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3 Matchbox models, including no. 7 ton Leyland scale model, Moko Lesney no. 7 milk float, and no. 5 Moko Lesney Bus

Large scale Dinky Coronation coach & special Issues. Including 2 miniature Coronation coaches issued 2002, signed by Lesney creator, L C Smith.

Early Matchbox Lesney 'Jumbo' tinplate clockwork walking elephant (VG - E)

Matchbox 22B Vauxhall Cresta, light metallic brown body, blue-green side panels, grey plastic wheels, in Lesney box (VG box VG)

Eight Matchbox Lesney models, including no.12 Liptons tea horse cart; no.7 4 ton Leyland; two Y-6 Supercharged Bugatti type 35; no. 73 F1 Ferrrari; no. 6 A.E.C. 'Y' type lorry; no. 2 'B' type Bus; no. 1 the Allchin 7-N.H.P. traction engine; and no. 64 Scam

A collection of 7 diecast toys, in original boxes, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, each labelled 'A Lesney product', including 1907 Rolls Royce silver Ghost, 1914 Stutz and 1930 Packard Victoria. Made in England.

Two Matchbox diecast cars, in original boxes, Models of Yesteryear, 1904 Spyker Tourer and 1929 4.5 Litre(s) Bentley, labelled 'A Lesney Product', Made in England.

14 x Matchbox models, including. Lesney and Models of Yesteryear, unboxed, A/F (14)

Lesney (Matchbox) vintage model car desk ornament, with original box,

Lesney Veteran car gifts, including two 1909 Thomas Flyabout; and Matchbox series Major pack M-9 (E-M boxes G-VG) (2)

Eight Matchbox Majorpack and accessory models and one other, including the Lesney bread Bait press; A2 articulated 4-car transporter; M-3 tank transporter and Centurian mark III tank; and others (VG-M boxes P-E) (9)

Eight Matchbox Majorpack and accessory models and two others, including the Lesney bread Bait press; M-2 articulated freight truck; M-5 Combine Harvester; and others, one unboxed (VG-M boxes P-E) (10)

Vintage British Toys: Includes Mettoy typewriter and sweeper; Tri-Ang Jones Crane; Dinky and Lesney toys; Ttr (Twix Twin) trains with Tri-Ang track and more. Mixed lot in mixed condition. (c40 items)

Rare Matchbox 1-75 series 5D London Bus red, blue and pink ', the Baron of Beef' and 'Mecca Ltd' decals to Sides, Bpw, in Type E Lesney Box (E-M Box VG)

Five Matchbox 1-75 series models; 45A Vauxhall Victor, Primrose yellow, without Windows, in type C Lesney box; 40C long distance coach; 46B Pickfords Removals van blue; 48B Sports boat and Trailer; and 57B Chevrolet Impala (E boxes F-G) (5)

Matchbox 1-75 series 31C Lincoln Continental, Sea green, Bpw, in type E Lesney box with two line Text to end flap with model number in red (E-M box E)

Matchbox 1-75 series 47B Lyons Maid ice-cream Mobile shop blue, white interior, figure with no legs visible, KGPW, in type D Lesney box (E box E)

Matchbox Major pack M8 Thorneycroft articulated Mobilgas Tanker and others knobbly grey plastic wheels, chips to paint, in Lesney type C box; Matchbox Major pack M7 Ford Thames trailer articulated cattle truck; and Matchbox Major pack M2 Bedford articulate

Lesney M-6 18-wheel Tractor and transporter dark blue tractor, red load bed, Kbpw, in a Lesney product box; and Matchbox Ks No. K4 Gmc Fruehauf Hopper train (VG boxes G) (2)

Matchbox Accessory pack No. A2 Bedford car transporter and others red cab and inner trailer back, grey trailer, black plastic wheels, in type 1 Moko-Lesney box, one end flap detached in box; Matchbox Major pack No. M1 'Bp' Autotankers; and Matchbox Major p

Matchbox 1-75 series No. 32A Jaguar Xk 140 and others red, grey plastic wheels, type C Lesney box; No. 6b Euclid Quarry truck, black plastic wheels with rounded axles; and No. 7B Ford Anglia (VG-E boxes P-VG) (3)

Moko Ruston Bucyrus Excavator pre-Lesney version, maroon, yellow and green, black rubber tracks, in illustrated red box (VG box G)

Lesney Moko Prime Mover and Caterpillar Bulldozer, orange Prime Mover with green engine covers, mid-blue trailer with two blocks, grey wheels; and yellow and red Bulldozer with green caterpillar tracks, in original plain blue box

Matchbox 1-75 series 57c Land Rover fire truck red, blue tinted windows, roof light, yellow 'Kent Fire Brigade' decals to sides, white ladder, GPW, in type E Lesney box

Matchbox 1-75 series 55b Ford Fairlaine Police car dark blue, red roof light, white shield decals to sides and bonnet, BPW, in type D Lesney 'New Model' box; and 55c Ford Galaxie Police car, white, red roof light, shield decals to sides and bonnet, BPW, in

Two Matchbox 1-75 series 47b Commer ice cream Vans 'Lyons Maid' one metallic blue, BPW; one blue, BPW, both in type D Lesney boxes (2)

Three Matchbox 1-75 series Pickfords Removal Vans one green with three line decal to sides, BPW; and two dark blue examples with three line decals to sides, GPW, in Lesney E and C type boxes (3)

Matchbox 1-75 series 19c Aston Martin Racer metallic green, racing number '52', wire wheels, no driver, in type C Lesney box

Three Matchbox 1-75 series No. 9 fire Engines including two 9b Dennis fire Escapes, red, gold trim, front bumper, number cast to base, one with GPW, one with Mw, in type B Moko boxes; and 9c, red, gold ladder, BPW, in type D Lesney box (3)