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Four Lego vehicles, including a 266 Mercedes 190 Sl, a 667 VW 1500, a 260 VW beetle, and a 270 PB02 Scooter, made in Denmark, circa 1960s (4)

1960's funky metal push scooter with original brass front hand brake,pedal back brake,and bell

Tekno 443 Vespa 'Scooter Med Sidevogn' grey with red passenger seat ( E box E)

Japanese tinplate Vespa scooter, in metallic green, (OCB) with another scooter in cream

3 mixed toys, including Motoring board game, Playland Scooter & F.D. Ladder Truck (OCB)

Unboxed Solido no. 101 scooter and rider, black scooter, seat with Glue Residue, aluminium hubs with white tyres, complete with white plastic rider with Glue Distress and Residue (G)

Four French diecast models, including CIJ Europarc Dauphine; Punch Jaguar; Quiralu auto-scooter Messerschmitt; and Quiralu Cammionette (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Collection of 2 x Quiralu Voiture a Turbine Renault L'Etoile Filante; Re-edition Quiralu Mercedes 300 Sl; and Mini Dalia scooter (VG-M boxes P-M) (4)

Two Solido models, including Solido scooter Motorcart with food vendor, cream with white and red striped canopy, unboxed; and Rolls-Royce silver Cloud, two tone silver and brown-black, boxed (VG-E box E) (2)

Solido clockwork Scooter Transformable En Tri-Porteur French, light metallic green Scooter and Tri-Porteur, white suited rider, smooth cream tyres, slightly perished, key present, strung to inner red card, in faded blue box with red and white 'Solido' labe

Solido clockwork Scooter Transformable En Tri-Porteur light metallic green Scooter and Tri-Porteur, white suited rider, smooth cream tyres, key present, pamphlet included (G-VG box G)

Benbros Salesman sample set, including examples of each of nos. 1-15 including three Aa Motorcycle and Sidecar; 4 stage coach, blue and red; 5 horse drawn Gypsy Caravan, blue and yellow; 6 horse drawn milk cart, light blue and red; and 15 Vespa Scooter wit

Triang Minic 3171 Push and Go Mota-Scoot friction powered grey plastic scooter registration number 'LBL955', with blue plastic rider wearing white scarf, in colourful illustrated box

Ny-Lint tinplate Servicycle No. 800 American, circa early 1960s, red clockwork three- wheeled motor scooter with black rubber tyres, clear windshield, blue and yellow rider, permanent key, in illustrated red and white box 17.5 cm long

Rare Moko Pop-up model motor Scooter blue scooter with silver detail, black seat, black spare wheel, female rider dressed in blue and red, slight paint loss to handlebars otherwise excellent in colourful illustrated card box

A, Japanese friction powered tinplate Pigeon scooter, red and cream with black plastic seat, metal handlebars and pinion seat, metal 'Pigeon' badge to sides, circa 1950s 24 cm long

A Bandai of Japan tin toy silver Pigeon scooter 1950's 23 cm long