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Matchbox (1993), Thunderbird 2, in blisterpack & Vivid Imaginations Angel Interceptor Jet Fighters

Matchbox (1993), 4 Thunderbirds blisterpack die cast vehicles, inc. Thunderbird 2, FAB 1, T1, T3 & The Mole

Dinky 101, Thunderbird 2, in metallic blue (minus T4), playworn - legs, thrusters and decals intact

Dinky 101, Thunderbird 2, in green, playworn (T4 intact) missing 2 legs and thrusters

Dinky factory pre production model Thunderbird. Cast resin maquette of DY31 Ford Thunderbird; plus final production example (broken base).

3 Dinky pre production Die cast models. Unpainted (2 with non text bases), incl. Thunderbird; VW Kharman Ghia; & Austin Healey.

Four various models, including Danbury Mint 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Five various models, including 1958 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, and 1962 Ford Thunderbird

Two Corgi models, including 208S Jaguar 2.4 Litre saloon lemon body with flat spun hubs; and 215 Ford Thunderbird Convertible white with blue interior (E boxes VG-E) (2)

Nine Matchbox models, including Thunderbirds Tb-700 Rescue pack; lady Penelope's FAB1; Thunderbird 1; Thunderbird 3; Thunderbird 2 & 4; and four Looney Tunes Pro Racers (M box & Carded models M) (9)

Six Minimarque models, including three Ford Ranch wagons, Ford Convertible; Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

A French Dinky Toy Ford Thunderbird no 555 in white and red unboxed

Three Tekno models, including 809 Ford Thunderbird; 950 Mercedes Benz Bus; and Volvo F89 B425 'Transport-Spedition' (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

A Sun Star '1960 Thunderbird' and an Authentics '1957 Thunderbird' (2)

Three 'Ford Thunderbird' models, by Anson, Sun Star and Welly (3)

A Danbury Mint '1961 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop', with box (1)

A GMP '1970 Pontiac GTO', a '1969 Corvette Covertible' and a '1960 Ford Thunderbird'. (3)

Three Franklin Mint model cars, '1957 Chevrolet', '1961 Ford Thunderbird' and '1992 Rolls Royce' (3)

10 Brooklin collection models (England), including 2 x 1966 Ford Mustang; 1954 Hudson Hornet; mercury Monterey; 1960 Ford Meteor Convertible; 1939 Buick; Ford Fordor Sedan; Buick Roadmaster; and 2 x Ford Thunderbird; and a Brooklin models pen (E-M boxes G-

Three Corgi military models, including 357 Land Rover weapons carrier with lemon yellow interior; 1102 'Euclid' TC-12 tractor with dozer blade; and 350 'Thunderbird' guided missile, silver with red nose (E-M boxes F-M) (3)

Ten Brooklin models (England), including 1935 Buick Coupe; 1934 Buick Coupe Bellvue; 1941 Chrysler Saratoga; 1953 Packard-Henney; 1947 Cadillac; 1952 Chrysler; 1934 Pierce arrow; 1952 Chrysler Imperial; 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline; and 1955 Thunderbird (E-M b

Eleven Brooklin Models (England), including 2 x 1961 Airstream Bambi; 1953 Airstream 'Silver'; 1937 Pierce-arrow Travelodge; 1934 Buick 96-S Coupe 'Royal Blue'; factory special 1953 Buick Skylark; 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster; 1947 Packard Custom; 1959 Ford

Nine Brooklin collection models, including Studebaker Commander; Edsel Convertible; Oldsmobile Fiesta; Chevrolet Corvette; Nash Ambassador; Pontiac Sedan; Cadillac Dynamic Fast; Ford Thunderbird; and Packard light Coupe (VG-M boxes F-G) (9)

Nine Brooklin collection models, including 'Speed Weeks Set'-2 Models- 1952 Ford Ranger and 1957 For T-Bird; Lincoln Continental; Checker New York Taxi Cab; Cadillac Convertible; Ford Mainline; Ford F-1 Pick-Up; Chrysler New York ER; and Ford Thunderbird (

