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Made in Western Germany racing car together with Modern toys rocket Racer and MF735, china rocket Racer and other, clockwork and friction drive

A Gaiety toy clockwork model racing car, racing green, driver and passenger in white, key, metal wheels, functions well, box with cellotape to 1 x end flap

Corgi 809, Dick Dastardly Racing Car with Muttley, in purple, yellow and red. Mint in good original window box (some crushing)

Captain Campbell's blue bird (short version), Gunthermann brand, German tinplate clockwork racing car in teal blue with powerful mechanism, tin balloon wheels and working brake in good plus original condition, c. 1930s. Length 32 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jack

Collection of Dinky Trucks & racing cars Etc, including double decker bus; Bedford tipping truck; Marklin Lanz tractor (made in Germany); & others. Approx 16 pieces in total. Plus collection of Dinky GT cars etc, including 3 Ferraris; 1 Vanwall; 1

An Ichiko (Japan) friction powered racing car model, unboxed (VG - E)

Tri-Ang Minic 13M racing car, light blue, racing number 3 with plastic Cockpit (VG box VG)

Four Corgi models, including 152S B.R.M. Formula 1 grand Prix racing car, 320 Ford Mustang Fastback 2 + 2, 315 Simca '1000, and 303S Mercedes-Benz 300sL open Roadster, in original boxes (G - VG boxes VG - E) (4)

Three Dinky models, including 240 Cooper racing car, 243 B.R.M. Racing car, and 113 M.G.B. Sports car, in original boxes (VG - E boxes E) (3)

A rare James Sadler streamlined racing car teapot in deep blue, c.1930s

Three vintage wind up tin toys comprising of a boxed boat,racing car, together with a boy on a tricycle

Three Japanese tinplate models, including Daishin 'Polizei' car; Taiyo Kogyo Corporation 'Big Machine' racing car; and Yonezawa Toys Co. Ltd 22 police patrol car (3)

Four Ichiko (Japan) friction powered stock racing car series models, including Chevrolet; Buick; Valiant; and Renault Floride (VG-E boxes F-VG) (4)

Two Triang Minic models, including shell articulated petrol Tanker and 13M racing car, both unboxed (F - VG) (2)

Four Dinky models, including no. 129 Volkswagon 100 Sedan; no. 116 Volvo 1800s; no. 221 Corvette Stingray with Speedwheels; and no. Ford G.T. Racing car, all in original boxes (VG - E boxes G - VG) (4)

Corgi 348 Ford Mustang Fastback 'Pop Art' flower power racing car, pale blue body with red/orange 'Flower Power' labels, RN#20 with Corgi club slip (M box M)

Three Ichiko (Japan) racing car series models, including no. 77 Chevrolet; and two no. 27 Renault Flolide (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Dinky models, including two 224 Mercedes Benz C.III; 243 B.R.M racing car, Poor window box; 255 Police Mini Clubman; and 226 Ferrari 312/B2 racing car (E-M boxes P-E) (5)

Schuco Ferrari Formel 2 model, including tool kit; Schuco model 1:43 in display case; Idea 3 Ferrari in box; five jet-car En metal de Norev models in boxes; Gama Mercedes 350 in display case; Merit racing car assembly Kit model 'Grand Prix Ferrari 1956'; a

A collection of Corgi models unboxed, including no. 208 Jaguar 2.4 Litre; Aston-Martin DB4 Competition; no. 437 Cadillac Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis; no. 412 Bedford Utilecon ambulance; B.R.M Formula 1 grand Prix racing car; Vanwall racing car;

Corgi no. 431 Volkswagon pick-up, unboxed; Corgi no. 209 Riley Pathfinder 'Police' car, unboxed, paint loss to surface; Corgi Classics 1910 Daimler 38 unboxed; Corgi lotus mark II Le Mans racing car, no. 7, paint loss to surface and to bonnet stripe, unbox

Four Dinky toy car models, including 238 Jaguar type D racing car; no. 252 Refuse wagon; no. 253 Daimler ambulance; and no. 254 Austin taxi (VG - E boxes F - E) (4)

Collection of Dinky models, including 225 lotus F1 racing car; 200 Matra 630; and 205 lotus Cortina Rally car (VG-M boxes E-M) (3)

Racing Car, Chinese tinplate friction toy MF 211 with extensive decals (OCB). Length 29 cm

Fun Ho!, 314, racing car # 9 finished in lilac, excellent original. Length 17 cm

Four Dinky series 23 racing cars. 2 x 23B Hotchkiss racing cars including one green with yellow flashing; one red with silver flashing; 23C Mercedes-Benz racing car, red with yellow number '8' and driver; and 23E speed of the wind, green with driver, all u

A collection of 9 diecast model toys, in original boxes, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including 1957 Maserati racing car and 1918 Lowenbrau beer lorry, some limited editions. Made in England.

Nine Mettoy Joytown unboxed rolling Stock, A/F; chassis of Marklin racing car Kit, A/F and HRCAA souvenir loading gauge in home-made box (F-E box G) (10)

A Minichamps 'Opel Omega' racing car model, a Revell 'Ford GT40', and three Trax miniature models (5)

Three Autoart 'Holden Torana Xui' racing car models, Castrol livery (3)

Two 'Holden Commodore' racing car models, by Biante and Classic Carlectibles (2)

Two Autoart 'Holden Torana' racing car models, with matching miniature, Breville and Marlboro livery (3)

An Autoart 'Holden Torana' racing car, with matching Mini and bill Paterson livery, and a Biante 'Holden Commodore' with matching Mini and Marlboro livery (4)

A Corgi 'Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter', with box (1126)

A Corgi 'Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter', with box (1126)

Corgi boxed 154-A1 Ferrari Formula 1 grand Prix racing car, red with decals and driver

Corgi boxed 152S-A3 B.R.M. Formula 1 grand Prix racing car, light green with decal and driver (tiny chip and paint rubs, box showing slight wear to openings and tape residue to side)

Corgi boxed 151A-A7 lotus mark eleven Le Mans racing car, bright blue with decals and driver includes Corgi club application (slight chipping to bonnet)