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Gift set 2 Land Rover with Rices Pony trailer and Pony (box with faults)

A large collection of Corgi models, including no. 150s Vanwall, Studebaker golden hawk, Land Rover 109 W.B., Rover 2000TC, Riley Pathfinder and others, A/F

Three Dinky models, including no. 30P Studebaker petrol Tanker, no. 257 Nash Rambler fire Chief, and no. 255 Police Land Rover 'Mersey Tunnel' (VG - E) (3)

Eight Dinky models, including no. 128 Mercedes-Benz 600, no. 147 Cadillac, no. 198 Rolls Royce Phantom V, no. 192 Range Rover, no. 188 Jensen Ff, no. 137 Plymouth Fury Convertible, no. 135 Triumph 2000, no. 164 Ford Zodiac (G - VG) (8)

Five Dinky Speedwheels models, including 200 Matra 630, 218 Lotus Europa, 165 Ford Capri, 344 Land Rover, and 250 Police Mini Cooper, in original boxes (VG - E boxes G -E) (5)

Three Dinky models, including 342 Motocart, 400 B.E.V. Electric truck, and 340 Land-Rover, in original boxes (G - E boxes VG) (3)

Two Dinky models, including 408 Big Bedford lorry, and 341 Land-Rover trailer, both in original boxes (E boxes VG - E)

Dinky no. 430 Commer Breakdown lorry; no. 27G Motocart; and no. 340 Land Rover, all unboxed (VG - E) (3)

Four Dinky models Incuding no. 434 Bedford T.K. Crash truck; no 319 Weeks farm Tipping trailer; no. 796 Healy sports boat on trailer; and no. 341 Land-Rover trailer all in original boxes (VG - E boxes VG) (4)

Three Dinky models, including no. 390 customised Freeway Cruiser; 211 Triumph TR7 sports car; no. 277 Police Land Rover all Inoriginal packaging (E - M boxes VG - E) (3)

Five 'Pickfords' Corgi classics Commercials, including 55201 diamond T Ballast (X2) with 24 wheel Girder trailer & steel Casting load; 16703 (Deluxe edition) Scammell Highwayman low Loader with Generator load and wooden plinth; 16601 Scammell Highwayman Ba

Ten Corgi Premium edition models (limited Editions 1 of 2000), including three 'Brewery' 11801 Scottish & Newcastle ERF Kv 8 wheel platform lorry; 23202 Whitbread Bedford Tk platform lorry; 55608 Watneys diamond T Wrecker; three 'Building Britain' 07502 Ta

Ten Corgi Premium edition models (limited Editions of 2000, each) three 'Brewery' 11801 Scottish & Newcastle ERF Kv 8 wheel platform lorry; 23202 Whitbread Bedford Tk platform lorry; 55608 Watneys diamond T Wrecker; three 'Building Britain' 07502 Tarmac La

Six Corgi Showmans collection limited edition (1 of 2000)) circus models; two 16602 'Jennings' Scammell Highwayman Ballast & Dodgem trailer; two 55609 'John Thurston & Son Ltd' diamond T Ballast; two 07413 'John Biddall Funfair' Land Rover (M boxes M) (6)

Two Corgi Chipperfields models, including 487 circus Land Rover Parade Vehicle with clown and Chimpanzee complete with internal card packing; and 1123 circus animal cage with 2 bears and 2 lions in Stapled bag (E-M boxes E) (2)

Corgi gift set 23 Chipperfield's set, 1st issue with 1121 crane truck; two 1123 animal cages; 438 Land Rover, 607 elephant cage and 426 Booking office (VG box VG)

Eight Matchbox Collectibles models, including YFE02/B old Londonderry Land Rover; YHN01/Sc Automodelle 1955 FJ Holden panel van; Y-31 classic toys 1931 Morris Courier van; YPP04 Automodels Dodge Route van; Y-37 Pickfords 1929 Garrett steam wagon; 1996 Rona

Eight Matchbox Collectibles models, including YHN01/2/3 golden Anniversary Holden set, comprising 1955 Holden FJ panel van, 1954 FJ utility and 1951 FX Holden utility; YFE02/B Londonderry Bush Fire Brigade Land Rover; Y-31 Morris Courier van 'Classic Toys'

