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Collection of Triang; Minic; Spot-On; Tekno; JRD; Europoarc; CIJ catalogues 1959+and others ( a Lot)

CIJ (France) Air France Boeing 707 Continental; Modern toys old Timers no.9 (M boxes E) (2)

Two CIJ (France) models Ref 3/15 Chrysler-Windsor; and Bateau a Voile type 420 Et Remorque - boat- missing upper Deck (VG-M boxes F-G)

Two CIJ (France) Prairie Renault models, one dark blue with spun hubs; the other beige with red plastic hubs (E-M boxes E) (2)

Two wooden Renault models, including station and garage unboxed, possibly CIJ

CIJ Europarc 4/73 Camion-Container Saviem, cement truck, blue cab and Signage, grey plastic Barrels, Ex Collectoys Lot 488, 15 Nov 2003

CIJ 3/60 1000KGS P.T.T. Remorque. Grey van and trailer with two wooden posts and Bundle of wire (E-M box VG-E)

Two models, including Jouets Ador electric caravan and CIJ Douglas Uat Ref 1/16 (E-M boxes VG) (2)

Two CIJ models, including 3/42 Prairie; and 4/42 Prairie Mechanique (E-M boxes G) (2)

Two CIJ Citroen models, including I.D. Break Citroen Ref 3/4; and Citroen 11CV Ref 3/10 (E-M boxes G-VG) (2)

Three CIJ models, including 3/46 Peugeot Commerciale 403, beige; Dyna Junior, mint with beige detachable roof; and 3/1 Rde Rovin maroon (VG-M boxes G-VG) (3). Three CIJ models, including 3/46 Peugeot Commerciale 403, beige; Dyna Junior, mint with beige det

Three CIJ military models, including 3/96 Groupe Projecteur Anti-Aerien; 4/74 Camion Militaire transport de Troupes; and Canon with Poor box (E-M boxes P-VG) (3). Three CIJ military models, including 3/96 Groupe Projecteur Anti-Aerien; 4/74 Camion Militair

Four French diecast models, including CIJ Europarc Dauphine; Punch Jaguar; Quiralu auto-scooter Messerschmitt; and Quiralu Cammionette (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Four CIJ models, including an unboxed crane Ex-Lot Collectoys 12+13 Dec 2003; and 3/81 Camion-Grue; 3/83 Depanneuse miniature; and 3/82 Camion Pelle (E-M boxes P-E) (4)

Three unboxed CIJ models, including Tracteur Routier Renault; Fregate Renault; and auto-Pompe fire engine (E-M) (3)

Four CIJ 3/69 Gendarmerie 300 Kgs Renault with original labelled stock box (VG-E boxes VG-E0 (4)

Three CIJ Tracteurs, one BP and one shell and one unboxed Mobil, Ex-Lots Collectoys 21 Sep 2002 Lot 351 (E-M boxes VG-E)(3)

Two CIJ models, including 3/25 Camion 7 Tonnes; 3/70 Tracteur Renault Semi Remorque (E-M boxes P-VG) (2)

Two CIJ models, including 3/73 Tracteur Fardier-Renault; and 3/27 Caravane Camping (E-M boxes VG-E)(2)

Two CIJ models, including 3/58 Floride with detachable roof, sage with red interior; and 3/12 Mercedes 220, dark blue (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Two CIJ models, including 3/52 Fregate two-tone powder blue upper and dark blue lower; and 3/56 Dauphine Renault two-tone red upper and cream lower (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Two CIJ 3/48 4CV Renault, including one metallic dark blue; and one powder blue (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Two rare CIJ 3/55 Berline ambulance, cream with Flags to front, one Ex-Lot Collectoys 21 Sep 2002 Lot 321 (E-M boxes VG-E)(2)

CIJ Europarc 4/76 Camion Bache type S.7, yellow cab and chassis, green canopy, yellow-orange plastic hubs (M box G-VG)

CIJ 3/43 Prairie taxi, two tone, red upper and Navy blue lower, Ex-Lot Collectoys 17 May 2003, Lot 636 (VG-E box G)

CIJ Europarc Chariot Police 'Zone Bleue' 3/65 (E-M box E)

CIJ 4/50 Camion 2.5T. Renault Betaillere, red cab with yellow and red lorry Ex-Lot Collectoys 21 Sep 2002 Lot 352 (E-M box G-VG)

CIJ Europarc Camion container Saviem 4/73, red with grey Barrels (E box G)

CIJ 4/75 plate-Forme Surbaissee Avec Treuil, lime yellow and blue trailer, lime and blue cab (E-M box F)

Rare CIJ 3/23 Camion Berliet 'Shell' tanker, Ex-lot Collectoys 16 Nov 2002 Lot 340 (E box G-VG)

Three CIJ models, including 3/45 taxi; and 2 x 3/49 4 CV Police-Renault (

Three CIJ models, including 3/47 Dyna; 4/47 Dyna; and 4/484 CV Renault (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Three CIJ models, including 3/43 Savane; 2 x 3/44 Colorale 800KGS (E-M boxes P-E) (3)

Three CIJ models, including 3/66 break 300KGS Renault; and 2 x 3/67 Fourgonnette 300KGS Renault (E-M boxes P-G) (3)

Three CIJ 3/68 P.T.T. 300KGS Renault models (E-M boxes F-E) (3)

Three CIJ models, including 3/60s Camionnette shell; 2 x 3/60 Camionnette 1000KGS (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)