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Louis Marx USA fresh AIe Taxi cab Amos 'N' Andy, printed tinplate clockwork

A sea Swallow Speed boat tin litho toy by Marusan toys and a Sky Flyer Zeppelin tin toy by Marx (2)

A wind-up police mechanical motorcycle tin toy with siren by Marx, circa 1930s

A collection of tin toys, including a lever-action car and Magic friction car by Modern toys, and a Looping 'Spad' Airplane by Marx (3)

A collection of tin toys, including a Kohler wind-up cowboy with lassoo on horse, a drumming soldier by Marx, a wind-up 'Grandpa's New Car,' a Yoshiya jalopy with driver, and a Blomer & Schuler jockey on horse (5)

A collection of tin toys, including a Jumping rabbit (Made in UK), Begging dog (Made in UK) and a Marx Bellhop acrobat monkey (Made in USA), all, circa 1940s-50s (3)

Wind-up 'Beat It! the Komical Cop' tin toy by Louis Marx & Co, circa 1930s, made in USA

Marx Crazy dancer, Marx brand, British tinplate clockwork toy featuring dancing Goofy and drumming Donald duck in good semi-working condition, c. 1946. Height 27 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Busy bridge, Louis Marx brand, American tinplate, wind-up toy in good working condition with six vehicles, c. 1930s. Length 61 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys.

Vintage Marx tin litho climbing Monkey (Zippo), runs on the line. In working order, approx 26 cm long

Marx toys (USA) American Airlines 727 Jetliner, battery powered in original box C.1960's (E - M box G - VG)

Two Marx (USA) clockwork animals, including a Hippo and elephant, both C.1950's (VG - E) (2)

Louis Marx 'New York Central' clockwork loco & tender, Rock Island open wagon plus caboose, also includes 8 curves & 2 straight sections of tinplate Track. (G) (5)

Flash Gordon tinplate rocket Fighter by Louis Marx, USA, circa 1939, clockwork with flint wheel at rear, colourful red/yellow lithography, unboxed, 32 cm long (VG-E)

Rare Mickey Mouse Meteor tin lithographed train set limited edition 174/300, Marx Trains, Released At 1999 Disneyana Convention, Exact replica of the original Marx train Released in the 1950s, includes engine section with Donald duck, Huey, Dewey. Carriage

Nutty Mad Indian, 1960's bat op Japanese tin toy by Marx Toys Excellent condition with perished drum skin. Height 35 cm

1954 Woodie friction drive Sedan, by Marx, USA with family of four including two dogs and detailed litho design. Length 28 cm. Also an earlier 1930s Lonesome Pine caravan. Classic American toy in good plus condition. Length 20 cm

Accordian monkey, missing key and Louis Marx mechanical Drummer (2)

Marx horse drawn cart, unboxed without key (G-VG)

Tinplate Louis Marx Mickey Mouse & Donald duck hand car with key, mechanism functional When Tested (G-VG box F)

Marx tinplate 1920s speedster. Missing spare tyre and top of body pieces. Length 22 cm

Two tinplate clockwork cowboys, including 'Hop Along Cassidy', unboxed; Louis Marx Hi-Yo Silver the Lone Ranger, boxed (G box P) (2)

A rare pre war Marx wind up tin New York train and aero, replaced key, broken arm under main body of item, unboxed (G)

Large Louis Marx friction drive Falcon sports car, red with white fabric canopy adhered to clear plastic, box missing end flaps (E box F)

Marx army command car with siren and flashing signal light, with plastic officer with detachable helmet, car beautifully lithographed, windshield slightly warped (E box G)

Louis & Marx Busy Bridge, clockwork with beautifully lithographed bridge and cars (VG box P)

Marx toys, Range rider cowboy, tinplate, clockwork, Permanent key, 25 cm high, unboxed (G)

Marx Subway Express with plastic Tunnel (G-VG box F-G)

Louis Marx fire Department tinplate set with Ringing bell and two cars that Eject from station (G-VG box P)

Louis Marx & Co. Mickey the Musician, clockwork mechanism with permanant key (E box F)

Marx Universal Bus Terminal, American, circa 1930S, including grey black and blue Lithographed 'Bus Terminal' in brown card box (Vg-E box F)

Louis Marx Roy Rogers stage coach wagon train American, circa 1950s, clockwork white and red plastic stage coach with 3 x colourful tinplate wagons attached, in illustrated box, missing end flap (E box G) 35 cm long

Louis Marx Tinplate Drummer Boy white, red, yellow, blue and black body with permanent key to make soldier beat drum, unboxed (F) 23 cm x 7 cm x 8.5 cm

Marx clockwork police rider with sidecar American, circa 1950s, lithographed yellow and red tinplate motorcycle and sidecar with 'Police' and number '3', police rider with grey shirt and red and yellow trousers and hat, with screaming siren action, missing

Louis Marx tinplate Turnover tank colourful body, permanent key, functioning turn over action, box with pen to one end flap (G box G) 10 cm long

Marx tinplate automatic car wash Garage colourful clockwork tinplate garage with clear plastic roof panel and swinging entrance and exit doors, with permanent key, some wear to bonnet, functional, box has one end flap missing (G-VG box P-F) Garage 8 cm x 2