sunbeam Alpine Convertible' (191), six boxed (9)

Eight Spot-On models cars, including 'Bristol' (106) and 'Vauxhall Cresta' (165), boxed (8)

Thirteen Spot-On model cars, including 'Ford Anglia' and 'Bentley saloon'. (13)

Two Spot-On (UK) models, including 278 Mercedes 230 SL, metallic blue with 2 x figures; and 276 Jaguar 'S', metallic blue, passenger missing (E-M boxes F) (2)

Spot-On (UK) 260 Royal Rolls-Royce Phantom V, maroon body, flag to roof, grey interior with figures of HRH the Queen and Prince Philip to the rear with maroon 'Rug' on Their Laps, driver and Attendant to the front, turned aluminium hubs, in Rigid Perspex c

Spot-On (UK) 306 Humber Super Snipe, metallic bronze, red interior with 2 x figures, luggage rack and 2 x suitcases (E-M box G)

Spot-On (UK) 109/2P ERF 68G flatbed lorry with planks, turquoise cab with black roof, cream interior, turquoise back with wooden plank load, cast hubs (VG-E box G)

Spot-On (UK) 156 Mulliner coach, light blue lower body, grey upper body, red flash and interior, 'Tri-Ang Tours' decal to rear, cast aluminium hubs, Registration decals partly worn off, otherwise excellent, in blue and white box with lift off lid (VG-E box

Four Spot-On models, including 261 Volvo P1800, grey with red interior; 271 Express Diary van with touch ups; 2 x 155 Austin Taxi FX 4, both black, one with red interior, one with yellow interior (VG-E boxes P-VG) (4)

Four Spot On models, including 154 Austin A.40, Mettalic green; Austin Healey, missing windscreen, salmon pink; 104 M.G.A, red with repairs to windscreen; and 131 Goggomobile Super, salmon pink (G-M boxes P-VG) (4)

Three Spot On models, including 185 Fiat 500, green with red interior; 289 Morris minor 1000, light blue with red interior; Royal Mail Morris Mini-van, red with yellow interior; and 4 packets of figures to be sold by retailer (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Three Spot On models, including 2 x Aston Martin Db Mk.3, one metallic steel blue, one salmon pink; and 193 Nsu Prinz 4 with driver, grey with red interior (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Spot On models, including 102 Bentley 4 door saloon, two tone Sky blue and silver; 213 Ford Anglia, turquoise with cream interior; and 100 Ford Zodiac, two tone, peach and light grey (E-M boxes F-VG) (3)

Three Spot On 101 Armstrong Siddeley 'Sapphire 236', one turquoise with red interior; one red with black roof and yellow interior; and one olive green with dark silver roof and cream interior (E-M boxes P-VG) (3)

Three Spot On Vauxhall Cresta models, including one 165 lilac with cream interior; and 2 x 280, one cream with red roof, and one Navy with cream roof and red interior (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Spot On 165 Vauxhall Cresta models, one orange/red with yellow interior, one lime green with white interior, and one Sky blue with red interior (E-M boxes P-VG) (3)

Two Spot On 183 Humber Super Snipe Estate cars, both light blue, one with white roof and interior, other with cream yellow interior, both with 2 x suitcases (E-M boxes F-G) (2)

4 Spot-On Models, including 280 Vauxhall Cresta, possible touch up; 274 Morris 110; 289 Morris Minor 100; and 308L.W.B. Land Rover & trailer (VG-M box F-G) (4)

Spot-On 260 Royal Rolls-Royce Phantom V maroon body, flag to roof, light blue interior with figures of HRH the Queen and Prince Philip to the rear with maroon 'rug' on their laps, driver and attendant to the front, turned aluminium hubs, in rigid perspex c

Spot on Go Magicar Motoring! game; and Victory VIP Raceways remote controlled car game, both unchecked (VG-E boxes F) (2)

Collection of Triang Spot-On Cotswold village series, including post office; Town Hall; Forge; antique shop; Cornerstore; Fourways cottage; the cot cottage; and accessories (E-M boxes G-VG) (8)

Spot-On flat float without sides with wooden plank load (E-M box VG)

Spot-On Austin Prime Mover with articulated flat float with sides and crate load (VG-E box G)

Two Spot-On 157 Rover 3 Litre models, one grey with detached corner of rear bumper; and one white, touched up, with red interior (G-VG boxes F-G) (2)

Spot-On 102 two tone Bentley Saloon, metallic green upper and silver lower with light blue interior (E-M box VG-E)

Three Spot-On models, including 2 x 165 Vauxhall Cresta, one pale blue with pale yellow interior with box and pamphlets; one beige with pale blue interior, unboxed; and 280 Vauxhall Cresta, dark blue with cream roof and red interior, in damaged window box

Two Spot-On 157 Rover 3 Litre, one red with battery operated headlights, fleet-owners pamphlet and assembly instructions; and one white without lights with colour Illustration of model and Fleet-Owners pamphlet (E-M boxes G-E) (2)

Spot-On 258 R.A.C. Land Rover, blue with rarer red interior and decals to all sides, with colour Illustration and pamphlet (E box F)

Spot-On 161 L.W.B. Land Rover, grey with white roof (E box F)

Spot-On 289 Morris minor 1000 with steering, blue/green with red interior and painted driver (E box F)

Three Spot-On 184 Austin A.60 Cambridges fitted with roof rack & skis, one red; one mint green; and one light blue, all with complete racks, poles and skis and decals to front and rear (E-M boxes P-VG) (3)

Three Spot-On Ford Consul classic with sliding roof No. 259, one light blue with red interior; one bright green with white interior; and one white with light blue interior, two with colour illustrated picture cards and Fleet-Owners club paper work, sello t

Two Spot-On Austin Healey 100/six duotone No. 105/1, one metallic light blue, cream interior, missing windscreen; and one metallic green with red interior (E-M boxes P) (2)

Two Spot-On models, including Ford Zodiac No. 100, pink upper and pale blue lower with colour picture card, Pamphlet and Fleet-Owners club paper work; and Armstrong Siddeley 'Sapphire 236' No. 101, green body with metallic grey roof with colour picture car

Two Spot-On Austin Taxi FX 4 No. 155, both black, one with pale yellow interior and yellow roof lamp, with Scratches to base plate; and one with red interior and roof lamp and colour picture card (E boxes F) (2)