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Four Lego Trucks, including a 250 Bedford 'Esso' Extra motor oil, a 253 Bedford A3LC Dumptruck cab, a 255 Bedford A3LC fire truck, and a 656 Mercedes LP322 Towtruck, made in Denmark, circa 1950s-60s (4)

Masudaya Modern Toys (Japan 1960s), 'Tom and Jerry' Fire Engine, in red, excellent condition in good plus original carded box, extremely rare

Ford fire engine, Bandai brand, Japanese tinplate, battery operated, friction toy in red in good condition with intact firehose, c. 1960s. Length 32 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Fire engine with extending ladder, Tipp & Co. Or similar, German tinplate, clockwork wind-up toy in good condition with two fireman figures (3 missing), c. 1940s/50s. Length 45 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Fire engine with turntable extending ladder, Mettoy brand, British tinplate, clockwork wind-up toy in good condition complete with four fireman figures, c. 1950s. Length 39 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Two tin friction powered models, including Airport Limousine MF910, and fire truck MF718, both in original boxes (E boxes E) (2)

Two Dinky models, including no. 252 Refuse wagon and no. 259 fire engine, both in original boxes (VG - E boxes G)

Dinky no. 276 Airport fire tender with Instruction no. 955 fire engine (E boxes F - VG) (2)

Linemar toys (Japan) Lithprgraphed fire engine, batteryOperated (VG - E box P - F)

Seven Code 3 Collectibles models, including FDNY Aerial ladder truck no. 12658; FDNY heavy Rescue truck no. 12702; city of New York fire engine no. 12300; Denver fire engine no. 02456; City of Honolulu fire engine no. 02454; City of Louisville fire engine

Dinky 512 Guy flat truck, 1st type cab, dark blue cab, red back, mid-blue hubs; and 955 fire engine with extending ladder (VG-E boxes G-VG) (2)

Two Dinky models, including 250 Streamline fire engine, red body and ridged hubs, silver tinplate ladder, brass bell; and 465 Morris Commercial van Capstan (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Three Dinky models, including 965 Euclid rear Dump truck 'Stone Ore Earth', pale yellow body; 978 Bedford Tk Refuse wagon, dark metallic green (cab, black chassis, pale grey plastic body, red hubs, complete with 2 plastic Bins with lids; and 955 fire engin

Dinky 981 horse box, maroon; and 955 fire engine with extending ladder (G-VG boxes G-VG) (2)

Collection of unboxed Dinky models, including 250 Streamline fire engine; 116 Volvo 1800s; 234 Dinky Ferrari - missing wheels; 230 Talbot Lago - missing wheels; and 239 Vanwall - missing driver and wheels A/F

Two Dinky toys, lorry and fire engine

Two Tekno models, including 459 Volvo fire engine 'Falck Zonen', missing 2 x end flaps; and 452 Scania-Vabis covered trailer (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Bag lot of 6 vintage tinplate and cast toys, including early English tinplate Fire Engine, Sanshin (Japanese) remote control MGA in red, early clockwork field gun, Tri-Ang Minic Steamroller, Tri-Ang Minic racer in green & cast metal horsedrawn firewagon

7 interesting & extremely rare NZ vehicles, including Large Storkline (Bruce Watt) pressed steel fire truck in red, Tink-E -Toy lead open wheel racer & lead streamline racer, Fun Ho! 170 Packard Roadster, Jumbo Toys Tractor 407 & 2 deliveries brand unknown

Fun Ho!, 161 Fire Engine with fixed ladders

5 Chinese tinplate vehicles, including East Wind friction car MF 032, Fire Truck MF 718, Bus MF 241, Fire Chief Car MF 144, Fire Truck MF 718, all (OCB)

Clockwork Fire Engine, NZ (Lincoln Toys) tinplate toy, (OCB). Length 24 cm

Chad Valley Weekins, die cast clockwork toys a fire engine with ladder and a milk truck with two pails (missing six pails), both in good original condition. One original key for both toys which work. Length 11 cm each (2)

Fun Ho!, 518, Fire engine with swivel ladder good original with replaced correct wheels. Length 17.5 cm. A McKenzie & Bannister fire truck. Length 15 cm. Good original condition but missing ladder (2)

Two Tucher and Walther models, including T407 Petroleum motor; and T428 fire engine (E-M boxes E-M) (2)

Three C.I.J. Models, including 3/95 Camion fire truck; 3/82 Camion Pelle excavator; and 3/28 Remorque Betaillere trailer (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

A collection of 10 diecast model toys, in original boxes, 'Models of Days Gone by Lledo, including a San Diego Fire Chief car, a Bermuda fire truck and an Australian Collectors Club truck. Made in England. Made in England.

A collection of 10 diecast model toys, in original boxes, Models of Yesteryear by Matchbox, including a Royal Mail van, a 1927 Ford 'A' car and a1920 Rolls Royce Fire Engine. Made in England.

Two Tucher and Walther models, one Zepplin in original box; and one fire truck in reproduction box (E - M box E - M) (2)

A boxed (VG) Corgi Major #1127 Simon Snorkel fire engine, with pamphlet and figures. (Ex)

JRD (France) miniatures Voiture D'Incendie fire truck with 4 x firemen, Texta Residue to tank otherwise excellent (E box VG)

Three unboxed CIJ models, including Tracteur Routier Renault; Fregate Renault; and auto-Pompe fire engine (E-M) (3)

Seven Matchbox Models of Yesteryear models, including no.2 Bus; no.4 Sentinel steam wagon; no.4 Mason fire engine; no.5 Bentley; no.7 4 ton Leyland; no.14 Locomotive; and Y-15 Rolls Royce (G-VG boxes P-VG) (7)

Collection of Siku (Germany) models, including V318 container transporter; V274 refuse truck; V281 dump truck; V337 snow plough; and V332 fire truck (E-M boxes P-G) (5)

J.R.D.(France) Ref.133 Voiture D'Incendie - fire truck, red with silver trim, 4 x blue plastic figures with painted silver Helmets (G-VG box G)

Three CIJ (France) models, including tinplate Ref 5/37 truck, boxed; Die cast Ref 4/80 truck, boxed; and large tinplate clockwork fire engine, unboxed, A/F (F-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Collection of Dinky models, including 127 Rolls Royce silver Cloud mark III, metallic turquoise; 263 Superior Criterion Ambulance with patient on stretcher; 251 U.S. Police car; 250 streamlined fire engine; and 281 Luxury coach, blue with cream flashing (E

Tootsietoy (U.S.A.) 469 pumper fire engine (VG box VG)

Tekno 351 Falck fire engine, red and black tinplate, with ladder and four Hose Reels, rubber perished (VG-E box F)