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Britains was established c1860 by William Britain (1826 – 1906) in northeast London and, in the early 1890s, began to specialize in the manufacture of toy soldiers.

Britain’s son William Britain Junior (1860 – 1933) is credited with having invented the hollow casting process which, and in 1893 applied it to the manufacture of toy soldiers, giving the company a competitive edge.

By 1906 virtually all the toy soldiers in the Christmas catalogue of the London toy store Gamages that supplied toys by mail order all over the world were made by Britains. They were marketed as "English-made", giving them a competitive edge over toys made in Europe.

The hollow cast figures, being of a standard size were ideal for war simulations, and Britains were renowned for the accuracy of uniforms and equipment.

The models were sold in high gloss bright red boxes and having the original packaging adds to the value for a collector.

By the 1960s plastic had become the predominant material of manufacture and in 1966, due to safety regulations and the high manufacturing cost, production of hollow cast figures came to an end. more...
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A New Britains circus series set, including 8665 circus set + Crowd & Trapeze, 8670 Juggling man on Stilts, 8669 dog Handlers & Perfroming dogs, 8672 lion Tamer & lion

Collection mainly Britains farm yard series: five carts and horses, figures, animals, accessories, fencing and greenery (well play worn collection (approx 120)

Collection mainly Britains farm animals with farm hands, lawn mower, plough with the soldiers and cowboy (77)

Britains Farmyard collection of boxed No4F Tumbrel with carter boxed No20F Farmers Gig boxed No45F milk float and horse, missing base boxed No45F milk float and horse, missing base with animals including hen and chicks (43) farm people and extras (16) with

Britains figures of Madam Tussauds Henry VIII, Elizabeth I other figures of Beefeater, Anne Boleyn, pot of flowers and early Elastoun figures

Boxed New Britains Pageantry collection Royal Marines, nine soldiers

Britains the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs 8832, six figures in original box

Two pieces of Britains, including a no. 9720 120MM Battalion Anti-tank gun, and a no. 1725 Royal artillery Howitzer, Muzzle Loading, made in England, circa 1960s (2)

Britains Deetail World War II German Infantry plus motor figures & Kettenkrad Vehicle & figures no. 9780

A collection of eight toy soldiers including Britains, King & country & Hinton

Britains cold Stream Guards, six figures in original box

A Britains 1987 limited edition 'The Bahamas Police band' with flyer and label number 2563 of 5000

A Britains 'The D-day Landings' set. In original box with brochure

Britains two sets all the Queens Men [10] & the Scots Guards [10] both with original boxes.

Britains 0FS7D the black watch Tel Lel Kebir 1882 receive cavalry set with drummer [10] with original box

Britains OFS7S the black watch Tel Lel Kebir 1882 fire! set with sergeant [10] with original box

Vintage set of 6 Britains toy soldiers, in original packaging, Cat No. 7225

Four Britains models, including two army lorry's with Drivers, one in original box and two artillery Guns (VG - E box G - VG) (4)

Two Britains models, including British Army covered tender, and British Army beetle lorry, in original boxes (VG boxes G) (2)

A collection of Britains farm animals, Shrubs and farm figures (G)

Britains 'Lancers (Skinner's horse)' figures in original box (E - M box E - M)

Six vintage William Britains, Lead soldiers, marching band

Collection of Britains farm animals, Fences and trees (Af)

A large collection of Britains farm figures and accessories, including fences, trees and farm equipment (Af)

Two Britains British Army covered tender trucks in original boxes (G - VG boxes G - VG) (2)

W Britains lead soldiers including World War I soldiers, Scottish Highlanders, machine gunners & sailors (75). Together with a group model ships & submarines (15). Circa 1920s. (90 items)

A fine collection of fifty four miniature military figurines, including fifty three figures and one mounted officer and comprising a large group of Grenadier Guards (guards, colour party, band) from 'Boys of the old Brigade' series by Langley models; Middl

A Britains searchlight on chassis in original box (E box G)

Britains petrol pumps 103 V, including shell; Mobilgas; Esso with internal packaging (E-M box E)

Collection of loose Britains, including from set 1290 band of the line in Peak caps- Overpaints; and other band figures and plastic band figures

Collection of loose Britains, including set 137 army medical service; and from set 145 Royal army medical Corps, A/F (A Lot)

Collection of loose Britains, including from set 100 21ST Lancers pre war- Repaints and Repairs; from set 45 3rd Madras light cavalry pre war- 1 repaint-; set 47 1ST Bengal cavalry pre war - Overpaints-; from set 39 Royal horse artillery-Overpaints; and li

Collection of loose Britains, including Cowboys and Indians and various military figures, A/F ( A,Lot)

Collection of loose Britains, including set 2148 Fort Henry Guards; 5 from set 110 Devonshire Reg. set 1603 Irish Infantry; Married set 2010 Airborne Infantry, A/F ( a Lot)

Collection of loose Britains, including from set 312 pre war-touch ups; set 196 Evzones pre war; set 2032 red army - Repaints-; set 1858 British Infantry; and others, A/F (A Lot)

Collection of loose Britains, including from set 8 4th Hussars - touch ups-; set 25 5th Lancers pre war - touch ups-; Confederate Troops - Overpaints, A/F (A Lot)

Britains no.5F farm 'Waggon' in Britains labelled box missing driver, Overpaints A/F (G-E box P)

Britains no.5F farm 'Waggon' in Britains labelled box (G-E box VG)

Britains no.1334 army lorry, Repair to door and front near grille (G box E)