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A Disney's Professor Ludwig Von Drake wind-up tin toy by Linemar toys, circa 1960s

A Disney Donald duck on motorbike friction tin toy made by Linemar toys, circa 1950s

Linemar toys (Japan) Lithprgraphed fire engine, batteryOperated (VG - E box P - F)

Two Linemar Collectoy J-5082 Chevrolets, Japanese, friction powered, one grey with gold Flash, chrome hubs; one blue with gold Flash, smooth chrome hubs, both in illustrated grey and orange boxes (E boxes F-G) (2)

Rare Linemar toys Edsel Coupe J-5082 friction, powder blue, gold Detailing, spun hubs, black plastic wheels, black chassis, Signs of Fatiguing Particularly to front (VG box G)

Rare Linemar toy Pontiac Coupe J-5082 friction, blue, gold flashing to sides, silver Detailing, spun hubs, black plastic tyres (VG box E)

Boxed Linemar Toys Japan Sneezing Bear, flock and tinplate, battery operated

Linemar (Japan) friction automatic convertible tinplate in aqua with beautifully lithographed seats; and Yonezawa MG Magnette Mk 111 friction powered, maroon, blue tinted windows, lithographed inner (VG-E box P-E) (2)

Four Linemar mechanical Honeymoon Express, including 2 x J-2498; 1 x J-9892; and J-4630 with Plane (E-M boxes VG-E) (4)

Linemar clockwork tinplate Disney Mickey Mouse Meteor train, including loco, tender, Three Little Pigs Boxcar, gondola car and Caboose, key not present (F-VG) (5)

Twenty Linemar elegant diecast miniatures J-4610 Japanese, circa 1960s, including 5 x 'roplanes, 5 x military vehicles and 5 x American cars, strung in original box with colourful illustrated lift off lid (VG-E box F-G)

Linemar Popeye and olive Oyl playing ball Japanese, circa 1950s, clockwork brightly lithographed tinplate figures of Popeye and olive Oyl mounted on either end of folding tinplate base 'Tossing' red and yellow tinplate ball between them when activated, som

Linemar easel-back Robot, Japanese, circa late 1950s, clockwork silver, red and black lithographed tinplate robot with metal easel style support rod to rear, permanent key. Height 15.5 cm

Linemar olive Oyl Mechanical Tricycle No. J-2290 Japanese, lithographed tinplate and celluloid olive Oyl wearing red blouse and black skirt, riding a brightly lithographed clockwork tinplate tricycle with revolving bell to rear, in colourful illustrated bo

Linemar walking Walt Disney's Professor Von-Drake No. J-9110, Japanese, circa 1961, clockwork brightly lithographed tinplate Professor wearing grey jacket, red and white check waistcoat, black top hat and glasses perched on his beak, holding a metal baton

Linemar Mechanical Goofy Japanese, circa 1950s, clockwork tinplate Goofy wearing red shirt, black vest, blue trousers, with spinning black rubber tail and head with up and down action, key present, in brightly illustrated box

Linemar Mechanical Donald duck climbing Fireman No. J-5177, Japanese, circa 1950s, clockwork lithographed yellow and white tinplate Donald wearing red coat and fireman's hat, black gloves, climbs and descends yellow ladder mounted on base colourfully illus

Linemar Mechanical Popeye, the Basketball player No. J-2801 Japanese, clockwork brightly lithographed tinplate figure of Popeye standing beneath a basketball hoop holding a colourful basketball, the yellow backboard showing olive Oyl and Wimpy, when activa

Linemar Mechanical Popeye Turnover tank No. J-5113 Japanese, clockwork lithographed blue tinplate tank with Popeye and other characters to sides with cut-out tinplate Popeye figure to underside, permanent key, in colourful red and yellow illustrated box, r

Four tinplate clockwork animal toysincluding a pair of fighting birds stamped 'P.W.'; two German wind up monkeys in midget cars; a Linemar wind up crow; and a Chinese wind up fish (F-G) (5)