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Five micro models including G/31 Bedford Bus, G/36 Volkswagen Bus, Gb/18 Commer semi-trailer, Gb/15 Vanguard Estate car in original box, and Gb/14 garage repair hoist, in original box (G - VG boxes G) (5)

Four micro models, including G41 Vauxhall, GB1 Vauxhall Sedan, Gb/3 Jaguar sports Xk-120, and one other (G - E) (4)

Three micro models, including a G/40 Chrysler, G/35 Ford Mainline, and two G/32 MG (VG - E) (4)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi-trailer Tanker Commer G/27, unboxed (VG - E)

Micro models (Australia) Shell semi-trailer tanker Commer G/27 in original box (E - M box VG)

Two micro models (Australia) cars, including no. Gb/7 Ford Zephyr, and FX Holden 'Police car' (VG - E) (2)

Two micro models (Australia) cars, including no.Gb/17 FJ taxi, and no.GB1 Vauxhall Sedan (G - E) (2)

Five unboxed micro models (Australia), including Vanguard Estate car; Newlook Holden Sedan; Newlook Holden Sedan Police car; Holden panel van (overpainted); and a Vauxhall (G - E) (5)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi-trailer tanker Commer G/27, unboxed (E)

Two unboxed micro models (Australia), including Ford Dump truck C H V - V8; Bedford Bus G31; and Repair Hoist GB14 (G-E) (3)

Micro models (Australia) Shell semi-trailer tanker, Commer G/27 in original box (G - VG box F - G)

Micro models (Australia) heavy Duty trailer model in original box (VG box VG)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi - trailer tanker Commer G/27 in original box (VG - E box G)

Micro models (Australia) Shell semi-trailer tanker Commer G/27 in original box (E box VG-E)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi-trailer tanker Commer G/27 in original box (VG-E box VG)

Four Micro Models, including boxed Bedford tipper; and three unboxed models, including Bedford tipper: and two international truck (F-G box F) (4)

Three unboxed Micro Models (Australia) Chrysler G40 (F-E) (3)

Three Micro Models (Australia), including two Jaguar sports Xk 120 and one MG series Mga, one boxed (F-E box P-F) (3)

Micro models (Australia) Holden Sedan G/33, metallic brown/fawn, spun hubs, ridged black tyres, unboxed (G)

Micro models (Australia)Vickers Viscount passenger Air-Liner (VG-E box F)

Micro models (Australia) Peters ice cream semi- trailer tanker Commer G/27, unboxed (F-G)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi-trailer tanker, Commer G/27 (E box G-VG)

Micro models (Australia) shell semi- trailer tanker Commer G/27 (E box G-VG)

Micro Models, 3 limited edition FJ Holden toy cars. Mint & boxed

Two Micro Models GB/1 International Delivery Vans both with green cab and red back with white 'Micro Models' lettering to sides, signs of repainting to baseplate (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Micro Models GB/13 Morris Fire Engine red, with two ladders (G box P, heavily restored); and GB/15 Vanguard Estate Car, red (E box F) (2)

Four Micro Models, including Holden Sedan Taxi; Jaguar sports Xk 120 missing steering wheel; Coupe utility; and Ford Zephyr Sedan, repainted, all unboxed (F-G) (4)

A boxed Micro Models (F) Holden Sedan FJ Police car GB17, blue with 'rial (E).

A boxed Micro Models (G) G31 Australian Bedford Sb bus micro Business, blue (E).

A boxed Micro Models (G) G27 Commer petrol Tanker Mobil Gas (E).

A boxed Micro Models (P: detached end flap) Australian Civilian Ambulance GB260, pale grey (E).

A boxed Micro Models (P: detached end flap) Australian FJ Holden Sedan taxi GB17, black and orange (E).

A boxed Micro Models (G) Australia FJ Holden panel van, taxi truck GB21, blue (E).

Micro Models Gb/3 Jaguar sports XK120 pale blue, red interior, ridged metal hubs, in red and white box; and circa 1990s issue Micro Models MM602 Jaguar XK120 'Silver Roadster', in red and white box (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Ten Micro Models, the majority overpainted, including five G/34 Ford Customline sedans; two G/40 Chrysler Royal sedans; a GB/10 Super Snipe; a GB/15 Vanguard estate car; and a GB/7 Ford Zephyr sedan; and an unboxed G/36 Volkswagen bus (11)

Eleven Micro Models Holdens, all overpainted, including two Holden station sedans; a GB/9 Holden sedan taxi; two GB/9 Holden Sedans; three GB/17 Newlook Holden sedans; and three G/33 Holden sedans, in ten various Micro Models boxes, some incorrect (11)

Three Micro Models Holdens, including a green GB/17 Sedan police car; a red GB/21 panel van 'Taxi truck'; and a blue GB/21 panel van 'Taxi truck' (3)

A Micro Models GB/22 Commer shell petrol tanker, red cab, yellow tanker with red lettering 'Shell' to side and back; and a grey Micro Models GB/20 international ambulance, with red lettering and red cross to sides (2)

A Dinky 641 army 1-ton cargo truck, a Dinky 626 military ambulance; a Dinky 283 BOAC coach; a yellow Dinky 40h Austin taxi; an incomplete Dinky 47 Road signs set, ten of twelve signs present (F box P); an empty Dinky 25y Universal jeep trade box; and twent