Eight Brooklin models, including Ford Thunderbird; Recovery truck; Kaiser Manhatten Taxi; Ford Mustang; Lincoln Continental; Dodge 500; Studebaker Commander; and Pontiac Bonneville (E-M boxes G-M) (8)

3 Lone Star Roadmasters models, including Ford Thunderbird; Rambler station wagon; staff car; Lone Star Flyers VW Microbus; Lone Star Flyers Peugeot 404; and Lone Star Tuf-Tots 616+ milk Delivery truck (VG-E boxes G-E) (6)

Three Tekno (Denmark) models, including 809 Ford Thunderbird; 415 Ford Transit; and 864 lift truck missing driver (E-M boxes VG-E) (3)

Three Corgi military vehicles, including 1118 International 6X6 army truck; and 2 x 350 Thunderbird Guided Missiles on assembly trolley (VG-E boxes P-G) (3)

Three Bandai (Japan) friction tinplate models, including 763 DKW 1000 metallic sage with grey roof; 778 Imperial Sedan white with red roof; and 777 Ford Thunderbird powder blue (VG boxes F-G) (3) Longest 21 cm

Corgi Major Rocket Age models Set No.6 including 1108 Bristol Bloodhound on Launcher with Loading Trolley, nose cone perished; 350 Thunderbird Guided Missile on Trolley; 351 RAF Land Rover; 352 RAF Staff Car; 1106 Decca Airfield Radar Van; and 353 Scanner,

Two Corgi models, including 211S Studebaker 'Golden Hawk', gold with white flashing and red interior; and 214 Ford Thunderbird, turquoise body with cream roof (E-M boxes G-VG) (2)

Cherryca No. 10 Dodge Polara Japanese, circa 1960s, green, grey roof, plated detail, white cast hubs; and Cherryca No. 15 Ford Thunderbird, grey, white roof, plated detail, white cast hubs, both in illustrated green, yellow and red boxes (VG-E boxes G) (2)

Matchbox 1-75 series G-2 car Transporter gift set 1st issue, including A-2 Transporter, blue, red lettering to sides 'Car Collections Ltd Car Transporter', Kgpw; 39a Ford Zodiac Convertible, peach body, turquoise base and interior, tan driver, small Gpw; 4

Corgi Major rocket Age models set No. 6 including 1108 Bristol Bloodhound on Launcher with Loading trolley; 350 Thunderbird Guided missile on trolley; 351 RAF Land Rover; 352 RAF staff car; 1106 Decca Airfield Radar van; and 353 Scanner, in box with illust

Corgi 215 Ford Thunderbird open Sports car white and blue, silver interior, spun hubs, smooth black tyres with Corgi model club news ticket, pencil '3/6' to box; and Corgi 213 Jaguar 2.4 'Fire' service car, red, roof sign, grey plastic 'rial, flat spun hub

Three Corgi cars including Corgi 210 Citro+n DS19, green, black roof, spun hubs; Corgi 211S Studebaker 'Golden Hawk', gold, red interior, spun hubs; and Corgi 215S Ford Thunderbird open Sports, red, yellow interior, driver, spun hubs, all in illustrated ye

Two Conquest models'; 104 1960 A.C. Greyhound Coupe, metallic red; and 16 1957 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop, red with cream top (M boxes E) (2)

One boxed French Dinky (G) #555, Ford Thunderbird convertible, maroon (F).

Corgi rocket Age models gift set No. 6 including 1108 Bristol Bloodhound on Launcher with loading trolley; 350 Thunderbird Guided missile on trolley; 351 RAF Land Rover; 352 RAF staff car; 1106 Decca Airfield Radar van; and 353 Scanner, in box with illustr

Corgi gift set three 'Thunderbird' Guided missile including Land Rover, RAF blue, green trolley and silver and red missile, in illustrated blue and yellow box with inner packing piece and Corgi club leaflet (E box F)

Three Corgi American cars including No. 214 Thunderbird, pale green body, cream roof, flat smooth hubs; No. 264 Oldsmobile Toronado, metallic dark blue, cream interior; and No. 220 Chevrolet 'Impala', pink, silver flash, yellow interior, all in illustrated