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FJ France Jouets miniatures Berliet 'Savon pate Arma' (VG-E box G-VG)

Two Les Jouets punch Isetta Velam models, including one tinplate and one plastic (G-E boxes VG) (2)

Two models, including Jouets Ador electric caravan and CIJ Douglas Uat Ref 1/16 (E-M boxes VG) (2)

Two France Jouets miniature models, including two Coca Cola Vans with drink crates (E-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Two France Jouets miniature models, including two Kronenburg Trucks with drink crates (E-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Two France Jouets miniature models, including two 201 Pacific Grue, on Collectoys Ex-Lot 564 April 17 2004 (VG-E boxes VG-E) (2)

Two Jouet Minialuxe models, including no.573 Camion Berliet; and boxed petrol tank and Attendant (VG-M boxes F-E) (2)

France Jouets (France) P.4 Pacific cement carrier (Pacific Porte Ciment), orange with yellow cement tanks and searchlight, decals to cement tanks, some packing Foam attached to tyres (E box VG-E)

France Jouets articulated pipe transporter, French, deep yellow cab, back and crane, with load of black plastic pipes, cast metal hubs, in illustrated yellow and blue box (E box G)

Three Jouet Minialuxe models, including Amis Citroen; Ford Anglia; and Floride (VG-E boxes G-E) (3)

Rare CIJ Electronic 6/58 Electronic 6/58 Jouet Radiocommande truck French, circa late 1950s, impressive large scale battery operated grey pressed steel truck with beige interior, rear tilt tray, 2 x red lights to cab roof, green cloth 'Cij Electronic' rear

Rare Solido Jouets A Transformation Set including red Nice Autocar, red removable body, cast hubs, white tyres; a body for a 133 Peugeot 203 Cabriolet, pale blue with dark blue roof; and miniature Autobus, red, grey plastic wheels, in plain buff box with s

Cie Industrielle du Jouet Bobsleigh No. 34/39 French clockwork red bobsleigh with white stencilled trim, 4x composition riders in white suits with red trim and yellow boots, key included, in colourful illustrated box (E box G)

Rare French Dinky 25L Studebaker covered truck, large windows, red cab and stake body, yellow tinplate tilt and ridged hubs, with small leaflet 'Deux Jouets En Un Seul'. Provenance: Ex lot 1384, 12 and13 December, 2003, Collectoys, France.

Jouet Minialuxe Citroen DS19 French, circa 1950s, friction powered grey plastic car with pale blue roof, plated parts, white rubber wheels, fawn hubs, in illustrated box 15 cm long

Jouet Minialuxe Simca Beaulieu French, circa 1950s, friction powered red plastic car with white roof, plated parts, white rubber wheels, red hubs, in illustrated box 15 cm long

Jouets Viva grand Sport No. 5/38 French, circa 1950s, clockwork white pressed steel convertible with silver detail, fawn interior with composition driver, passenger and dog, key present, in red and orange box 23 cm long

Jouets Mont-Blanc 573 Berliet Flat Truck French, friction powered, 1/43 scale, red and black plastic cab, green and red tinplate back, registration number '376 AD74', grey plastic wheels, in colourful illustrated box