Three Dinky Dublos, including 073 Land Rover and horse trailer with tan horse and black Knobbly wheels; 062 Singer Roadster with grey smooth wheels; and 067 Austin taxi with grey Knobbly wheels (G-E boxes VG-E) (3)

Collection of unboxed Dinky models, including 340 Land Rover, green body and hubs, tan driver; 341 Land-Rover trailer; 30D Vauxhall with reproduction grille and headlights; Dinky 784 goods train set, comprising blue loco, yellow truck and red truck; and ma

Six Matchbox 1 - 75 models all in original boxes, including no. 10 Scammell mechanical horse; no. 23 Berkeley Cavalier Caravan; no. 12 Land Rover; no. 14 Daimler ambulance; no. 15 diamond T Prime Mover with orange body; and no.17 Bedford Removals van (F-E

Three Dinky models, including 296 Duple Viceroy 37 luxury coach; 192 Range Rover; and 271 Ford Transit fire appliance (E - M boxes VG - E) (3)

Three Dinky models, including 254 Police Range Rover; 270 Ford Escort Panda Police car; and 288 Superior Cadillac ambulance (E-M boxes Discoloured However E) (3)

Collection of Corgi Police models, including 461 Police 'Vigilant' Range Rover; 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 414 Coast guard Jaguar XJ12C (E-M boxes G-E) (3)

Three Benbros large scale models, including army Land Rover; Married petrol tanker; and medium excavator (VG-E boxes G-E) (3)

Corgi Major 'Bloodhound' Guided missile with Launching Ramp, Loading trolley and R.A.F. Land-Rover gift set no.4, missile with red Tip, includes internal packaging, in illustrated yellow and blue box with inner tray, two lid sides detached (E-M box F)

Dinky 36C Humber Vogue and three 36D Rovers. Humber in mid blue, missing chassis with replacement tyres; 2 x repainted Rovers with replacement grilles, and one heavily damaged rover, all unboxed (P-E) (4)

A Fun Ho 19/38 Land Rover & Trailer mint in box, together with two unboxed Land Rovers.

Four Spot On models, including 264 tourist caravan; 402 crash service Land-Rover; 271 Express Dairy van; and 259 Ford Consul classic (VG-M boxes P-F) (4)

Five Corgi models, including 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 459 Raygo Rascal 400; 438 Land Rover; 1145 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406; and 406 Unimog

Six Crossway models, including Austin 1100 saloon; Rover 75 saloon; MG 1300; Morris 8 Sii Tourer; Triumph 2000 Estate; and Triumph Dolomite (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

Six Crossway models, including Rover Gas Turbine; Wolseley 8 saloon; Rover P5 panel craft Drophead; Sunbeam Rapier; Morris Oxford Mo; Morris 8 open 2 seater (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

Six Crossway models, including Morris 8 open 2 seater; Morris Oxford Mo; Rover 76 Tickford Drophead; Ford Zephyr 6; Riley Rma; and Riley Rmb (E-M boxes E-M) (6)

Two Corgi models, including gift set 2 Land-Rover with 'Rices' Pony trailer and Pony with Apricot canopy; and Major 1138 car transporter with Ford tilt cab 'H' Series tractor (E-M boxes G-E) (2)

Four diecast models, including Britains 9777 Land Rover; Dinky 255;and Corgi 508 and 435, significant Incision to one box (4)

8 x Gems & Cobwebs collection models, including Jaguar SS Airline; Jaguar Mk 2; Jaguar Mk 10; Jaguar Mk 7; and Jaguar 420G; Jaguar 2.5ltr; Jaguar S type; Vauxhall J type; Vanden Plas; Rover 3.5ltr coupe (M boxes E-M) (10)

Four Dinky Toys, 'Rover 75, 156', a Morris Oxford, 159', a 'Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, 187' and a 'Daimler 2.5L, 146', unboxed (4)

Four Corgi Toys, 'Morris Cowley saloon 202', 'Rover 90 saloon 204', 'Mini-Countryman with Surfer 485', and 'Triumph Herald Coupe 231', boxed. (4)

A Minichamps '2005 Mercedes-Benz R-Class', a Kyosho 'Mercedes-Benz B-Class', a Autoart 'Mercedes-Benz G-model', and a RC2 'Land Rover Discovery' (4)

Three Dinky Toys, 'Petit Autocar Mercedes-Benz 541', 'Range Rover 192' and 'Atlas Bus 295' (3)