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A collection of toy cars, including a Japanese tin toy pick-up truck, a Chuco Oldtimer Ford Coupe, and a Chuco Piccolo no. 718 Volvo, all, circa 1960s (3)

A Corgi 'Volvo P. 1800', Made in Great Britain

Five Dinky models, including no. 116 Volvo 1800s; no. 164 Mk 4 Ford Zodiac; no. 154 Ford Taunus 17M; and two others (E - M boxes VG - E) (5)

Four Dinky models, including no. 129 Volkswagon 100 Sedan; no. 116 Volvo 1800s; no. 221 Corvette Stingray with Speedwheels; and no. Ford G.T. Racing car, all in original boxes (VG - E boxes G - VG) (4)

Corgi Whizzwheels no. 201 Volvo P. 1800 the 'Saint's' car and Corgi Whizzwheels no. 280 Rolls Royce H.J. Mulliner Park Ward silver Shadow with Corrosion to windows, both in original packaging (E - M boxes G - M) (2)

Collection of unboxed Dinky models, including 250 Streamline fire engine; 116 Volvo 1800s; 234 Dinky Ferrari - missing wheels; 230 Talbot Lago - missing wheels; and 239 Vanwall - missing driver and wheels A/F

Dinky models, including 110 Aston Martin DB5; Volvo 1800s; and 132 Ford 40-RV (E-M boxes F-E)

Vilmer Volvo Kfk Fodder Bus, mint green with dark green chassis in Perspex case (G-VG case G-VG)

Two Tekno models, including 459 Volvo fire engine 'Falck Zonen', missing 2 x end flaps; and 452 Scania-Vabis covered trailer (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Bandai Volvo electric, untested (VG-E box VG-E)

Unboxed 'Bandai' Mercedes, boxed 'Schuco' Synchromatic, boxed Ford Mustang stunt car and remote control Volvo 164

Tekno 432 Volvo Lastbil Lastvagn truck steel blue tray, red cab (VG - E box VG - E)

Three unboxed Tekno models, including 432 Volvo Ytong; 434 Pb tanker; and 434 Dansk Andels Kulforretning tanker (E-M) (3)

Three Tekno models, including 809 Ford Thunderbird; 950 Mercedes Benz Bus; and Volvo F89 B425 'Transport-Spedition' (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Three Tekno models, including 830 Volvo 121, dark red; 926 Jaguar 'E', dark silver; and 805 Volkswagen beetle, bronze (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

Two Tekno models, including 823 Taunus 17M two tone, cream upper, steel blue lower; and 822 Volvo Pv 544, dark red (E-M boxes F-VG) (2)

Tekno 457 Volvo Elias B. Muus Odense A/S, 'Danmark Dybfrost' (VG box VG-E)

Tekno 457 Volvo Elias B.Muus Odense A/S 'Muus' (E box G)

Seven Minichamps models, four 'Alfa Romeo', two 'Volvo' and one 'Saab (7)

Nine various models, including Minichamps 'BMW Touring', Autoart 'BMW 5-series', and Ixo 'Volvo 144' (9)

A boxed Welly '1957 Fiat Nuova 500', and a Motorart 'Volvo V40' (2)

A Revell 'Volvo 121 Amazon' and a Solido '1961 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet grand Luxe' (2)

A Solido '1954 Peugeot 203' and a Revell 'Volvo PV544' model (2)

Five Danish Tekno, including 'Volvo Amazon' and 'VW shell' (5)

Three various 'Volvo' models, two Autoard '850T-5R' and Pauls model Art '1971-73 P1800' (3)

Two Tekno (Denmark) military models, including 871 Honest John missile with caps and with internal packaging; 456 Volvo U.S. Army military wagon 2nd division, green livery with red shield decal to roof and yellow decals to side of wagon canopy (VG-E boxes

Tekno (Denmark) Volvo articulated 'OK' petrol tanker 434, blue, white and red, 'OK' and stripe decals to sides and rear of petrol tank and sides and roof of cab, 'Volvo' decal above radiator, jewelled headlights, cast metal hubs, black plastic tyres, in or

Four Spot-On models, including 261 Volvo P1800, grey with red interior; 271 Express Diary van with touch ups; 2 x 155 Austin Taxi FX 4, both black, one with red interior, one with yellow interior (VG-E boxes P-VG) (4)

Collection of Rob Eddie models, including Volvo P1900 sports; Eftertanken silver; Volvo Carioca Convertible; Volvo PV445 Estate; Volvo PV36 Carioca; and Volvo 145 Estate (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

Two Tekno (Denmark) models, including Volvo Autotransport 431, green cab, green and yellow back with white Lettering to sides 'Auto-transport', red Lettering to rear 'Auto transport', cast metal hubs, with Ramp in illustrated card sleeve, in yellow, red an

Four Tekno Commercials, including 432 Volvo Lastbil Lastwagn; 860 Akerman; 466-467 tractor; and 920 Ford D 800 Tow truck (VG-E boxes F-G) (4)

Three Tekno models, including rare promotional Volvo F1220-322 yellow with red/brown canopy; 425 Volvo F89; and 452 transport-Spedition trailer (VG-E boxes G-E) (3)

Two Tekno models Incluing 835 B Volvo 144 Police car, red with black roof; and Tuborgs Bryggerier with green crates (G-VG boxes P-G) (2)

Two Tekno Volvo 810 121/122 S models, including one Police car with blue roof light and Polizei decals to roof, sides and boot; and one light grey model with black roof (E boxes F-G) (2)

Tekno 810 Volvo Amazon, grey steel blue, yellow tinted windows, jewelled headlights (E-M box VG-E)

Tekno 830 Volvo mint green with red interior, jewelled headlights (E-M box VG)

Tekno 435 Volvo international transport truck, light blue cab, light blue and white back with 'Europabus Brdr. Rosendahl Kobenhavn Danmark' decals, 'Brdr. Rosendahl' white decals to cab, cast hubs, in coloured illustrated box (E box E)