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A Bandai boxed 768 Rolls Royce silver Cloud Convertible in black

A Bandai 657 Camping trailer with Ford station wagon, including two tone green Caravan with dog decals and blue Ford with white roof

Ford fire engine, Bandai brand, Japanese tinplate, battery operated, friction toy in red in good condition with intact firehose, c. 1960s. Length 32 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Bandai (Japan) tinplate friction powered model car, unboxed (VG)

Bandai (Japan) tinplate 916 Mercedes Benz 300sL Coupe, red (E-M box VG-E)

Bandai (Japan) tinplate Volkswagen 1500 Sedan (VG-E box G-VG)

Bandai (Japan) tinplate model 1038 Opel Admiral Sedan (E-M box F)

Two Japanese tinplate models, including Bandai 7658 batteryOperated Kingsize Cadillac Convertible, untested; and Taiyo Bump'N'Go mercury cougar Police Vehicle, untested (E-M boxes P-F) (2)

Bandai (Japan) tinplate 916 Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupe, metallic sage (E-M box VG)

Bandai friction powered Fiat 600 no. 743 Japanese, blue tinplate, spring Loaded light blue vinyl Sunroof, plated parts, Brightly lithographed interior, in illustrated yellow and white box (VG-E box G-VG)18.5 cm long

Three tinplate models, including Bandai Continental Coupe; Schuco Brabham Ford missing rear wing; and Wells toy Co paddle Steamer, all in reproduction boxes A/F (3)

Bandai Volvo electric, untested (VG-E box VG-E)

Unboxed 'Bandai' Mercedes, boxed 'Schuco' Synchromatic, boxed Ford Mustang stunt car and remote control Volvo 164

Bandai caravan and friction coupe, in reproduction box (G box E-M)

Rare Bandai (Japan) 343 Ford flower delivery wagon friction tinplate, aqua with chrome fender and bumper, rubber tyres, Ford hubs, 'Flowers for Gracious Living' to sides, 'Flowers' to boot, 'Ford lasts Longer' to side doors, yellow interior (E-M box VG-E)

Bandai (Japan) police auto cycle, battery operated tinplate motorcycle with plastic policeman figure, fraying to wire, repair to hand control, untested, repair to box lid (G-VG box F)

Bandai (Japan) 767 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Sedan, metallic blue with white roof and lithographed wood grain dashboard and interior, detached steering wheel (E box G-VG) 29 cm long

Two Bandai (Japan) tinplate friction with siren red cross ambulances, one 512 Chevrolet, touch up to roof ; and one 544 (E boxes E) (2) Longest 29 cm

Bandai (Japan) 657 camping trailer with Ford station wagon, including green, blue and yellow caravan with dog decals and 2 x chairs and picnic table, and red Ford with cream roof (VG-E box F)

Three Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate models, including 763 DKW 1000 metallic sage with grey roof; 778 Imperial Sedan white with red roof; and 777 Ford Thunderbird powder blue (VG boxes F-G) (3) Longest 21 cm

Three Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate models, including 736 Chrysler Valiant Sedan, metallic blue; 755 Triumph T.R.3 red with black roof; and 762 Jaguar 3.4 red (VG-E boxes F-G) (3) all 21 cm long

Two Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate models, including 876 Jaguar XK-E metallic brown with red lithographed interior; and Plymouth Valiant, metallic sage with red and yellow lithographed interior (E-M boxes VG-E) (2) Longest 21.5 cm

Two Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate 786S Renault Dauphine, one white; and one light brown both with colourful lithographed Interiors (G-VG boxes F-G) (2) both 20.5 cm

Two Bandai (Japan) Cadillac 721, one with powder blue with beautiful pink lithographed interior; and one white with beautiful pink lithographed interior (E-M boxes F-G) (2) both 29 cm long

Two Bandai (Japan) tinplate friction Continental Mark III Lincolns, one sedan, red with black roof and blue lithographed interior; and one convertible metallic gold with pink and red lithographed interior (E-M boxes P-G) (2) both 30 cm

Bandai (Japan) 4195 battery operated Benz taxi with 'Openable Door' (E-M box E) 26 cm long

Bandai (Japan) 4016 friction tinplate battery operated Volkswagen Bus figure 8 action, red with cream lower, green tinted upper windows, blue tinted windscreen, colourful lithographed interior, handpainted driver (VG box E) 23.5 cm long

Bandai (Japan) tinplate friction 588 Isetta, mint upper, dark green lower and colourful lithographed interior (VG-E box VG-E) 17 cm long

Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate Cadillac Convertible, red with green lithographed interior; and Citroen DS19, cream with black roof and colourful lithographed interior (E-M boxes G-VG) (2) Longest 30 cm

Bandai (Japan) 850 Vacationer set, including friction tinplate Ford Falcon with blue trailer and working friction boat, and white and red Caravan, including internal packaging (G-E box E)

Bandai (Bandai) 579 Messerschmitt tinplate friction car, red with blue tinted windows and bright beautiful lithographed interior (E box E-M) 20 cm long

Bandai tinplate Cadillac Eldorado V8 and Ford Fairlane Convertible, Japan, black Cadillac with cream plastic steering wheel and red and pink lithographed inner; and turquoise Ford Fairlane with orange, cream and yellow lithographed interior, both unboxed (

Bandai '63 Cadillac Special Sedan and One Other, Japan, Gold, Colour Lithographed Inner and Plastic Steering Wheel, Box Lid with Tear and Water Stains to Corners; and Black Cadillac with Colour Lithographed Inner, Metal Steering Wheel, Bubble Wrap Residue

Bandai tinplate caravan, Japanese, silver with red plastic and chrome trim, blue picnic table and 2 x red chairs, unboxed (G)

Bandai batteryOperated Space jet Vehicle No. 944 Japanese, futuristic red and white tinplate space vehicle with pilot seated under opening plastic dome, large jet engine to rear, black lettering 'Space Jet' and 'X-001', several actions, in box with colourf

Bandai 729 friction Powered MG Magnette mark III Convertible Japanese, pale blue tinplate body, dark blue rear boot, detailed lithographed interior, plated parts, including hubs, in unopened polythene bag including illustrated display card and plain white

Bandai friction Powered Citroen DS19 740 Japanese, metallic red tinplate body, cream roof, detailed lithographed interior, plated parts, white and red 'Ds' hubs, in card box with illustrated lift off lid (E box G) 21 cm long

Rare Bandai 1958 Messerschmitt Tg 500 Convertible Japanese, 4 wheel tiger 500, friction powered, cream tinplate body, colourful lithographed interior, spare wheel to rear, plated parts, metal hubs with windscreen, front axle slightly bent, discolouration a

Bandai tinplate silver Mariner Japanese, colourful body, chains intact (VG box F-G) 39.5 cm long

Bandai tinplate Volkswagen beetle, Japan, batteryOperated, cream with colourful Lithographed interior, Transparant rear engine, unboxed (VG)