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Six Tekno military models, including 950 army covered truck with soldiers, 953 Militaer Kanonbil, 955 Militaer Projektorbil, 954 army truck radar, 952 army red cross car, and 951 army covered truck all in original boxes (VG - M boxes F - G) (6)

A collection of unboxed Dinky military vehicles, including no. 623 army wagon; no. 622 10 ton army truck; no. 626 military ambulance; no. 688 field artillery tractor; no 673 Scout car and others (G - VG) (10)

Two Dinky military vehicles, including 642 RAF Pressure Refueller; and 622 Foden 10-ton army truck (VG-E boxes VG-E) (2)

Four unboxed Dinky military vehicles, including 660 Thorneycroft Mighty Antar tank transporter; 651 Centurian tank; 621 3-ton army truck; and 661 Recovery tractor (G-E) (4)

Three Dinky Die cast models, including no. 266 E.R.F. fire tender; no. 432 Foden Tipping lorry; and no. 668 Foden army truck all in original window boxes (E - M boxes G) (3)

Collection of unboxed Dinky Supertoys, including, Recovery tractor no.661; Centurion tank no. 651 with tracks, 10 ton army truck; two army wagon no. 623; US Jeep; Missle Erector and others (Af)

Three Tekno (Denmark) models, including 2 x 954 army truck Radar, one with 'Tekno - 954' to bonnet; and 955 army truck Search-light (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

A Dinky Supertoys no 622 10 ton army truck boxed. Provenance: Lnagholm Gifts and model Tinthell Cornwell

Collection of Dinky models, including 622 10-ton army truck; 1402 Ford Galaxie 500; French Dinky 820; and French Dinky 824 'Gazelle' Berliet (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Two Tekno (Denmark) models 949 army truck rockets, one with 'Tekno - 949' to bonnet (E-M boxes F) (2)

Three Corgi military vehicles, including 1118 International 6X6 army truck; and 2 x 350 Thunderbird Guided Missiles on assembly trolley (VG-E boxes P-G) (3)

Two Corgi Major military models, including 1117 loading trolley for Bristol-Ferranti 'Bloodhound' guided missile; and 1118 international 6X6 army truck (VG-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Dinky 660 tank Transporter military green; and Dinky 622 10 Ton army truck, military green, both in illustrated Supertoy boxes (VG boxes F); and 5 x other unboxed Dinky military vehicles and artillery (G-VG) (7)

Triang Minic 6 wheel army truck clockwork camouflaged green tinplate army truck with green concave hubs, key present, in plain buff card box with green printed lettering

Digger Junior army truck Australian, circa late 1940s, pressed steel, brown cab, camouflaged covered wagon with 'Digger Junior' decal to top, tinplate wheels 28 cm long