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An Asahi toy Company Japan 4G-113 remote control Volkswagen

256 Volkswagen 1200 in East African Safari trim with rhinoceros and elephant

3 Dinky pre production Die cast models. Unpainted (2 with non text bases), incl. Thunderbird; VW Kharman Ghia; & Austin Healey.

Modern Dinky models. Including MICA 1997 Dinky toy club of America Austin Healy; & 3 VW Beetles; etc. 7 vehicles in total.

Marklin 5521/9 Volkswagen, dark/drab blue body, metal hubs, black plastic tyres, loss to one front pillar, unboxed (G)

Bandai (Japan) tinplate Volkswagen 1500 Sedan (VG-E box G-VG)

Dinky, 617 Volkswagen KDF Gun set without gun but in complete and original carded picture box

Chinese tinplate friction, VW Karmann Ghia MF 743 in metallic blue, (OCB). Length 24.5 cm

Chinese clockwork tinplate, VW Karmann Ghia MS 711 in pale blue with automatic door, (OCB). Length 24.5 cm

Tipp & Co. VW Coca-Cola truck, unboxed, German, circa 1950s, friction powered, dark yellow/orange and dark red tinplate truck with plated parts and white Lettering 'Kostlich Coca-Cola Erfrischend' to sides 'Trink Coca-Cola' to rear, cream and brown lithogr

Cherryca no.8 Volkswagen beetle, Japanese, circa early 1960s, green, Whitewall tyres (VG-E box G-VG)

Corgi boxed 256-A1 Volkswagen 1200 in East African Safari trim, light red, with Rhino

Norev No. 95 Transporteur de Voitures with 5 vehicles, including a marbelised aqua VW beetle missing a headlight (E box E)

Tin Toys: Vintage Japanese Daiya 'United States Coast Guard' boats (2 variations); Japanese Skk 'Nautilus' submarine; Tayo Japanese tinplate Vw Beetle; Japanese tinplate Army jeeps (1 battery & 1 friction). (6 items)

Tomica (Japan) Dandy model VW John Cool Icecream van, mint green and white (E-M box E)

3 Lone Star Roadmasters models, including Ford Thunderbird; Rambler station wagon; staff car; Lone Star Flyers VW Microbus; Lone Star Flyers Peugeot 404; and Lone Star Tuf-Tots 616+ milk Delivery truck (VG-E boxes G-E) (6)

Corgi models, including 435 Karrier 'Bantam' Dairy Produce van; 213S 2.4 Jaguar fire service car; 492 Volkswagen European Police car, repaint in reproduction box (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Tekno VW 413 model 'P. Lykkeberg', white upper and blue lower with decals (E box P)

Tekno 413 VW transporter van 'Bay & Vissing' and 'Tandex' decals with white upper and pale blue lower, fatigue to decals and paint (F-G box P)

Tekno 819 H The Love Bug, VW with figure sitting on window sill, substantial tear to window box (G box F-G)

Bandai (Japan) 4016 friction tinplate battery operated Volkswagen Bus figure 8 action, red with cream lower, green tinted upper windows, blue tinted windscreen, colourful lithographed interior, handpainted driver (VG box E) 23.5 cm long

Tekno No. 405 VW Transporter type 2 van 'Buko', Primrose yellow, white roof, violet-blue Nose and bumpers, green windows, white wall plastic wheels, smooth hubs, 'Buko-Ost' decal to roof, 'Ta'buko Til Bords...' and illustrated decals to sides and rear (VG

Wiking Modellebau (Model Roadway), German, beautiful coloured board of roadway with 15 x plastic models including 3 x VW vans, missing rotating police light, in original box (E box F) 36 cm x 59.5 cm

Limited edition Michael Aroutcheff (France) 'Olivier Rameau', VW beetle with Olivier hand detached, edition 031/999 (VG-E box E-M)

Marklin 5524/14E VW van, fawn, spun hubs, black tyres (VG box G)

Rare Norev CP3 Stock car set comprises of 4 x marbleised plastic vehicles; 403 Peugeot, green with yellow and brown; Citroen 11A, red with pink and orange; Volkswagen 1300, aqua blue with cream; and Simca 1000 brown with blue and orange with 2 x hay bundle

Collection of Lego circa 1955-1970; 270 Motorcyclists still glued to cardboard sheet and boxed; 659 VW transporter, unboxed; VW van with front windows, unboxed; 260 VW 1200, unboxed; 266 Mercedes Benz 190sL, unboxed; 605 Fiat 1800, boxed; 607 VW Samba van,

Cherryca No. 8 Volkswagen beetle Japanese, circa early 1960s, green, plated parts, whitewall tyres, in illustrated red, yellow and green box (E box F) Literature See: Ralston, Andrew G, Toy cars of Japan and Hong Kong, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Pa., U.S.A.

Tekno 419-5 Ford-Taunus Dunlop yellow, tarnished spun hubs and headlights, black plastic tyres, black pealing chassis, 'Dunlop Bedst I Langden' decals with illustration to sides, text decals to roof, front and rear, 3 x deep scratches to body; Tekno Bosch

Tekno 405 type 2 VW van 'Bosch' red and yellow with washing machine and fridge decals to sides and lettering 'Bosch Waschgerate' and Bosch Kuhlschranke' black lettering to roof, in plain white box with black lettering (E box G)

Corgi 256 Volkswagen 1200 in East Africa red, racing number '18' with 'East African Safari' decal to bonnet and 'Nairobi' decal to rear window, 'True Scale steering' card to top, in box with grey rhino, with leaflet and inner pictorial display (E box E)

Dinky 153 standard Vanguard saloon fawn body and ridged hubs; and Dinky 181 Volkswagen, dark blue, mid-blue ridged hubs, both in illustrated yellow boxes (E boxes G) (2)

Bandai tinplate Volkswagen beetle, Japan, batteryOperated, cream with colourful Lithographed interior, Transparant rear engine, unboxed (VG)