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K-6 Mercedes Benz Binz Ambulance K-23 mercury Police car

Novelty Police car no.5, Modern toys Nomura brand, Japanese tinplate, battery operated, friction toy in sound condition. Length 25 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Three Dinky models, including 276 Airport fire tender with flashing light, 436 Atlas Copco Compressor lorry, and 255 Ford Zodiac Police car (VG - E boxes G - E) (3)

Three Dinky models, including 256 Police patrol car, 265 Plymouth U.S.A.taxi, and 269 Motorway Police car, in original boxes (VG - E boxes G - VG) (3)

Two Dinky models, including 258 U.S.A. Police car, 289 Routemaster Bus, both in original boxes (E boxes E) (2)

Two micro models (Australia) cars, including no. Gb/7 Ford Zephyr, and FX Holden 'Police car' (VG - E) (2)

Five unboxed micro models (Australia), including Vanguard Estate car; Newlook Holden Sedan; Newlook Holden Sedan Police car; Holden panel van (overpainted); and a Vauxhall (G - E) (5)

Two Dinky models, including no. 157 B.M.W. 2000 Tilux and no. 251 U.S.A. Police car, both in original boxes (VG boxes VG)

Three Dinky models, including 254 Police Range Rover; 270 Ford Escort Panda Police car; and 288 Superior Cadillac ambulance (E-M boxes Discoloured However E) (3)

Collection of Corgi Police models, including 461 Police 'Vigilant' Range Rover; 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 414 Coast guard Jaguar XJ12C (E-M boxes G-E) (3)

Corgi no. 431 Volkswagon pick-up, unboxed; Corgi no. 209 Riley Pathfinder 'Police' car, unboxed, paint loss to surface; Corgi Classics 1910 Daimler 38 unboxed; Corgi lotus mark II Le Mans racing car, no. 7, paint loss to surface and to bonnet stripe, unbox

Dinky, 255, Ford Zodiac police car in white. Mint in near mint carded box

Five Corgi models, including 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 459 Raygo Rascal 400; 438 Land Rover; 1145 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406; and 406 Unimog

Two Corgi Toys, 'Chevrolet Impala Police car 481' and 'Chevrolet taxi cab 480' (2)

Five Dinky Toys, including 'Motorway Police car' (269) and 'Humber hawk' (165), all boxed (5)

Five Dinky Toys, including 'U.S.A Police car' (258) and 'Studebaker Land Cruiser' (172), all boxed (5)

Four model Pet (Japan) models, including 5 Datsun Bluebird; 9S Hillman Minx; 20SP Crown Delux police car; and 21 Masterline (G-VG boxes P-VG) (4)

Three Japanese tinplate models, including Ichiko stock racing car; Ichiko Police car; and Armoured car Savings Bank (G-E boxes F-G) (3)

Collection of Dinky models, including 127 Rolls Royce silver Cloud mark III, metallic turquoise; 263 Superior Criterion Ambulance with patient on stretcher; 251 U.S. Police car; 250 streamlined fire engine; and 281 Luxury coach, blue with cream flashing (E

8 JRD reissue Citroen Ds 19 models, including 2 x JRD Advertisements; taxi; Police car; Coupe; and others (E-M boxes E-M) (8)

Corgi models, including 435 Karrier 'Bantam' Dairy Produce van; 213S 2.4 Jaguar fire service car; 492 Volkswagen European Police car, repaint in reproduction box (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Two Tekno models Incluing 835 B Volvo 144 Police car, red with black roof; and Tuborgs Bryggerier with green crates (G-VG boxes P-G) (2)

Two Tekno Taunus 17 M models, including one 826 Police car, sage with blue roof light and stop decal to rear parcel shelf; and one 823 two tone with white upper and red lower with touch ups and blue tinted windows (G-E boxes G-VG) (2)

Two Tekno Volvo 810 121/122 S models, including one Police car with blue roof light and Polizei decals to roof, sides and boot; and one light grey model with black roof (E boxes F-G) (2)

Two CIJ models, including Dauphine Police car with suspension Ref 3/57; and Simca 1000 Ref 3/7 (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Four Diecast modern Vehicles, including No. 19 Rover 105, green; No. 14 Packard Convertible, fawn; No. 5 Mobile Police car, black; and No. 23 Cement Mixer (Vg-E boxes G) (4)

Six Morestone Esso petrol Pump series models, including 5 Wolseley Police car; 6 Cooper Bristol; 7 Mercedes Benz; 9 horse box; 10 Telegraph Repairs van; 13 Austin Taxi Cab; and Benbros Erf Esso petrol Tanker in Incorrect box (Vg-E boxes F-G) (7)

Four Dinky models, including 188 Jensen Ff; 190 Monteverdi 375L; 210 Alfa Romeo 33 Tipo Le-Mans; and 270 Ford Panda Police car (Vg-E boxes F-E) (4)

Spanish Dinky 1450 Simca 1100 Police car; and Dinky 753 Police controlled crossing (E boxes G-VG) (2)

Dinky 261 Ford Taunus Police car white, green doors, bonnet and boot, 'Polizei' to doors and boot, plated parts, red interior, blue roof-light, white walled tyres with domed metal hubs (E box G-VG)

A boxed Micro Models (F) Holden Sedan FJ Police car GB17, blue with 'rial (E).

Marx the Magic garage and Dick Tracy Police car colourfully lithographed tinplate garage, automatic opening door, with friction powered green and yellow Dick Tracy Police car with instructions affixed to boot, car in unmarked brown box, garage in correct c

Budgie gift set No. 8 in No. 12 box, 8 x vehicles including 18 Foden Dump truck, red and grey; 5 Wolseley Police car, black; and Budgie gift set No. 5 comprising Refrigerator truck, Foden Dump truck, Leyland Hippo cattle truck in correct box (E-G boxes E)

Two Dinky Police cars and one other 258 USA Police car, based on the black Desoto Fireflite, cream interior, plastic 'rial, red roof light, 'Police' decals to all sides; 260 Royal Mail van, red body, ridged hubs, black roof, 'Royal Mail' to side; and 269 J

French Dinky 501 Citroen DS19 Police car black and white, grey interior, copper coloured roof light, 'Police' decals to sides and rear, spun hubs, in illustrated yellow box (E box F)

Rare Matchbox 1-75 series No. 55B Ford Fairlane 'Police' car dark blue, silver trim, red roof-light, knobbly black plastic wheels, possibly touched in in type D box (VG-E boXVG)

Three Corgi Emergency vehicles including No. 492 Volkswagen European Police car, dark green and white, blue roof light, red 'Polizei' decals to sides; No. 419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol, white, red interior; and No. 506 Police 'Panda' imp, light blue and

Two Corgi Chevrolets including 481 Police car, black and white, yellow interior, roof light, decals to sides and bonnet, grey plastic 'rial, cast hubs; and 482 fire Chief car, red and white, yellow interior, blue roof light, decals to sides and bonnet, gre

CIJ 5/67 Europarc Dauphine Police a friction black and white police car, white interior, cream plastic hubs, battery operated roof light untested, 'Police' decal stickers to sides, number plate decal to rear bumper (F-G box G)